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20 Trendy Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles to Try in 2024

One of the hairstyles that have been in the mainstream of hair experiments is the taper fade style. There are many variations to this timelessly trendy and iconic hairstyle that has many ardent fans.

Ask your hairstylist and he will cut it in all kinds of gradual fade- from the standard variety to the most creative of twists. The popularity of the Men’s Taper Fade Hairstyles stems from the fact that it is a very clean kind of a look that can bring quite a component of interest into your regular style.


Men’s Taper Fade Hairstyles

The hair gradually fades in length from the center to both the sides and the back. The funkier version of these looks includes elements like side designs made on the faded portion. The longer portion at the middle can be styled according to your imagination into a Mohawk, afro, comb-over or curls.

When it comes to getting a makeover using your hairstyles, these looks are the go-to option for most men out there. Some men even go for nicely trimmed facial hair to augment the look even further. Here are the twenty ideas with the hairstyle that you can give shot to look really suave and sexy.

Ivy League Fade Haircut

This is a unique variation of the fade hairstyle that has been named Ivy League. It is also known as the Princeton or Harvard clip.

Here the hair in the central portion is kept long enough to merit a side parting. As the name rightfully suggests, this one is for men who are looking to sport a classier version of the style.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Long Pompadour Faded Hairstyle

The pompadour style has always been in fashion and now you can mix it up with the trendy fade hairstyle. Make a high pompadour and put in some striking highlights like blondes and caramel on your dark or brunette hair.

Also, do not forget to make some patterns like the lightning shape done here on the faded portion of the hair.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Low Taper Fade with Curly Hair

Do not think that your nice, dark curls are going to limit your ability to do stylish hairstyles. This one right here is proof of that.

The fading is done in a strip-like edge all around the sides of the hair so your curls stand out like a mop on top giving the tapering look. This one is the low on maintenance and high on style look that you were searching for.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Sharp Fade for Balding Men

Balding is a serious issue but turning that issue into a great hairstyle is something that needs craft.

For this one, you need to make a sharp demarcation of the faded region by making a prominent parting that tapers from the front of the head to the back. The middle portion is kept short and messy.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Sharp Fade with Top Knot Bun

Play with your faded cut and do not just keep it simple is the mantra that you take away from this look. The long hair in the middle is neatly pulled back into a top knot bun.

Now make zigzag patterns on the hair of the faded portion. Make sure that the patterns are geometrical as that makes them look more defined.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Line Up Taper Fade Cut

Make the parting on the left side of your hair to bring out the tapering faded cut really nicely. The hair is cut symmetrically and raised in an upward direction by brushing it really well.

This is definitely the kind of look that men of any age can carry off and you do not need to be young or too funky in nature to try this one.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Sharp Fade Pompadour 

The fading, in this case, is not gradual but it is done rather sharply. The hair is brush frontwards and it is raised upwards right near the forehead. The front portion looks like a really high spiked-up hairstyle. This really popular look is best suited for men who have dark or brunette hair colors.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Short Wavy Fade 

It is ideal for you if you have a wavy texture of hair. This one gives a young and fun vibe to your look so it is definitely something that is worth a try.

The hair in the middle is kept of short length and it is swept frontwards to get the look. The tapering is gradual and at the very ends, there is complete skin fading.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Taper Fade Comb Over  

If there is a classic in the trend of tapering fade hairstyles- it is this one right here. The hair is combed backward by the use of enough styling products.

The fading on the sides makes the rolled-back long hair at the center look really prominent. If you are looking to change your hairstyle for an upcoming party, you can try this one.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Skin Fade with Long Beard

This is one of the edgier versions of the hairstyle where the tapering of the length of the hair is such that your skin starts showing.

To take it one step further, you can keep a long beard to go with the look. Yes, you will have to maintain both the haircut and the beard in this one but it is totally worth it for the style quotient.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Slick Back Taper Fade Haircut

This one is the hairstyle to go for if you have a round or oval face. It will take away the roundness of the face and give it a more defined look thanks to the height of the hair.

The hair is given much volume and completely puffed up before it is slicked backward. The hair starkly fades on the sides and back.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Low Fade with Full Beard

If you do not want to go to the extremes of skin-fading hairstyles, that is okay as you can try this look. Here the fading is kept gradual and not too stark as in other cases.

Make sure you keep a full beard to go with this one. The medium length of hair and the long, full beard builds a nice contrast that is great to look.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Taper Fade with Long Slick Back Hair

There are just three simple steps that you need to follow after you have undergone the tapered fade cut like this one.

Add some highlights in contrasting color to your natural hair color, brush your hair back using hair gel, and make the swept back hair messy and unruly. Now the hit the party in your own one-of-a-kind style.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Faded Crew Cut  

Many people go for the crew cut hairstyle as it is one of those styles that demand the least effort put in behind maintenance. Now add stylishness to the crew by combining it with the trending fade cut.

Go for a full beard and not the clean-shaven look for this one. The full beard adds that necessary panache to the look.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Side Parting Taper Fade 

This looks a lot like a pompadour and is also as stylish to look at. A side parting is made on whichever side you feel looks good on you. The hair is then bushed and puffed up with added volume. It looks good on men with any kind of facial shape.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Skin Fade Haircut with Beard

This one is a really daring haircut as here the fading starts rights from the sides of the central longer portion of hair and towards the ends, it is just the skin of your head showing. The shorter hair at the center is spiked upwards.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Sharp Taper Fade with Small Beard

It is for the man who likes to keep his look carefully curated and groomed. There is a nice angular edge given to the hairstyle and to the beard. The beard is not connected to the sideburns and there is a clear demarcation made.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Slick Back Pompadour with Fade 

A traditional pompadour and a trendy faded hairstyle- just the perfect hair match that you can think of. The fading is gradual from the central long portion of the hair. You need to sweep the hair backward.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Buzz Cut with Taper Fade

This one is the very popular buzz cut that has come together with a fade cut. There is a nice angle shaped cut made in front of the hair to bring that edginess to the look. Try this one if you have a long shape of face.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


Skin Taper Fade with Curly Hair

If you feel that maintaining a big curly mop of hair is too much of a hassle, then cut it really short and try this style. There are no issues with the dark curls bothering you but the advantage is that you get a great style that looks good only with your hair waves.

Mens Taper Fade Hairstyles


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