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30 Best Mens Hair Color & Highlights Ideas For Unique Hairstyle

Men with dyed hair possess a wide range of eye-catching hairstyles. It is not necessary that if you color the hair, then you would appear entirely different. If you get your hair dyed, it could add uniqueness to the hairstyle.

This is accomplished through some Men’s Hair Color & Highlights, making you look stunning. Presently, there is an assortment of dyed hair-based male hairstyles.

They own the capability to alter the natural color of your hair. It is assumed that the simple coloring of your hair can let you look trendy. This is completely possible if the dyed hairstyles for men are styled with precision.


Mens Hair Color & Hair Highlight

In this reference, the word “highlight” means “to emphasize.” This is the aspect many men desire for. In this hairstyle, the texture, as well as layers of the hair, is emphasized. They are emphasized with tiny pieces of light color spread throughout. Now, let’s have a look at some of its hairstyles.

Balayage Rose Gold Hair

Presently, this hairstyle is one of the hottest hair color trends. Men often look for rose gold. This hairstyle is made by hair artists to associate hair color with the famous rose gold-toned jewelry.

Besides, this astonishingly versatile color style could be as bold or delicate as your wish.

Mens Hair Color and Highlights


Blonde Hair Inspired by Rod Stewart

This hairstyle seeks inspiration from the trends of the hairstyle of the favorite celebrities. One similar celebrity whose hairstyle has been presented by men all over the world is Rod Stewart. This celebrity is recognized as a world-class rock star.

Moreover, his disheveled spiky bleached-based blonde style marks the trend for male hairstyles during the ’80s. The same is famous at present. Based on inspiration from his hairstyle, this hairstyle is tempting to girls enticed to the wild side.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Foiled Hair Color

Whenever we close our eyes, we contemplate hair color. In this style, a female is usually imagined with a head full of foils as well as hair flowing downside her back.

However, the present is not the case anymore. The foiled color is unique and stunning for men of all age groups. Now, it has turned into a regular section of the grooming ritual.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Ash Blonde Hair Color

Men usually get bored with the hairstyle and occasionally afresh hair color is what’s required to transform the look. If men are thinking about adopting the blonde style, there are some tips and methods to assure you get it right. Also, the tips avoid few classic pitfalls.

In this style, men having blonde hair appear excellent in soft shades. Hence, they have made a switch to blonde. For this style, the ash-blonde style is applied to the hair color of your choice.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Balayage Men’s Hair

Balayage Highlights is considered perfect for men who prefer medium-long styles. In this style, a proper technique is applied to convey to you a collection of styles. This includes soft sun-kissed hair to strong, bold fragments of color.

The style provides flawless transition right from your natural color to the style shade of your preference. In this, highlighting is related to bringing light pieces to your hair. Besides, it is for men with deep hair colors. This includes dark brown, think black and medium brown hair.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Beachy Hair Color

Many men are simply blessed with this type of hair naturally. The type we are talking about is beachy hair color. In this hairstyle, surf, as well as sun-kissed blonde, is a sole blend. The reason is as beach babes; the hair so frequently sits against the head.

The hair sits in the front part facing up. Basically, this is the part of the hair that gets the most sun. It is revealed that Beach highlights cover the face. Besides, the style blends in with the remaining hair in soft flecks.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Black & Brown Hair

This hairstyle is such that it doesn’t let ladies have all the hair coloring enjoyment. Black and brown blend is regarded as a unique and attractive color blend. This color looks unique on men’s head.

You can switch it up totally or go easy initially through some highlights or low lights. You can also apply this style if you have grey-colored hair.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Blending Hair Color

This blending color style can be included in any different haircut. Besides, it requires no additional appointment time, because it just needs five minutes. The effect provided by this style is essentially masculine. This effect never fades to anything flashy.

The fact is that you would never observe a re-growth. The reason is the fading is entirely natural. Besides, the service could be applied to a different haircut in the absence of build-up of color.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Balayage Hair Color

In this style, balayage of the hair ends is done on long hair. This facilitates to offer of a sun-kissed-based look. It can best apply by approaching a well-known salon. It is assumed to be one among the men’s freehand services. Besides, men consider the style as a quick and effective option.

If men are looking at quiffs as well as along hair over the top, the style works best. The reason is it could paint on few balayage highlights. This is accomplished by the front giving you a much less clear regrowth and a sleek feel as compared to foils.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Blended Hair Color

The basic concept of this style is to blend one or more colors and then create the effect of highlights. The choice of color depends on your preference. However, the final blend color should be stylish and suitable o your skin. You need to consult with one of the expert colorists.

In his/her association, you decide the selection of the best hair color for you. In this hairstyle, the color is applied, and finally, you have an excellent new color in a simple step. Also, check these 21 + Blonde Hairstyles for Men That Every Modern Men Will Love To Try.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Blonde Highlights on Natural Hair

This is regarded as one of the men’s hair-dyed based hairstyles. In this, hair is blonde as well as styled within pointed spikes.

As an alternative to elevating the spikes, the hair is made to encompass a part of your forehead. The main aspect is that the style needs to be applied to natural hair.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Blondeaf Pulp Riot Hair

The hairstyle is suited more to men with fair skin. The color of the hair highlight is pulp rot-based.

This hairstyle uses a technique that applies the intensity following the spectrum. This is done to delightfully capture the hair within motion through Pulp Riot color.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Copper Balayage on Dark Hair

Copper hue is suitable for straight hair. If men’s hair is straight and they are thinking of coloring it copper, go for ombre.

In this style, through balayage highlights, men can depict nuances of their new hair color. This makes the style more vivid and lively. It also makes the style melting and soft.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Copper Hair Color

Copper hair is basically a broad term. Hence, you can find many variations of hair color in this style. Right from deep ginger to a copper penny, burning copper to delicate strawberry, copper hair is known to seek everyone’s attention.

It helps to turn the heads wherever you go. Selecting the correct combo will lighten your skin and provide life to your hair.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Copper Highlights on Black Hair

Dark hair is found to be the greatest common kind of hair all over the world. Most of the men are found to possess black shaded tresses.

In this hairstyle, it possesses a classic and deep charm. This actually turns it more enticing. Even if the style is worn in clean fashion without the inclusion of any colors, the final look seeks instant attention.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Dark Platinum Hair

This hairstyle is suitable for men of different age groups. The color is essentially dark platinum. It was specially formulated with a sole blend of strong and ashy reflects.

This is done for a deeply cool shade through platinum and metallic. You can apply the style with a beard.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Dark Purple Hair

The hairstyle rocks with googles and hair color are kept essentially dark purple to add a unique look and hair is side swept on one side.

Purple is not a color naturally found over the hair color spectrum; the style needs additional care.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Dark Silver Hair

This hairstyle is very simple to create. The color used is purposely dark silver to stylish ad look.

Silver hair color can be fun as well as beautiful, but it comes at a high cost. You will find that in this style, hair is perfectly combed and maintained.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Light Ash Brown Hair

If you suit the corresponding profile, you could wear even the lightest ash brown type hair colors. The relevant highlights can even assist to complement the last looks.

Usually, a few of the top highlights for this ashy tone of brown are essentially caramel as well as light to ash blonde highlights.

Mens Hair Color & Highlights


Light Green Feathery Hair

This hair is so fluffy that it’s almost feathery, and the pastel green color really makes that stand out.

The green encompasses most of the hair, but the hair underneath is a mixture of sandy blonde and purple hues that are almost impossible to describe. It’s a look that’ll really wow anyone that looks at you.

mens colored hairstyle


Bleached Knotted Braided Dreads

There’s a lot going on here. The hair is bleached into a dark golden color, and most of the hair is breaded back and pulled into a bun. The ends of most of the braids evolve into dreadlocks that add lots of volume and movement to the look.

braided man bun with highlights


Cruella DeVille Hair

This hairstyle can easily remind you of Cruella DeVille but with an edgy, masculine twist. Five white streaks sit on top of a mass of darker hair, and the side of the hair has a skin fade with a hard, wide line shaved into it.

The hair’s parting is also quite hard. The hair overall is fluffy, and it would make for a great party look.

bald fade haircut with silver highlights


Galaxy Colored Dreadlocks

The blue and purple hues here are the shades people often refer to as “galaxy”, and here the colors wrap around dreadlocks sitting on top of a nest of natural brown hair.

The hair overall has an interesting shape to it as sharp lines and designs are shaved into the sides and back of the head.

dreadlocks with bald fade and color


Blonde and Red Skin Fade

If you want a modern and edgy look, then consider dying your hair light blonde and adding a solid streak of red through it.

This look will set you apart from the crowd. The blonde contrasts the dark hair underneath nicely, with the sides forming a dark skin fade.

funky colored hairstyle for men


Two Green Coils

Colorful hair is always more interesting when there’s not much of it to catch the eye, so these two greenish turquoise stands stand out against the black of the rest of the hair. They’re in the front and frame the face, adding a touch of uniqueness to this coiled hair look.

black guy with colorful dreadlocks


Sharp Purple Undercut

This hair color stands out by being bold and sharp. It’s purple that could also pass for blue, and it works with a pale complexion. Here the hair provides a stark contrast against an undercut and a dark beard, and the hair is kept short.

short blue hairstyle


Blonde Hair and Fluffy

Here the hair is blonde, but there are several shades of blonde in the hair. The lighter blonde sections appear in small chunks, and they’re really eye-catching.

The haircut is eye-catching too, as it’s short in the front with the bangs, but the back and sides are longer. The top of the hair is fluffy for a casual appearance.

long blonde hairstyle with highlights


Red-Touched Dreads

This red shade of men’s hair color and hair highlights really stands out. It gives the hair an edgy look, and it makes it vibrant and interesting.

The ends of the longer dreadlocks are red here, but almost the entirety of the short dreads are red. It gives the look more interest, and does the different lengths of dreadlocks varying from longer to shorter.

black guy with red dreadlocks


Flag Colored Mohawk

Men’s hair color and hair highlights are certainly made interesting when the style is unique. This classic mohawk stands out as it’s dyed in white, green, and a dark orange color.

The orange is ambiguously toned, so this hairstyle could either replicate the Italian or Irish flag. Either way, it looks amazing, and it will help you stand out.

funky colored mohawk


Bleached Curls

This hair is bleached from black with no further dye added to it, and that always makes for a unique look. The haircut is short, and it’s not much longer than a buzz cut.

This particular style is made dynamic because it’s done on tightly coiled hair, so the texture adds some interest to the look.

black guy with short blonde hair


Men’s Hair Color & Highlights assures you to explore your inner soul through the help of color and highlights. It makes use of guaranteed color and highlight styles that promise the best results.

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