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21 Temp Fade Haircuts for Men to Stay in Style

Fades have been around for a very long time. However, temp fade haircuts have only been popular since the early 2000s. Despite this, they’re becoming ever more popular and there are many variations to choose from.

It’s a very simple style to achieve, and it’s pretty low maintenance, too. The hair on the sides of the head, near the temples, is shaved gradually shorter. Sometimes the hair is shaved down to the skin.

Because there are so many looks to choose from, every man should take his time to evaluate the options available before opting for this temp fade haircut.


Most Popular Temp Fade Haircuts

Need to stay on trend? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover plenty of styles that you’re sure to love.

Temp Fade with Side Part

temp fade with side part

Many temp fade haircuts have the faded section in a rounded shape. Here it is very angular and squared off a little. The side parting is also very distinct and the hair on top of the head stands tall in a little quiff.


Red Highlights

temp fade with red highlights

Adding a pop of color to your hair is always going to make you stand out. The vivid shade of red matches the overall vibe achieved with this cut.

The hair near the temple is very short and serves as a contrast to the thicker hair on the head. It’s even shorter than the facial hair.


Neat Hairline

temp fade haircut for black men

It’s a very trendy faded haircut for black men. It’s usually paired with a hairline that has been shaved straight. It creates an overall neat look, especially when the hair is kept very short.

The hair fades away into the skin on the sides of the head. The skin fade creates contrast with the stubbly beard that covers most of the face.


Top Knot

top knot with temp fade

More and more men are choosing to grow the hair on top of their heads long enough to put into a topknot. They keep the rest extremely short.

You can add some depth by having the faded section gradually get shorter near the ears. Add a mustache and some hair on the chin to pull the whole look together.


Swept Back

temp fade haircut for Asian men

Sweeping your hair back is one of the best ways to style a modern haircut. The hair on top of the head is kept long while the back is much shorter.

Each side of the head has the tresses shaved gradually shorter around the temple.


Dreads with Temp Fade

dreadlocks with temp fade

Dreadlocks are a protective style that’s also fashionable. They help keep the hair controlled. Shaving and fading out the sides makes it even easier to keep your hair under control.


Hipster Waves

hipster hairstyle with temp fade

Hipster haircuts are classic. This one is perfect for guys with naturally wavy hair you can push back. The sides are short and textured with a gradual temple fade incorporated into the haircut. 


Sleek Hard Part

temp fade with hard part

Dark-haired guys are so lucky as their hair can look effortlessly sleek. There’s a side parting and the hair falls over to one side of the head. Along the hairline has been shaved short.

A hard line is shaved into the side parting. This helps the look stand out further and it compliments the faded sides.


Curly Locks

curly temp fade

Controlling curls can be overwhelming so it’s easier for some guys to shave the sides short. Let your natural curl pattern stay on top of your head but keep the back short.

The way the hair gradually becomes shorter ensures your look remains cohesive.


Caesar Cut

caesar haircut with temp fade

The caesar haircut involves having all the hair brushed forward from the crown of your head. Some hair covers your hairline like bangs. The side sections of the haircut are shorter than the back here and the fade is gradual.


Modern Mullet

mullet haircut with temp fade

Mullets have come back into fashion with a bang. You’ll see them everywhere in lots of different styles.

Here the front has blunt bangs with two longer sections. One of the sections is highlighted. The sides drastically go from thick to thin with a skin temp fade.


Man Bun

man bun with temp fade

Would you like to wear a classic hairstyle? Consider the man bun. Grow your locks long and pull them to the back of your head, then wrap them tightly into a bun just below the crown.

Keep the back pretty short and create a gradually faded look on the sides.


French Crop

French crop with temp fade

A French crop is another haircut where most of the tresses are on top of the head. There’s a lot of texture and the hair is brushed toward the hairline.

The sides and back can be kept shaved with a temp fade as part of the haircut. Pair the look with a medium-thickness and beard so you look a little more mature.


Tall Spikes

spiky hairstyle with temp fade

Guys who like a lot of texture and who want to stand out should consider spikes. Take large sections of your hair and spike them up securely with gel.

You will make the top stand out more by keeping the rest of your haircut trimmed short.


Curly Mullet Mohawk Fade

curly mullet mohawk with temp fade

Combining multiple styles is always a good idea. Adopt the mullet shape by having their hair short in the front but longer in the back. Spike up your curls a little into a mohawk-inspired look along the middle of your head.


Thin Cornrows

temp fade with cornrows

Cornrows generally keep most of your hair secure and protected. However, you can still achieve a very small temp fade right at the edges of your hair. Use this small section of hair to connect to your beard.


Messy Waves

temp fade for wavy hair

Let your wavy texture shine through and be messy right on top of your head. Keep the back too short so the waves can’t form.

The way the sides fade out will help make the waves on top of your head pop more.


Wavy Silver Hair

temp fade with silver hair

Coloring your hair silver is a sure way to ensure all eyes will be on you when you walk into a room. Utilize natural waves by using a wave-defining product so they stand out.

The light color creates a seamless transition between hair and skin along the temple.  A beard in your natural hair color will create some contrast.


Afro with Pattern

temp fade with design

Black men with naturally afro hair can easily achieve looks like this. The hair is tightly compacted with a lot of volumes and a slightly square shape.

Get a skin fade and add some designs just above the bald area. Sharp, Z-shaped designs are classic. Of course, you can always pick something more personal to you if you want.


Thick and Slick

slick back hairstyle with temp fade

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain thick hair. Simple hairstyles are best for this so slick it all back towards the nape of your neck.

It covers most of the sides but there’s still a slight temp fade visible above your ears. There’s a gap between the sides and the beard that helps your look stand out a little more.


Ultra Modern Hairdo

temp fade for thick hair

Men who very much want to stand out will really enjoy this ultramodern hairdo. The front is highlighted with orange and red and it stands tall in a quiff. There’s another quiff at the crown of the head.

The fade connects to the beard and the beard has a fade at the back of the jaw. Overall it’s a style for people who want to look cool.


Did one of these styles help you find your perfect look? If so, then make sure you take the picture to your barber and get the haircut of your dreams.

If you’re struggling to pick, then show the barber some of these pictures and ask for their opinion on which will suit you best. Pay attention to your face shape, hair texture, and willingness to maintain your haircut.

If you need something low maintenance, then there are plenty of temp fade haircuts on the list for that. If you have more time to dedicate to your look, then you can go wild with any of the styles here.

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