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Men’s Short Hairstyles – 40 Trendy and Fashionable Haircut Ideas

Hairstyles are something which everyone is particular about. Gone are the days when women would only think about getting new hairstyles.

These days, men are also ahead in the race. Men are trying different hairstyles. Different lengths of hair are also experimented by men too.


Mens Short Hairstyles

Mens Short Hairstyles are very much common these days. Keeping short hair among men is something which is very common. Short hair is easy to maintain and style. Hairstyles in short hair can be carried with ease.

There are a lot many hairstyles which can make the short hair look trendy and fashionable. When it comes to men’s hairstyles, there are also many options which are available. Based on the hair texture, there are many styles.

The biggest advantage of styling short hair is that it can be made to look perfect for any occasion or event. Short hair can be styled for any casual wear or any formal occasion as well.

Short hair also takes lesser time to style. These days, when there is lesser time for hair styling, the short hair is the most convenient one to carry. The short hair can be gelled, left casual or can be styled in any other way. It is also very convenient to carry.


Men’s Short Hairstyles – Trendy and Fashionable Haircut Ideas

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Mens Short Hairstyles

The faux hawk hairstyle is the newer trend in men’s hairstyles. It looks stylish too. The hair from both the sides especially above the ears is shaved clean. Hair from the top and front has been carefully gelled.

The hair is arranged in neat spikes pointing forward like that of a hawk hairstyle. The front section of the hair is a bit tousled and merged with the rest of the hair. The faux hawk hairstyle creates a casual and yet rock look for a social event.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Messy Textured Hairstyle

Mens Short Hairstyles

The messy textured hairstyle is a unique one which can be carried off well by men having a clean shaved look and a long face shape. Apart from a bowl cut at the top of the head, rest of the hair has been shaved clean.

The hair at the top of the head is cut a little uneven. The hair is also kept messy. The front strands have been chopped equal. Messy layers from all the sides of the head have been made to cross over the forehead.

Mens Short Hairstyles


High Fade Short Hairstyle

Mens Short Hairstyles

The high fade short hairstyle is very easy to carry and easier to style also. The entire hairstyle is made to be neat and clean. The hair is shaved clean at both sides on top of the ears.

Hair is parted on the side. Only the front and the top portion of the head have been styled. The faded light hair on the front has been neatly combed back. This look is perfect to wear with a pair of denim and casual tees.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Taper Fade Mens Short Hairstyles

Mens Short Hairstyles

The taper cut is for men who want to carry their hair very short. The entire head is almost shaved clean except for the top of the head. A small strand of hair is kept sticking out.

Only a small section of the head is kept styled with short hair. The clean-shaven look at the sides of the head makes them look more stylish. A careful gelled look has been achieved in the entire look.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Thin Fade Short Hair

Mens Short Hairstyles

The short hair can be styled to look trendy and fashionable in faded hair. The haircut is short and simple. It is cut equal on all sides. Only the above portion of the ears is kept clean shaved.

The entire hairstyle is kept a little messy and slight spikes have been made in the hair. The length of the hair is very short and only spiky strands have been styled to get the look.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Spiky Short Wavy Hairstyle

Mens Short Hairstyles

For a classy look, the spiky short wavy hairstyle is the best. The haircut is kept very close cut close to the ears on both sides. Hair at the top and the front has been kept a little longer.

The longer hair has been gelled carefully to achieve a messy look. This hairstyle can be worn with a semi-casual outfit for a night out or a party.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Thick Hair Men’s Haircuts

Mens Short Hairstyles

This hairstyle is best for men who have a thick texture of hair. The straight strands of hair are kept simple and a little long at the top and back of the head. This style is best for a bohemian look.

Hairs from the sides and above the region of ears have been shaved clean. Rest of the hair is combed towards the front of the head. The thick hair is kept a little messy.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Spiky Haircuts With Side Fade

Mens Short Hairstyles

The spikes in the hair are always in fashion and in trend. Spiky hair is something which looks best on short hair. In this case, the spiky look is achieved in the front portion of the head.

About the rest of the head, the clean shaved look is kept. A little longer hair is kept in the front and top of the head. Careful messy spikes have been made into it.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Textured Short Hair For Men

Mens Short Hairstyles

The textured short hair for men is one look which is unique and can be easily achieved. Hair from the top of the head is combed and gelled carefully to point forwards. The front strands are textured and also kept short.

Instead of careful combing, the hair is kept a little dishevelled to achieve the messy look. This look can be paired with any casual outfit for daytime.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Short Hairstyles for Men with Beard

Mens Short Hairstyles

There are very few hairstyles which can actually complement the bearded look well. This hairstyle is one of them. The hair length all over the head is kept short except at the top of the head.

Hair at the top is kept a little messy and longer than the rest of the head. The entire hairstyle is kept carefully gelled and neat. The classic look can complement the bearded look very well. Any formal outfit for a formal occasion is best to carry this look.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Side Part Pompadour Hairstyle

Mens Short Hairstyles

The side part pompadour hairstyle is one of the best styles of short hair for a formal look. Getting a stylish hairstyle is not so easy for a formal look. But, this style is the perfect one. The hair is neatly parted at the side of the head.

The side hair is kept closely shaved. The parted hair is neatly combed and gelled to achieve a neat yet formal look. The front few strands of hair have been tousled a bit to match with the formal dress.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Fade Line Up Hairstyle

Mens Short Hairstyles

The fade line up hairstyle is very common these days among many people. This hairstyle can be carried off with a bearded look or a clean-shaven look as well. The look is formal and is neat.

The hair is cut clean so that strands of hairs are only visible. Due to the almost shaved look, the hairstyle is very easy to carry. The front of the head is neatly done to mark the hairline. Back of the head is kept clean shaved. The entire hairstyle is given a faded look.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Short Haircut for Black Men

Mens Short Hairstyles

There are a variety of hairstyles for black men. It is common to keep short hair. The hair texture for black men is so unique that it can be styled in a variety of ways.

The slightly curly hair has been retained only at the top and the back of the head. Hair from the sides and top of the ears are shaved clean.

The hairlines at the forehead are kept neatly shaved. This look is best for a slightly bearded face. For a formal wear or a social gathering, this look is the best.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Ronaldo Short Haircuts

Mens Short Hairstyles

The Ronaldo haircut is trending these days a lot. It is very much in craze in almost every part of the world. The gelled spiky look is something which instantly changes the entire hairstyle within seconds.

Hair from all the sides has been kept short. A triangular section from the top of the head has been kept separated. The slightly long strands at this section are carefully gelled and made into dishevelled spikes. This look is perfect for a social gathering or party event.

Mens Short Hairstyles


Sides Shave Hairstyle for Men

Mens Short Hairstyles

The sides shaved hair is a very common look. The best thing is that it can be styled with any kind of hair. The entire hairstyle is kept neat and arranged carefully. A casual side parting has been done.

The hair is neatly combed to one side. The haircut is kept equal at all the sides. Only the sides of the head have been shaved. The faded light colour of the hair complements the hairstyle well. Any casual or formal outfit can be worn with this hairstyle.


Push Up Spikes Cut

Mens Short Hairstyles

In this mens short hairstyle, you simply have a long length in the middle. Give a little trim to get a good fade at both sides. Let the hair have a thicker top. Comb it upwards and get it the spikes look.


Golden White Wavy Cut

short layered blonde hairstyle for men

If you have soft wavy hair, then you can definitely try this cut. Cut the hair over the top and the sides in equal length. Color them golden white. Side partition them and leave them messy.


Side Part Very Short Fade

guy with short hair with high fade

This mens short hairstyle seems to be getting popular. You have long hair in the middle with a very short fade on both sides, right from where the eye ends. Side partition the hair and sport this impressive look.


Butch Cut with No Fades

guy with short butch cut

Have an equal length of hair but a short cut throughout the crown. Either you comb or don’t; it is a very low maintenance cut. You must have seen this cut mostly on the heads of athletes or military men.


Dense Curls Light Brown Style

short curly blonde hairstyle for men

For this hair cut, all you have to do is cut the hair evenly throughout. Color them light brown. Have fades just above and behind the ear with the length of hair at the back.


Black Short Curly Square Cut

black guy with short afro hair

Have a very strict square cut on the forehead. Cut the hair to medium length. Have slight to no fade near the ear and the back. Leave the curls as they are. Enjoy the hair in its tousled style.


Long Loose Curls

short curly hairstyles for men

If you have loose curls with good density, then this hairstyle will definitely look good on you. Have a high cut on the top, which will give you an elongated face feel. Have short fades at both sides. Let the curls fall on the forehead a little.


Square Curly Highlighted Spikes with Fade

man with short hair and highlights

This hairstyle includes many styles together. Cut the hair to medium length. Color the ends light brown. Gel them and let them look straight on the top. Give a trim a little above the ear and have a very short fade.


Short Length with Fade Crew Cut

short crop hairstyle for men

For thin or little hair, this is a low-maintenance hairstyle. Cut the hair small. Have a short fade over both ears. Side partition the hair and comb them to one side neatly. Give it a simple short hair crew cut look.


High Fade Golden Brown Crown

black guy with short blonde afro hair

In this hairstyle, color the dense, curly hair golden brown. Cut it in a round shape just over the top. Have a very high fade of the natural color and let the fade be very short. It will give a combination of brown and black colors.


Razor Short Fringes

short haircuts for men

For very straight hair, cut the fringes unevenly. Comb them to fall over the forehead. Have a short bushy short fade covering even the back of the head. This hairstyle perfectly covers the forehead if you have a big one.

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