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30 Suitable Hairstyles for Men with Oval Faces

We get it – it can be hard to find the perfect hairstyle for men with oval faces. Well, the struggle is over. There are lots of styles here that can make your face shape work to your advantage.

Hairstyles for men don’t have to be dull and overdone. There are plenty of ways to create a unique look, so without further ado, let’s get into it!


Best Oval Shaped Face Hairstyles for Men 

Below you’ll find looks of many different types that suit gentlemen from all walks of life. You can find something for everyone in this extensive list.

1. Classic Shaggy Bangs

medium shaggy hairstyle for man with oval face

You’ll often find long foreheads and jaws on men with oval faces, so covering the forehead helps keep the face looking shorter and more proportionate.

Long, shaggy hair falls across the forehead here, and the back is kept short with choppy layers to add some texture.


2. Long Flowing Locks

long hairstyle for oval face shaped men

You really can’t beat a nice, flowing hairstyle. Here the hair is straight and has a natural wave to it near the shoulders.

The hair is parted at the side and is brushed a little away from the face. Pairing it with a macho goatee makes it look even better.


3. Short and Fluffy

short haircut for man with oval face

Short hair helps grew the attention towards the top portion of your face. This hair is very short and fluffy and only has a minor quiff along the hairline. The quiff helps emphasize the square hairline that contrasts the jaw’s shape.


4. Stylish Pompadour 

pompadour for man with oval face

Pompadour is the perfect hairstyle for men with oval faces. It offsets that rounded look.

The hair here stands right up on top and has a frosty color on the ends. The hair around it is short and choppy. The look features a high fade and hard part.


5. Wavy Side Swept Locks

hair highlights for man with oval face

A nice wave across the forehead helps you look rugged. Soft hair is perfect for keeping long in the front and brushed back on the sides. Further ruggedness comes from the heard. It hugs the jawline and makes you look very manly.


6. Forward and Side Swept Thin Hair

hairstyle for older man with oval face

Brushing your hair to one side and covering your hairline is perfect when you want to hide thinning hair and a receding hairline.

The hair is kept nice and short and it blends nicely into a thick beard, hiding the roundness in the lower face.


7. Tall Curly Tendrils

curly hairstyle for man with oval face

Black men have hair that lends itself to unique styling. Here the hair stands tall in little tendrils, forming groups of curls.

You can achieve this look using a curl sponge and finger styling. The nice volume keeps you looking sharp overall.


8. Thin Braided Look

braids for oval face shaped men

Braids can be a super fun way to play with your hair, and it’s a great hairstyle for men with oval faces.

People will be very focused on the braids that are attached to a small section of short hair right on top of the head. The rest of the head is stubbly, like the sides of the face.


9. Hard Part and Sleek Side Sweep

comb over for oval face shaped men

Hard parts are very trendy, and they’re very sharp. The sharpness makes them a good hairstyle for men with an oval face, as it offsets the roundness of the jawline. The sleek hair brushed to one side adds a trendy look.


10. Curls and Braids

curly hair undercut for man with oval face

Trendy and unique cuts are always a good option. This is very unique. A nice bundle of curls sweeps across the forehead. The hair is brushed to one side, revealing an undercut. Two braids lie against the hard parting of the hair.


11. Bright Blue Quiff

dyed hair for man with oval face

A nice blue tone really draws the eye, and it goes so well when paid with a dark beard. The hair is quiffed over to one side, adding a lot of volume to the top of the hair. The sides are kept nice and short.


12. Center Parted Dreadlocks

dreadlocks for oval face shaped men

Dreadlocks go well with any look. Here the locks are parted in the middle and fall thickly to midway down the chest.

The ends of the locks are dyed a lighter brown to keep the hair looking trendy. Long hairstyles for men with oval faces truly look wonderful.


13. Short Twists

twists hairstyle for men with oval face

If you’ve got kinky hair, then forming little twists with it looks fantastic. They can be twists or simply short dreads.

Both work equally well. The twisted hair forms a nice forehead-framing shape and stays short, no longer than the ears.


14. Swirling Man Bun

man bun for oval face

Like we said before, long hair looks great with rounded jaw shapes. And they still look great when the hair is tied up!

Pile your hair atop your head and twist it in a bun shape. It elongates your entire face and helps everything look proportionate.


15. Fluffy Forward Focused Curls

thick hairstyle for man with oval face

Focusing a lot of your hair towards the front is a great idea when you have a long face. Here the hair forms large clumps of curls that are distinct but messy. The sides of the hair are short and flat, but they’re thick.


16. Retro Spikes

spiky hairstyle for man with oval face

Do you love retro looks from the 90s and early 2000s? This is a totally punk look reminiscent of those times.

The hair is bleached blonde on the ends and is kept long on top. It forms lots of very thin, sharp spikes. It’s a super youthful look.


17. Brushed Back Pompadour Inspired Look

slicked back hairstyle for man with oval face

Men with oval faces can benefit from hairstyles like this. The hair is rounded, matching the jaw shape.

Here’s a look inspired by a pompadour, only it’s slightly messier. It remains very sleek on top. The hair on the sides has a fade and is kept short.


18. Perfect Thick Mohawk

mohawk for oval face shaped men

Mohawks look good with any face shape. The head is shaved bald everywhere apart from down the middle.

This mohawk is very tall and thick, styled perfectly. It’s paired with a neatly crooked wavy beard, giving you an edgy appearance.


19. Small Ponytail

ponytail for man with oval face

Keeping the hair long on top and shaved down on the sides is popular. Here you can see the sides are buzzed short and fluffy, but the hair on top is long and sleek.

There’s some volume at the front, and then the hair forms a ponytail on top of the head.


20. Tall Squared Curls

high top hair over face shaped men

Volume is always the key for hairstyles for men with oval face shapes. It helps emphasize the wonderful long jaw.

This style is very tall, neat, and square, with perfect curls styled upwards. The hairline is also squared off neatly with a fade on the sides.


21. Bleached Curls

hairstyle for black man with oval face

This is another top-centric look. The hair is piled a little high, with dark hair underneath. The top has a lot of small bleached curls, adding some nice texture and variance to the book. The sides are short with a fade and squared look.


22. Shaggy Shoulder-Length Look

haircut for bearded man with oval face

Layers can look nice in a shaggy haircut that falls to the shoulders. The hair is parted to the side and pushed behind the ears on both sides.

The jawline is covered with a neatly crooked beard touched with grey. It’s great for mature men.


23. Neat Short Forward Brushed Look

hairstyle for oval face shaped men with receding hairline

If you have a very round head, a short look can give your face great symmetry.

The hair is kept neat and thin, and there’s some hair brushed forward near the hairline. The hair that’s brushed forward adds some nice shaping to the style.


24. Curls and Shaved Patterns

hair highlights for man with oval face

Curls decorate the top of the hair really well here, and they make it a fun and soft look. There’s an edgier vibe to it all thanks to the two stripes shaved into the fade in the side. This look pairs really well with a beard, too.


25. Fuzzy Look with Fade

fade haircut for oval face shaped men

A nice fuzzy look that’s too short to style adds a nice darkness to your look. It makes you appear somewhat mysterious and keeps your hairstyle simple.

The sides of the hair have a high skin fade, but the top remains very soft and easy to maintain.


26. Fluffy Flyaway Curls

blonde hair for oval face shaped men

Bleached hair contrasts this dark beard well, making the look have a very modern look.

The hair is very short and naturally curly, and the curls on top are more ruffled and have flyaway hairs. The curls on the side are neater and more delicately styled.


27. Cornrows

cornrows for oval face shaped men

A head full of cornrows is a great style to have. The hair is styled from the hairline, pulled back across the scalp into thick cornrows.

The hair stops near the nape of the neck and is secured behind the ears. This hairstyle for men with oval faces is very sleek, and there’s not a single flyaway hair in sight over the whole head.


28. Large Fluffy Curls

messy hairstyle for man with oval face

Sometimes curly hair is difficult to style, so leaving it fluffy like this is a great option. The hair sits around the head in no distinct shape, and it’s a generally very casual look. It pairs well with a scruffy but short beard.


29. Chic Thick Side Parted Style

hairstyles for men with oval face

A nice side parting helps keep you looking young and trendy. The hair here is parted at the side of the hairline, and it swoops over to one side of the head.

A stray lock of hair falls onto the forehead. The hair on the sides is short but thick, so it can be ruffled nicely when desired.


30. Short Box Braids

male hairstyle for oval shaped face

Hairstyles for men with oval faces that cover the forehead are great. They help draw attention to the middle of the face.

These box braids cover the whole forehead and the sides of the head. They’re very neat and stop just above the eyebrows.


As you can see, there’s an abundance of styles to be worn when you have a rounder jawline and long bone structure.

We’re sure you loved these hairstyles for men with oval faces and are eager to wear one for yourself. Make sure to show your barber a picture before he gets to work on your new locks.

Finding the right style for your rounded jawline and long face can be a challenge, but hopefully this article made that challenge easier. Now, get going and boost your confidence with a brand new style to show off the real you!

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