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How To Do Boxer Braid? Step by Step Guide

Straight, wavy, curly, or natural, there’s one thing common in all types of hair, and that is, they look exceptionally good with a braid.

Braids are a very comfortable hairstyle. They are less time taken and do not require any heating technique, therefore make sure that your hair is healthy all the time. There are so many braids in fashion these days. One of them is a boxer braid.

The fighters prefer this hairstyle to hold back their hair so that they don’t get it all over their faces. Hence, it is commonly called a boxer braid. Boxer braid is a very popular hairstyle these days as it is very convenient and can be done on any hair type. Whether you are wearing casual dresses or party wear dresses, you can do this hairstyle, and you will look gorgeous as well as stylish.

Like other braids, boxer braids can be made in many other distinct and unique ways, for instance, boxer braid with a bun, boxer braid with a ponytail, reverse boxer braid, etc. But here I am going to tell you how to make a traditional boxer braid step by step.

Braids In The Contemporary World

It is no doubt that braids represented the culture and tribe of a person and were seen as a symbol of strength amongst women. Their braid hairstyle empowered them and helped to reflect their tribal lives and social status confidently. Moreover, the type of pattern involved in hairstyles indicated a person’s wealth, power, and religion.

In the past few years, numerous braiding patterns have remained the same, whereas their styles have changed. We can clearly see men and women adoring and hyping each other. Interestingly, women are also adopting new styles to braid their hair, ranging from clean, chic lines to super messy ones.

Many people consider boxer braids as an evolution of cornrows. They originated in Africa, and cornrows were seen around the 70s and 90s, where both men and women rocked this hairstyle. Hair has always been an important part of African communities. More intricate designs were reserved for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies and social gatherings, etc. Box braids are commonly done using synthetic hair to volumize and add texture to your real hair. Since they are not as close to the scalp as in cornrows, you can try different boxer braids looks. However, the installation process is quite lengthy and can take anywhere up to 6-8 weeks. Boxer braids are extremely easy to maintain and stay intact for a long period. Braiding your hair prevents excess hair fall, damage and make your hair appear healthier.

Supply You’ll Need To Make A Boxer Braid

  • Parting comb
  • Hairbrush
  • Rubber band

How To Do Boxer Braid?

Steps To Make A Boxer Braid

  1. Brush your hair properly so that they are completely detangled.
  2. With the help of a parting comb, part the hair from the middle into two halves.
  3. Secure the other half with a rubber band so that it is out of the way.
  4. Begin with the half that is open.
  5. Take a very small amount of hair from the front and divide it into three sections.
  6. Now the three sections are the inside section, the middle section, and the outside section.
  7. Take the inside section and cross it under the middle section.
  8. Take the outside section and cross it under the middle section.
  9. Returning to the inside section, add a small amount of hair to it and cross it under the middle section.
  10. Add a small amount of hair to the outside section and cross it under the middle section
  11. Continue repeating this pattern until there is no more hair left to add.
  12. Then make a basic braid with the rest of the hair.
  13. Secure the end with a rubber band.
  14. Untie the other half of the hair.
  15. Repeat the same steps and make the same pattern in that part of the hair.
  16. Secure the ends with a rubber band.
  17. Your traditional boxer braid is ready.


  • Try to follow an imaginary diagonal path as you go.
  • Each new section on the inside should get wider and wider.

Boxer braids are very comfortable braids. They do not get all over your face, and hence you won’t get irritated or something. It looks very stylish, and you can try it on many occasions.

How long does boxer braid last?

Boxer braids can stay in up to 12 days. If your braid is 2× tighter, it usually lasts 2days -9 days. If the braid is 4× to 6× tighter, it will approximately last for 4 days- 12 days. But if the braid is very loosely made, it will only last for 1 or 2 days. The duration of the braid totally depends on how tight the braid has been woven.

What is the difference between boxer braid and Dutch braid?

Yes, boxer braids and Dutch braids are different. You will be glad to know that boxer braids and cornrow braids are the same things. Let’s figure out the difference between a boxer and a Dutch braid. The major distinction between Dutch braids and boxer braids is in the weaving. With Dutch braids, you cross your strands under while holding the hair up at an angle, to create a bit of height, and you often pull apart the braid at the end for added volume. With boxers, you braid going down for a tighter, flatter effect against the scalp. In the boxer braid, you start weaving from the front and then keep adding a small amount of hair till the end.

How to treat itchiness of the scalp due to the braids?

Since you have braids on for a very long time, you may have an itchy scalp. To treat the scalp, you can do many things.

1. Your scalp may be just dry and needs some moisture. You can apply jojoba oil, coconut oil, or olive oil on the scalp and massage gently; this way, your scalp will be moisturized and won’t be itchy anymore.

2. The scalp needs to be cleaned regularly, even when wearing braids. You can shampoo your scalp without messing up your hair. Make sure to cleanse in the shower to keep the hair in a vertical position. Apply shampoo to your hands and work it onto your scalp, taking care to rub it in. The downward motion of the water will carry the shampoo onto your braids, so there’s no need to work a lather into them vigorously.

3. If you’re in between shampoos and your scalp still itches, try an antiseptic on the scalp only.

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