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Micro Braids – Learn How to Do, Care and Wash Micro Braids

If you are looking for new braided style, then micro braids are definitely that you should go for, micro braids hairstyle is most popular among African tribe but as it suits everyone and is perfect for everyone as they last long and require very minimal daily maintenance. In this micro braids hairstyle, the braids are either of synthetic extension or natural hair extension which are tightly braided into the hair, these braids are super stylish and suitable for all hair types and can be styled in multiple other ways. It is very easy to install and take care of them by following these steps:


How to make micro braids

How to make micro braids
The decision of getting micro braids cannot be taken easily or casually as it is done by those who require very low maintenance, the process generally takes a very long time to install and removing of such braids are equally time-consuming so be sure that you are ready to wear this hairstyle for at least three months. Before getting the hair, it is necessary to get a professional hairstylist who is specialized in such braids style.

Prepare the hair

Before going for this hairstyle make sure your hair is ready for this style, and they are as healthy as possible.

  1. Go for hot oil hair treatment either by a professional at a salon or at home so that your hair is thoroughly moisturized before braiding.
  2. You should go for deep conditioning before braiding several times before braiding.
  3. Trim your hair so that you don’t have any split ends not only this you can go for a haircut too as this style looks great on short hair.

Micro braids can also be done at home with very few easy steps

  1. Make sections of hair with the help of a comb leave 1/4 of the hair down and secure the rest of the hair up with the help of a clip.
  2. Take a tiny section of hair and start braiding pull the braids tightly but not that tight that it hurts your scalp.
  3. Continue braiding taking tiny section of the hair which is left down and secure the ends with braid sealer or tie it up with a slipknot and do it with all the hair.
  4. Once the one section is done take another similar section that is tied up with the help of a clip and repeat the process, it can be done in a day or two when you do it yourself

How to take care of micro braids

How to take care of micro braids
You need to take proper care of your braids:

  1. Ensure that your braids are not very tight as it can hurt your scalp and can also lead to hair loss and baldness. Remember not to braid your baby hair ever since they are very soft and delicate and chances of getting pulled is easy. In case they are broken once they might never grow back
  2. Wash your hair and scalp properly never omit a conditioner; you can also spray a leave-in hair moisturizer or light oil to keep the braids hydrated
  3. Use aloe vera gel or olive oil, or you can also use products containing them as they help to keep braids lubricated.
  4. Never sleep with wet braids as the wet braids will leave a smell and can also lead to breakage due to water damage, so it is always advisable to wear a silk or satin scarf before going to bed to ensure that the braids remain neat and clean.
  5. Maximum three months but ideally after two months, the braids should be removed with proper professional help as at this point the hair is very delicate and should be given adequate protein treatment and should go for deep conditioning to retain moisture and should be cared very gently.

How to wash micro braids

How to wash micro braids
It takes a lot of time and patience while washing your micro braids and it is always advised by your professional not to wash them for four weeks after they are done. These are some very simple steps that can be followed to wash your braids;

  1. Separate your micro braids into 3 -4 sections and tie them up using a secure hair tie.
  2. Wet your section gently with water with low pressure for some time as the braids take some time to soak water into them.
  3. Now take the shampoo and mix with water, two parts of shampoo with one part of water and mix them well if the shampoo is running out of your hands then you can add some more shampoo and then apply it to the scalp gently.
  4. Pat your braids gently rub them with your shampoo hands don’t rub them up and down as this may make them fizzy.
  5. Rinse the shampoo out of your hair gently with medium water pressure it will take some time so that the shampoo from the braids is gently washed away, don’t squeeze them keep water on until you see clear water running out of your braids.
  6. Select a liquid or leave in conditioner instead of cream conditioner and mix one part of conditioner with one part of water and gently apply on your scalp don’t rub them, just leave the conditioner and wear a shower cap and leave it for 10 minutes so that the conditioner soak well into the braids.
  7. After 10 minutes rinse off the conditioner using medium water pressure
  8. Rinse your hair with a mixture of one part of apple cider vinegar and four part of water to wash off any residue left. Wash off this mixture after 1 minute with cold water it is advisable to use this mixture every time after you wash your hair.
  9. Now comes drying just dab your braids with a towel don’t rub them to avoid making them fizzy, let your braids air dry it can take a whole day depending on the thickness of your braid and don’t style them before they dry up or there are chances of you having dandruff. After they are completely dried up apply a hydrating oil such as jojoba oil or almond oil to retain the moisture of your braids and to keep them hydrated all day along.

Even though it looks great but you should not carry them for not more than 12 weeks and should not go for them back to back, it is always better to give a one month break before trying any other style. It can be a relaxing period for your hair, and with this, you don’t put too much pressure on your hair and scalp which can otherwise turn into hair loss and even balding. But this hairstyle whenever done definitely steals the show.

Micro Braids