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25 + Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair – Beautiful Ideas For 2024

Having thick hair is both a blessing and a curse, especially for men. There’s no denying that thick hair looks gorgeous and offers you lots of styling possibilities.

However, thick hair is usually unruly and hard to tame or style. Not only that, but you’ll also have to deal with its heaviness and too much volume. Let’s also not forget about the fact that it doesn’t do well with humidity either.

But all your hard work will pay off. When styled right, you’ll have the most gorgeous locks. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the best men’s hairstyles for thick hair below.


Styling Tips for Men with Thick Hair

Before we reveal to you the best styles for thick hair, here are some tips that you need to know first:

Determine what type of thick hair you have

Thick hair comes in three types—thick curly, thick straight, and thick wavy.

First, let’s talk about thick straight hair, which is the easiest to tame. It looks best with long hairstyles (so you can thin it out).

On the other hand, thick and curly hair dries quickly, unruly and almost impossible to style.

Lastly, we have thick wavy hair. If your hair seems heavy or bulky, or it gets frizzy during humid days, or it doesn’t hold haircuts well, this is what you have.

While it may seem unruly, this is the type of thick hair that’s the most versatile and can be styled in many ways so that you can go for either long or short hairstyles.


Use moisturizing hair products

The problem with thick hair is it dries out easily, especially thick curly hair. The dryness makes styling a lot more difficult, so you need to fight it off. You can do this by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.

For styling products, you would need something that will give your hair a glossy or wet finish. Some of the best choices are wax, gel, or pomade.


Avoid too many layers

When you cut your hair in too many layers, some of your strands will end up sticking out or up, which is a big no-no. Plus, layers will provide added volume—one thing your hair no longer needs.  


Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair – Beautiful Hairstyle & Haircut Ideas

Now that you’re equipped with the right styling tips, let’s start exploring some of the best styles for thick hair below. 

Curly Top Undercut For Thick Hair

The Curly Top Undercut for Thick Hair hairstyle is one such hairstyle that can suit the clean-shaven look as well the bearded look. The top and back of the head are kept a bit shaggy. Hair above either side of the ears is kept a bit cleaner.

The entire hairstyle is done so that it looks a bit casual as well as trendy. The hair at the top of the head is kept a little messed up and shaggy instead of laying flat on the head.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Textured Pompadour Hairstyle

The Textured Pompadour Hairstyle is not just for women. Men can also flaunt this style in their hair. This hairstyle is especially suitable for men with thicker hair. The long strands are kept in the top of the head.

The sides of the head and top of the ears are shaved clean. The hair is deeply parted on the side. The long hair strands are swept to one side. The hair strands are made curly in a classic style and are styled elegantly.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Classic Curl Hairstyle

The curls are not just for women anymore. Men can also carry curls in their hairstyle in a trendy way. The hair length is short. However, hair at the top and front of the head is kept a bit longer.

These hair strands have been made into curls. The thick hair makes the curls look more prominent. For a semi-formal occasion, the classic curly hairstyle is perfect.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Fade Balded Hairstyle

The fade balded hairstyle is a very fashionable and trendy one. The bald look is done on the sides of the ears. The long strands of hair are kept at the top of the head. The hair strands are gelled carefully and swept slightly to one side of the head.

This hairstyle is perfect for those who love to keep stubble. It is also a very good style to carry with a casual outfit. This is a trendy hairstyle that can also be paired with accessories.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Wavy Taper For Thick Hair

The wavy taper for thick hair is that style which can be done with the thick hair. In thick hair only, this style would look prominent. The hair is gradually shaved from the top of the ear towards the top of the head.

The longer hair at the front and the top of the head has been styled. All the hair is styled and combed towards the front. The longer strands have been made tousled and wavy to create the messy look.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Short Haircut For Thick Hair

The hair is shaved at the back and sides of the head. Rest of the hair is kept short. Few strands which are a bit longer are kept in the front portion of the head.  The thick texture of the hair makes it look more prominent.

The hair is casually styled. The front portion is kept a little tousled. The entire look is kept casual and a little messy. This look is the perfect style for sportspeople. It is also quite popular among them.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Curly Top Low Fade Hairstyle

Like the name, the curly top low fade hairstyle is one such style which has the curly style at the top of the head and the faded style at the bottom. The lower portion of the head and the sides are kept in faded style.

The hair is partially shaved. Only the middle portion of the head in front and top is kept in curly style. The longer strands have been made slightly curly. The curly look is only done on the front and top. Rest of the hair is kept as it is.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Thick Curly Hair With Glass

The glasses or any accessories sometimes enhance one’s look and entire getup. There are curls which have been made in the hairstyle. The thick hair makes the curls look more prominent.

The hair strands are a bit longer. It makes the curls look gorgeous. The curls have been done in a casual way all over the head. The glasses make the look more chic and classy.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Neat Curly Hairstyle For Thick Hair

The curly hairstyle can be made to look neat in its own way. The casual look also looks chic. The hair length is short. The texture of the hair is thick. The front strands of the head are kept a bit longer so that it can be made into nice curls.

Hair in the rest of the head is kept neat and short. The curls are also made neatly so that they look prominent. This look can be perfectly carried off with the casual outfit or for a beach look.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Side Parting Hairstyle for Thick Hair

The length of the hair is short and also the hair is kept simple and classic. Styling has been done on the traditional short hair. A casual side parting has been done. The hair strands are carefully gelled to achieve a classic look.

Longer hair from the front section of the hair is very carefully gelled and swept slightly towards the back. Rest of the hairstyle is extremely neat. This look is perfect for any formal outfit for a formal event.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Slicked Back Mid Fade Haircut

The slicked back mid-fade haircut is very much new in fashion. It is a unique and interesting style that can be sported by people with bearded and nonbearded looks. The faded haircut is achieved above the ears at both sides.

The long hair strands in the front and top of the head are elegantly styled. The hair is made slick and gelled backward. This is a super cool look that can be carried off with any casual or semi-formal outfit.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Short Haircut With Thick Wavy Hair

The short haircut with thick wavy hair is best for those who want to carry their hair short and stylish. The thick hair makes them look more prominent. The head is shaved clean on both sides over the ear. The thick hair is kept a little longer at the top of the head.

The hair is made into waves. The front hair is especially carefully gelled to achieve a wavy look. This look is perfect for casual wear for a daytime look.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Long Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

This hairstyle is for men who like to carry their long locks with ease. The hair length is a bit longer than usual. The hair strands are longer at the top of the head and the front. This look is very stylish and is an ultra-cool look.

The long strands of hair have been gelled carefully to achieve the look. This look can be best worn with any stylish outfit or semi-formal wear. Men who have a definite face cut can carry this hairstyle well.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


High Taper Haircut for Thick Hair

The thick hair can be gelled and made to look like any perfect hairstyle. This high taper hairstyle is the perfect variation of a regular hairstyle of thick hair.

The hair length is short but a bit longer hair is maintained at the top of the head, the hair has been carefully gelled and flipped to one side of the head. The entire look is kept neat and careful.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Long Hairstyles with Straight Thick Hair

This hairstyle is for men with a bit of long hair. The hair texture is thick which brings out the style well. The long strands of hair are straight and have been carefully gelled and arranged at one side of the head.

The neat and casual look is best to be worn with any casual outfit. Though the look is a bit messy, the hair strands have been carefully styled.

Mens Hairstyle for Thick Hair


Side Partition Pompadour

The most on-trend men’s hairstyle with thick hair, pompadour definitely adds height to not only your face but even the crown.

Side partition the hair. While combing the hair, move the comb in an upside-down U shape. So, you get a little height right next to the partition.

guy with thick blonde hair


Messy French Crop

If you have straight hair, this hairstyle will suit you. Cut the hair in medium length, tapering them towards the end by just a little. Instead of combing the hair neatly, work it in any direction.

thick messy hairstyle


Bro Flow Beach Waves

Love long hair? Give your thick hair the glory to show off. Have the natural hair cut till the shoulder or as per your preference? And leave them down without tucking them back of the ear to look just like the beach waves.

guy with long thick hair


Box Fade Curls

This men’s hairstyle with thick hair is the one for you if you have dense and tight curls. It gives a smart retro appearance. For this, have a horizontal cut above the ear to fade it into the skin. The crown will have the contours.

black guy with thick afro hair


Quiff Taper Fade

Quiff looks great when you have thick hair and texture. Volumize the top middle section only while cutting the hair at the side till it perfectly fades into your skin. Style the quiff by combing it back neatly.

thick blonde hair with shaved side


Long Length Ponytail with Highlights

If you like rocking long hair, you can let them grow without any layers. Highlight a few strands with the tips. Comb the hair properly and tuck them back in a tight ponytail.

man bun with thick hair


Curly Layered Cut

This is a very simple haircut if you have loose curls. Give them a few layers. Side partition them without leaving an undercut. Cut them till the neckline. Cover the ear to have more focus on your face and its features.

thick curly hairstyle for men


Short Brush Cut

For short thick blonde hair, go with the texture of the hair. Cut them in slight layers, making them bring volume to the crown. You can side partition them and have the forehead covered a little.

thick layered blonde hairstyle


Pink Highlights

This is a very funky hairstyle. You cut the hair in layers. Have one side shaved, showing some undercut. Color the ends of the hair length pink while letting it fall on the side, covering the eye.

mens thick hair with purple highlights


Buzzy Quiff Cut

In this cut, you would have the long length on the crown with it tapering towards the side and the back. Side partition the hair and let the large portion form a quiff, volumizing by giving some slight lift.

pompadour with thick blonde hair for men

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