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25 Hairstyles with Pre Stretched Braiding Hair

This sort of haircut is very pretty. Hairstyles can alter any body’s look and that too completely. The braided hairstyles have been added and inspired by African American history. These braided haircuts can be boastfully worn as they will not run out of style.

These techniques are accessible in various modifications, both for men and women and will give a plus of creativity to your look. Also, if you tell braids, it doesn’t certainly suggest that you have to endure long or medium-sized hair. The braided haircuts are available for short hair as well.

This style is fit for all age limits, so just take them if you like the plan. Making such a haircut may be a long method, as it requires a lot of work, according to your specifications and the length of your hair. It might be a bit pricey, but the whole method is a product of art.

The braided hairstyles are numerous. So, if you are thinking of getting such a hairstyle, you will have to think about which kind you will choose out for yourself.

There are single braids, fit for more youthful people and children, then there are pre-stretch braids which are more difficult to make, but which may be small or long, and there are many variables that can be incorporated in the styles, beautiful looking hairstyles, more casual looking braids, there are even braids with beads included in the style.

So, pick a style that suits your purpose. If you wish to put beads in your braids as well, you can pick the colors you like. You will be recognized and feel great with such an authentic haircut. Don’t bother about the keeping of such a style; it is not so hard to maintain at all. You will be able to clean and wash your hair daily.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair is a special technique where the hair is brought externally and then the braiding is done. In the pre-stretch braid, the hair already comes stretched and detangled thus it saves a lot of time when the hairstyle is incorporated.


The Advantages of Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair:

  • Saves money and time
  • Makes braiding an easy job
  • The hair is already stretched
  • These are antibacterial and easy to manage
  • Lightweight

Here are some gorgeous hairstyles with Pre Stretched Braiding hair that you can check out.

1. Cornrow Pre-Stretch Braid 

This hairstyle has an exquisite look. The pre-stretch hair is already free from tangles and thus in operating them takes just minutes. After the hair has been tied the braiding is done. The braids are tied in a fashion where there is a lot of space left in-between the rows so that the braids have a greater effect.

The braids are thicker in the scalp area and as it goes down it narrows down. The effect is such that it looks as if it goes from a broader to sleeker trails of braids. The look is very pretty and attention-seeking.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


2. Feather Perm Hairstyle

Have you ever imagined something that is gorgeous, elaborate yet quick to style? Well, this one is to bid for if you want something like this. This hairstyle is gorgeous. It is one outright attractive style that can seek the limelight in no time. The pre-stretched hair is stuck and then the front scalp is braided.

The later part of the hair is combed clean and then styled to micro curls in a perming manner. Thus the overall hairstyle is one that has a very extensive appeal. You can section the hair into two parts and take it in the front.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


3. Updo with The Pre-Stretch

Some hairstyles are easy while some require quite an effort. Well, this hairstyle follows the suit of the latter. First, attach the pre-stretched braid. Then comb it properly and start if with the hairstyle. The style is quite big. The front part incorporated braids like rows and then the braids are gathered up in a massive bun.

This hairstyle is perfect for a special night or a wedding day. Also if you are performing in a beauty pageant then too the hairstyle is of great use as it holds the hair high for your crown to be in place. Overall the hairstyle suits a special occasion and is not daily wear.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


4. Cross Knit Shaded Hairstyle

This one is probably one of the most intense-looking hairstyles on this list. In this hairstyle, the pre-stretch hairstyle is styled in an intricate network of micro braids that look enigmatic. This hair-do also incorporates two kinds of shades.

The burgundy is in the upper part while the lower end has a contrasting brownish golden shade. The color palette adds up to the gorgeous quotient of this style. At a party, night pair your shimmery body-con dress with this hairstyle to look like an all-time diva.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


5. Sectioned Micro-Braid with Pre-Stretch Hair

In this hairstyle, the pre-stretch adds to the advantage of styling. The braids can be quickly implemented as the hair is already stretched so one doesn’t have to sit and stretch to get that natural-looking hairstyle. Hence half the work is already done.

This braiding has sectioned-out parts and thus the look has an intricate appeal. The hairstyle looks good on younger women. This is the best hairstyle for college-going girls. Also, you can add a few hair accessories like beads to make the style look good.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


6. Spiral Micro-Braid 

This hairstyle has a voluminous appeal. The micro braid gives the entire look a very intense one. Such a hairstyle looks great on oval-shaped faces. For any special date night or any friend’s dinner outing it casual parties this hairstyle can indeed be an ideal bid.

Very easy to maintain this hairstyle can be styled with golden beads to bring the bling in the hairstyle. This hairstyle will suit college going girls the best.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


7. Pony Braid 

With this set of style, one can very easily flaunt. The style is neat and stays in place. The braids are done and thereafter the pony is made. The style adds a lot of texture to this hairstyle. One can implement this style on a vacation.

Being a very popular protective style your hair will not be dirty as they are closely knitted by braids. The look that the style creates is that if a very casual and smart one. This hairstyle is easy, cute and can be done in almost no time. Just a good quality pre-stretch hair will be of added advantage.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


8. Rope Braid with Pre-Stretch

With the help of pre-stretch hair, this kind of styling becomes all the more simple. As discussed earlier the pre-stretch hair already comes in natural texture thus the work that is left to be done is just place them and thereafter braid in super narrow perm the style.

This hairstyle can be done with one or two shafts or pre-stretch hair. This is more of a sleek hairstyle look rather than a voluminous look. Also, the style has a very sensual appeal to it that adds to your overall loo. This is one very glamorous pick from this list.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


9. Box Braid with Pre-Stretch

Styling this hair is simple. With the pre-stretch hair was the original hair strand and take it in between to form a braid. Your original hair should be the third and the medium strand. With pre-stretch hair, the braids can be long yet lightweight.

This hairstyle is not only pretty but indeed a smart one as well. Do keep in mind to make the braid a little broader. The style is voluminous and also adds a lot of height to the crown area.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


10. Curls with Pre-Stretch Hair

For this hairstyle, you should use Flexi rods. The pre-stretch hair should be incorporated within the natural hair with the help of the hair wax or any sticky gel. You can either use heat curled or iron rods and setting spray to roll the strands and give this intense curly look.

The style is an elegant one and has a very intense and intricate appeal to the look. Be it a night party or a gala event night at some festive place, this hairstyle is sure to steal the show.

Also because of the lightweight pre-stretch material hair, the style feels a lot lighter than what it actually looks. Pair the style up with a gorgeous sequin gold dress to add that glorious look to the entire style.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


11. Golden Pre-Stretch Braid

If your hair color has a rich tone of saying brown or light black then this kind of pre-stretch hair will add a note of glamour like no other. Take your natural hair in a narrow strand and then put some wax to stiffen it.

Keeping this as the base put a golden-colored pre-stretch hair and then start braiding. The hair will have both shades of brown and golden and indeed look just exquisite. The hairstyle will be very pretty.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


12. The Knotted Braid 

Well, this hairstyle has a very over the top appeal. The braids are done keeping the strands very narrow. Also, this hairstyle is very easy to make. First, make all the braids uniformly.

Thereafter gather the braids on top of the hair and in the shape of a thick bun tie the knot style. This hairstyle is indeed very simple yet looks grand.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


13. Side Swept Rolls with Pre-Stretch Hair

This hairstyle is replete with feminine charm and grace and the style is very pretty. The pre-stretch braid is added to the hairstyle and then they are twisted and taken at the backside of the head and tied.

The front portion has a very cute flare added to it. The hairstyle can be an ideal one for parties or your special day as well. The length of the hair is kept medium.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


14. The Orange Curly Pre-Stretch Hair

This hairstyle adds a lot of color to the look. Always dyeing the hair can be a difficult option in such a state taking the help of pre-stretch hair is the best option. In this case, orange-hued hair is taken.

The style is vibrant and has a complexion-enhancing effect on the individual. Also, the color has an adventurous undertone with the effect of a playful vibe. The curls look very intense and add to the charm of the entire look.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


15. Braided Bun

This hairstyle is very exquisite and the pre-stretch adds to the advantage of the style. Since the hair is already free from tangles the braids are easy to tie. The scalp area portrays patterns and thereafter the hair is collected upwards in the form of a bun.

The bun is rather short and looks great. For work purposes as well this style can be taken. Also, this hairstyle is pretty versatile in the sense that the style suits women of any age, be it a young college girl or a middle-aged woman.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


16. Bohemian Braid 

This hairstyle has the bohemian charm to it. However, the afro American style is incorporated within this style. The bohemian part of this style displays the beads and the slightly unruly texture of the braids.

The spiral pattern on the scalp looks very beautiful. Also, the beads can be incorporated in the middle or on the bottom part of the hairstyle. Are you on a vacation? This hairstyle will suit your purpose for sure.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


17. One-Sided Braid with Pre-Stretch

This hairstyle has a diva look. The pre-stretch hair is attached to the original hair and hereafter the main hair is tied within so that the false hair can be incorporated within. This pattern of braids holds the hair tight.

As the pattern of the style is on one side the braids are tied keeping a sided attachment. The braids are taken with slightly thicker strands and the pre-stretch hair is kept longer so that the braids are not that short.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


18. Braids and Curls with Pre-Stretch

This hairstyle is very bold and has a bright appeal because of its color. The color is a bright red one. The hairstyle has both braids and curls as the name suggests. The initial part is braided and from the midsection, it is left and the loose hair is curled.

This hairstyle is smart and cool and suits best young people. You can style the curls with the help of a Flexi rod and hair-setting gel or spray.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


19. Narrow Brown Shade Pre-Stretch Braid

This hairstyle is sleek and the braids are so narrow that it looks pointed. Though it is indeed a style that takes a quite lot of time but once done the style can stay for even weeks without any such sheer maintenance.

These safe and protective styles are best for a vacation where you want to spend more on exploration yet have a good style and not put much hard work into it.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


20. The Uniform Medium Braid 

Well, this hairstyle has a uniform appeal to it. The braids are all of the medium sizes and strike a perfect balance between not too thin or too thick. Overall a graceful style this number can be paired with casual western wear or even special flared dresses.

Pair this beautiful uniform medium braid hairstyle with a vibrant short dress to make the look very sensuous and appealing.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


21. Thick Rope Braid with Top Bun

This hairstyle doe has a bold and distinct appeal. It is a slightly out of the box look so women who want to explore something new can try this one. Here the braids are kept quite thick like ropes.

The hair is styled into two sections. The upper part has a thick bun made out of these braids and the lower part has the braids hanging.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


22. Middle Arrowed Bun Braid 

Well, this hairstyle has a very unique pattern. The middle part has an arrow-like section and the others pass in a circle like manner on both the right and left side of the pattern.

This hairstyle too has a small bun on the top but the difference is that the bun and the overall style is very sleek. The style is sleek and smart.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


23. Fishtail Braids with Pre-Stretch Hair

In this hairstyle, the front portion has a cross knit pattern that is stuck close to the scalp. The super sleek appeal of this hairstyle is the actual USP of the look. Also, this hairstyle is one that attracts quite a lot of attention.

This hairstyle can be a quintessential style statement if you love fashion. Often time hairstyles like this can be spotted on ramp walks and the braids together with the style look just gorgeous.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


24. Long Braid with Pre-Stretch Hair

If you are a fan of long hair then this can be your go-to bid. So what is the drill? Take a pre-stretch hair that is quite lengthy. Now braid with the pattern you want to create.

Take narrow sections of the hair and tie them. So that that the style has a uniform look. The length here is kept till the lower back area.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


25. Red Shaded Hair with Pre-Stretch

In this hairstyle, the overall appeal is super cute. The hair has a slight upward indentation on either side of the hairstyle and as it comes down the braids narrow down considerably. The red shade adds a sensuous note to the look.

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair


Hairstyles can be of various types but what suits you best is the game. Braiding is much in vogue nowadays and it has an ever trending note. In this list, braiding is taken to a whole new level with the help of the pre-stretch braid.

The pre-stretch makes the braiding experience extremely easy and a satisfying deal. With the pre-stretch hair, you can choose the versatile braids from the list above and get your favorite style on.

Hairstyles with Pre Stretched Braiding Hair