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25 Beautiful and Classy Mens Long Hairstyles

For so many years, long hair in men has been frowned upon. Our society considers this to be a sign of rebellion and, therefore, taboo or unprofessional. Thank God those days are finally over.

Nowadays, men with long hair are thought to be cool, strong, and most of all, confident. Unfortunately, having long hair is still unfamiliar territory for most men. Many of them want to try out this hairstyle but have no idea which style would look best for them. 

Well, we’re here to make your long hair dreams come true. So continue reading to explore which long men’s hairstyle is the best one for you. 


Who Can Pull Off Men’s Long Hairstyles?

guy with thick long hair

While we agree that long hairstyle in men is attention-grabbing, we’re afraid we have a bit of bad news– it’s not for everyone. First of all, you need to have confidence. We’ll let you in on a bit of a secret: rocking long hair is all about attitude and confidence, so if you’re confident enough, you’ve already won half of the battle!

But wait, there are two more requirements for sporting men’s long hairstyles– medium to thick hair and the right face shape. If you have thin hair, it will just look wispy and unflattering. The more body your hair has, the better it is for long hair. Lastly, long hair works best on men with square jaw or oval-shaped faces. 


The Best Long Hairstyles for Men

The longer hair can be styled in a lot of ways, but the wide range of long hairstyles available can become overwhelming. Before going for any kind of hairstyle, one must consider your personality, hair texture, and outfit. Equipped with this knowledge, you can easily find the long hairstyle that would suit you best. Here are some of the best options that you have: 

Long Messy Hairstyle 

The messy look can be best achieved in the long hairstyle. The messy long hairstyle is best suited for a classic retro look. A bearded face completes the entire look. The hair strands are kept longer on both sides.

The hair is carefully gelled backward with a few strands lying around the face and forehead. The slight neat look is done on the front portion of the head. The hair is casually swept towards the back of the head.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Long Hair with Glasses

Glasses can make one look geeky. It can also change the look from geeky to super cool. That depends on the hairstyle one is wearing. The hair length is long and an equal cut of the hair is maintained all over the head.

The texture of the hair is thin and fine. It is casually swept backward. The long locks have been left open. The glasses complete the look and make the hairstyle look chic with the entire get-up.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Long Hair with Long Bread

A long hairstyle with a long beard makes a classic and cool look. The length of the hair is kept quite long and is till the shoulders. The hair is slick and gelled. A casual side parting has been done and the maximum volume has been swept to one side of the head.

The hair is kept casually free-flowing on both sides of the face. The long beard complements the look and gives a bohemian look to the entire style.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Side Swept Long Hair

The side-swept hair is best carried with longer hair strands. This long straight hair is casually parted in the middle. The longer locks are elegantly swept to the other side of the head.

The entire look is kept neat and careful so that not a single strand of hair is out of place. The front strands of hair are kept longer than the strands at the back of the head. The hair at the back of the head is kept comparatively shorter.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Long Wavy Thick Hair

The long hairstyle can also be styled perfectly with thick hair. The best part of this style is that it can be carried off with any face shape and dress. The hair length is long and extends below the ears. The hair is made of soft waves.

The front sections of hair have been casually swept over to one side. The hair length is kept equal at all the sides. The carefully gelled look is made so that the messy look is possible with the entire hairstyle.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Long Messy Wavy Hair

The long messy wavy hair may look sophisticated and over the edge. But, this style can set pillars for fashion-conscious people. The front and top of the head are maintained in long locks.

The hair is cropped short towards the upper side of the ears and the rest of the hair. The long hair is carefully gelled to make it messy. The hair has been heavily messed up to create a super casual look with the entire hairstyle.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Long Texture and Curls

The length of the hair is quite long and is a bit below the shoulders. The hair from the front has been casually brushed backward. The hair has been left open to fall freely over the shoulders.

The hairstyle is carefully gelled and made messy. Slight curls have been achieved towards the ends of the hair strands. For a complete look, a pair of glasses can be worn. This style can be carried off with any formal outfit as well.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Curly Hair with Layers

The layers hairstyle can look very good on the men’s long hair. Curls and layers together create an interesting combination. The long hair has been left open casually over the shoulders. Men with thin hair textures can carry this look well.

The hair is casually parted in the middle and hair from both sides has been left to fall freely over shoulders. Soft curls in the hair ends make the look more classic. The curls falling freely over the shoulders make them look more natural.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Long Straight Hair

Long hair can also be worn straight if one can carry it well. The hair strands are kept long all over the head. The front strands are slightly swept back and gelled. The rest of the hair is kept casual and natural.

Men with thick hair textures can carry this look well. This hairstyle can be paired with a semi-formal shirt and a pair of denim. The look would be perfect for men having strong facial features.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Long Slick Back Hairstyle

The slick back long hairstyle is the one perfect style for a classy look. The length of the hair is long. The hair length is kept equal all over the head. The front long strands of hair have been swept lightly backward over to one side.

The hairstyle is neatly done to keep any stray strands out of the face. The slicked-back hair creates a neat yet chic look. A semi-formal outfit or any casual outfit would also suit well with this style.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Rock Star Hairstyle for Men

The rock star long hairstyle will give a perfect look. In this style length of hair from the front will be a little bit short. The rest of the hair will have a similar length. Some of the hair on the forehead will give the bang look to this style.

You can give the curl or can keep the straight hair for this look. This hairstyle will definitely give a stunning look to rock the party or any special occasion.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Thick Long Hair with Bangs

The men’s hair can be styled very nicely with bangs. The hair strands are long, especially at the front. The hair is done up in a messy way. The front strands are arranged casually and swept sideways. A careful messy look has been done with the entire hairstyle.

The bangs in the front are arranged carefully over the forehead. A bearded face would definitely compliment the hairstyle. Formal wear would look good with the hairstyle. Men having thick long hair can go for this look.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Stately Long Hairstyle for Men

The stately long hairstyle makes them look more mature. The strands of hair are kept long enough to reach the shoulders. Hair is casually swept to one side of the face. The hair strands are kept messy and casual.

For a more mature look, a bearded face can be kept. This look can both be worn with any casual wear or any formal wear. Though messy, the hair strands are kept out of the face and forehead to achieve a neat look.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Natural Waves

The natural waves can look no better than in long hair. The hair length is well below the shoulders. The long hair length has been maintained all over the head. The front long strands have been slightly swept backward.

The rest of the hair has been styled so that natural waves are created. The soft wavy look makes the hairstyle more classic and chic. The forehead and face are kept neat, though. This look can be perfectly worn with any formal outfit.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Long Hairstyles for Thick Straight Hair

For carrying this look with a long hairstyle, one has to carry it with confidence. The hair length is long and below the shoulders. Few long strands have been slightly swept over to one side. The length of the long hair is equal on all sides.

A heavily bearded face can go well with this hairstyle. If carried with confidence, almost any outfit can be paired with a hairstyle. Men with softer facial features can go for this look. It will enhance the looks and also make it look more mature.

Mens Long Hairstyles


Mid Length Hairstyle with Layers

The layered look throughout the head with the combination of faint curls makes anyone notice this hairstyle. This blonde hairstyle also allows you to keep a beard.

There are no exact layers you can form on the head. It depends on your preference. Trim your hair if you think it’s too long or making you uncomfortable.

guy with long blonde hair


Side Parted with Curls and Highlights

This is among the mens long hairstyles that are easily noticeable because of the brown highlight. Curls should be formed throughout the head up to the hair edges.

The brown highlights should be formed around the head. Just come up with a unique style that stands out.  A clean shave would compliment this hairstyle.

men's long curly hair with highlights


High Ponytail with Blonde Highlights

You have long hair that can be converted into a ponytail to be eligible for this hairstyle. Apply blonde color on your black hair at different sections.

Now, form a high ponytail with your hair. The ponytail area up to the hair edges should attain a blonde look. A low trim beard would compliment this hairstyle.

man bun for long hair


Long Messy Curls 

Do you love a messy look? This is an example of mens long hairstyles that give you curls throughout the head.

Give your hair curls throughout the head after a layered look. Most hair should rest on the right side of the head. Consider trimming your beard low to look good on this hairstyle.

guy with long curly hair and highlights


Perfect Textured Waves Hairstyle

Long gray-colored hair with curls looks good when setting up this hairstyle. You should also dye your beard gray to complement your hair’s color.

Sleek your long curly hair straight downwards on both sides. This hairstyle allows men to sleek their hair in different directions.

older man with blonde long hair


Natural Afro Curls 

There are different hair products that can give your hair natural curls. Comb your hair into the desired direction and apply the chosen hair product.

 Natural curls are generally attractive. Men with such curls will attract a lot of attention at any given time.

black guy with long afro hair


Long Braids Hairstyle

Start by forming boxes on your hair with a comb. Go for thin braids throughout the head. This hairstyle is easy to maintain. Men can go for weeks without requiring maintenance. Low trim is encouraged when going for this hairstyle.

long hair braids for men


Side Parting Long Hairstyle

Here, you have an option of either side parting either your right or left sideways hair. A curly look can also be formed on the head. 

Black and brown highlights should be visible on your blonde hair. This hairstyle is comfortable and can serve as both an official and casual hairstyle.

thick long blonde hairstyle for men


Long Curly Look with Middle Part

The middle part determines the direction your hair will rest. Black hair is considered neutral. Therefore, you can wear any outfit.

Form curls on your head, depending on your preferred size.  Neatly shape your beard if you want to keep them. It brings out a handsome look.

guy with very long curly hair


Layered Chalamet Hairstyles

The layered look brings out a shaggy look. Sleek your hair in different directions until you attain a shaggy look.

This is a temporary hairstyle that you can easily change to a decent look when handling official tasks. A clean shave would look good on this hairstyle.

long layered haircuts for men

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