30 Types of Fade Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men Trending Right Now

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Fade hairstyles and haircuts are becoming famous by the day. Everyone’s preference seems to lean towards fades. Fades are elegant, stylish, trendy, and sophisticated. These are elements that everyone is always looking for to make them stand out and look their best. There are different kinds of fades and in their various forms, no one can deny that they are strikingly attractive.

Fade Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men

Fades have long been associated with shorter haircuts. Even so, the trends are changing and they are seen in haircuts that feature longer hair at the top of the head like in Mohawks, faux hawks, pompadours, and so on. This is a great trend and has been widely accepted by men all over the world. It has become a trademark for a lot of men. This variance of the fade haircut has led to the rise of interesting haircuts. These haircuts include the following.

Medium Fade

The beauty of medium fades is that it is a perfect balance between high and low fades. It is a type of fade that gives a great contrast in the hair lengths. This look has a perfect length size of the cleared neckline and temples. It blends perfectly with beards and the sideburns appear to be taper-faded. The look is sharp and the lineup haircut defines the shape of the face and head. The hair has perfect texture and length. It forms a beautiful quiff.

Fade Hairstyles

Low Fade

The low fade starts lower on the sides and the back of the head. This hairdo is not too conspicuous and is perfect for a gentleman who does not like attention-grabbing haircuts. It is subtle and can be used with different haircuts. This type of fade can work for hair with different lengths whether short, medium, or long. It is neat and very sharp. It is a perfect official haircut.

Fade Hairstyles

Temple Fade

The temple fade is also known as the temp fade and is very popular. This haircut is all about incorporating taper fades to line up the temples of a man. Temple fades can be incorporated on any haircut and it pairs beautifully with hair of any length. Men love the temple fades as they are not so conspicuous and they are very trendy. They are subtle yet stylish and sophisticated. It is perfect for all kinds of facial shapes. It also goes well with or without beards.

Fade Hairstyles

Blurry Fade

Blurry fades are also becoming very famous and this hairdo is one of the best that features blurry fades. It is a haircut that gives you that samurai look. To get the look, part the hair at the top of the head and hold it with a hair band. You can also make a knot. The full beards accentuate the beauty of the haircut. You can also use blurry fades on other haircuts.

Fade Hairstyles

High Fade

This haircut feature fades that have high ends around the head. It is a bold look and offers a greater contrast of tapered hair as compared to medium fade. This fade will also work excellently with short hair, medium length, and long hair. For this look, the hair at the top of the head has medium length. This gives great room for creating a comb over look.

Fade Hairstyles

Drop Fade

This type of fade is a perfect break away from the classic fade. It derives its name from the fact that it drops down behind the ear to form a curve. This drop fade uses taper fades to achieve the look. This hairdo is perfect for black men. The hair length is perfect and the kinky tips are lovely. With or without beards, you will rock this look.

Fade Hairstyles

Buzz Fade

Buzz fades are gaining popularity as time goes by. Men are no longer drawn to the buzz haircuts but their preference leans more on the trendier version. This fade cut features high fades or sometimes medium fades. The hair at the top of the head is cut very short. It’s a sharp, neat, and clean look. It is the perfect official haircut. It is subtle and works best without any beards.

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Fade Hairstyles

Box Fade

This look is perfect for black men. The hair texture makes it beautiful and helps the hair to stay in place. It is also very dense and thing. The afro kinky top is attractive and trendy. The look features a perfect rectangular shaped hair. This is paired up with either high fades, low fades, or medium fades. This look is rough and masculine. The lineup haircut makes it sharp.

Fade Hairstyles

Side Part Fade

This hairstyle is a perfect pompadour with a distinct side part and medium fade. It is attractive, trendy, and very attractive. It has great personality and character to it. The haircut will flow perfectly with full beards or circle beards. It can also go well with a smooth and clear face. The hairdo is simple to maintain. All you need is a perfect texture, perfect length, and appropriate hair products. Here are 15 more Mens Side Part Hairstyles.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade With Curved Line

For this look, you can go with any type of fade but a high fade will bring it out excellently. The hair at the top of the head should also be short. Even so, to create a varied look, you can vary the hair length at the top of the head. The hard curved line haircut is what makes the haircut look attractive, stylish, and trendy. It is the element that gives the haircut an edge. This hairdo in neat and elegant; it is perfect for any function.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Designs

This haircut is unique, stylish, and has a great personality. It is a bold look that attracts attention and makes one stand out. It works for men with all races as well. It’s features a drop fade haircut with short hair. To create a varied look, you can have different hair lengths. What makes the haircut stand out is the hard part haircut design on the side. It makes the hairstyle fancy.

Fade Hairstyles

Comb Over Fade

Comb over hairstyles have been around for a very long time and it keeps getting better. This comb over hairstyle features a bald fade which gives a great contrast and makes the hairstyle conspicuous. The hair length at the top of the head is perfect and with the right products, you will get the perfect pompadour. The beards accentuate the look.

Fade Hairstyles

Classical Fade

This style is trendy, edgy, and bold. It features mid classic fades and a hard part haircut that accentuates the look. The hair at the top of the head is relatively long but decreases in length towards the back. Use your hairspray or pomade on the hair and comb over the hair to get this perfect look. It is a classy and attractive look that goes a long way when paired up with beards.

Fade Hairstyles

Taper Fade

This haircut requires hair with amazing texture so as to get the perfect hair waves. These waves add a lot of personality to the haircut. to achieve this look, your hair length must be long or medium. The temples and the back of the head have been excellently tapered to give it a perfect finish. It is a perfect casual look. Check 20 more trendy mens taper fade hairstyles to try in 2018

Fade Hairstyles

Scissors Fade

Scissor fade is a unique type of fade. As the name suggests, it is a type of fade that is done using scissors and not clippers. This means that it requires your barber to have sharp skills so as not to mess up the look. This type of fades works well when you want the length of the hair on the sides and back to be relatively long. Even so, it will still have the tapered feel. It is a fade that works best with long hairs.

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Fade Hairstyles

Line Up Fade

This hairstyle is elegant, simple, subtle, and stylish. It goes perfectly with a smooth and beardless face. The texture of the hair is perfect and holds the natural curls perfectly in place. The haircut features low fades and the lineup haircut gives you a clean and sharp finish. It is a magnificent look for a gentleman. It will work perfectly for official duties.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade With Short Hair

This hairstyle features a perfect drop fade that forms a curve. The hair is curly and the length is perfect. To get the perfect look, do not trim the hair too short. This look will work for all functions. It is smart, simple, and easy to maintain. The hair should be tapered towards the back to create a contrast in length.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Long Hair

If you are a fan of long hair, this is a perfect style. It is a style that is elegant, attractive, and neat. When you go for this hairdo, you can either choose high, mid, or low fades. The rest of the hair at the top of the head is left to be as long as you want it. You can tie a not at the back or on top the head. This look is sharp and gives you a samurai look.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Receding Hairline

Many people do not know the kind of haircut that will work best for them when they have receding hairlines. But this haircut gives them an idea of what works. Also, you can choose any kind of fade whether high, mid, or low. This specific haircut features low fade. Apply pomade of spray your hair and create a quiff. It is perfect when you have a widow’s peak.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Thick Hair

This hairdo is very bold and no one will be able to resist looking. The thickness gives the hair a perfect density and volume. The haircut features taper fade and a great distinct side part. The hair at the top of the head is long and it reduces in length towards the back. Use right products to give it that perfect glow and comb it over. The light curls make it outstanding.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Curly Hair

This haircut features hair that is not so thick and is curly. The highlights on the edges pair beautifully with the thinned out curls. The medium fade is excellent. Maintaining this look is easy. With the right hair product applied, comb out the hair. The length of the hair should be medium and not too long. Men with window’s peak can rock this style. It is rough and edgy.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Messy Hair

This hairstyle features an amazing scissor fade that is wonderfully executed. The hair at the top of the head is relatively long at the front but reduces in length towards the back. The hair is combed like a quiff with the difference being its messy state. It is rough, attractive, and depicts a care-free attitude. It is a perfect casual haircut.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade With Beard

This is a perfect quiff pompadour hairstyle that features high fade. It is a masculine look and the beards help a lot in displaying the masculinity. It is a style that will work best with long and full beards. The beards give your look a bold personality. Use the right product to hold the quiff in place. Comb the hair forwards then brush the front part backward.

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Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Widows Peak Hairstyle

The scissor fade has also been wonderfully executed in this haircut as well. The combination of the quiff pompadour and scissor fade is a perfect idea. It gives the look a classic appeal. Part the hair with a brush and ensure that the hair at the top of the head is of perfect length. It should not be too long or it will create a big quiff pompadour. The widow’s peak helps in defining the shape of the head and face. The full beards add a touch of masculinity.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Quiff Hairstyle

This hairdo is edgy and a little messy. It has a café-free attitude that is attractive. The quiff has a perfect size sits excellently over your forehead. It shows that it is another perfect haircut that will suit men with widow’s peak. The mid fade is excellent. Maintaining this hairdo is easy and only requires the right hair products. Use a comb to comb out the hair and create the quiff.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Pompadour Hairstyle

This is a neat, elegant, and clean look. It is a simple haircut and it features a high pompadour and to get the perfect pomp, your hair length has to be great. It also features high fades. The high fade makes the hairstyle outstanding and conspicuous as well as the pomp. Get your pomade, cream, or hairspray ready because you will need them to hold the pomp in place. The hair product will also give it an amazing shine.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Hipster Hairstyle

This hipster hairdo is rough, edgy, unique, and stylish. It is a hairstyle that has a lot of personalities. To get the perfect look, you will need thick and dense hair. The hard part haircut line gives a distinct parting. The high fade makes the haircut more noticeable. Trim the hair to a perfect length at the top of the head to get this perfect look. The beards accentuate the look.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Slick Back Hairstyle

This is a perfect look for a masculine macho man. Slicking back hair may seem like an ancient practice but when it is as attractive as this, no one will mind. This hairstyle features a high fade and a slicked backed comb over. The hair length is excellent as it should not be too long or too short so that you can get the perfect pomp. The full beards take the look to a new level. It is a perfect look for people with rectangular and long faces with widow’s peak.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawks are very trendy and especially with young men and young boys. This haircut is stylish, outstanding, and unignorable. It commands people’s attention anywhere and everywhere with its bold personality. The texture is brilliant and has light curls. The hair at the front sits on the forehead perfectly. The hard part haircut line adds to the beauty of the look. The length is amazing and you will need the right products to hold the hair in place.

Fade Hairstyles

Fade with Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Faux hawk is yet another trend that many other people prefer instead of Mohawks. This haircut is amazing and you can choose the fade that you want whether high, low, or medium to pair up with the faux hawk. It is edgy and trendy. It is perfect for casual events and you can rest be assured that you will standout.

Fade Hairstyles

These fade hairstyles and haircuts give you a lot of ideas to work with. Choosing any of these haircuts is a wise decision. They are outstanding, full of personality, and stylish. You will standout from the crowd because of their excellence.

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