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27 Latest Mens Slick Back Hairstyles & Haircut Ideas

Slick back hairstyles have been prevalent for a long in the casual and corporate environment. The aspect which lets it use more among men is many. It is essentially clean, and simple. Also, it requires less time.


Men’s Slick Back Hairstyles

Men’s Slick Back Hairstyles highlights a mature, business-first kind of quality. Moreover, it is sufficiently eternal. This implies that it would never get outdated anytime soon. It has room for the trend beyond your office. Men can adapt it while going on weekend adventures apart from their usual corporate life.

This is accomplished by playing with varied hair products to outfit the environment. Slick back hair is considered omnipresent in western culture.

Its density, texture, and growing pattern can make a large difference. This difference is noticeable in determining whether you can drag the style off. Let’s look into these hairstyles:

Low Faded Slicked Back Haircut

Recently, fade haircuts have turned famous among men of different ages. You can now find different variety of fades. In this, haircuts usually vary from low fade type to high fade type. This includes taper fade haircut as well as many similar types.

This style highlights the hair to be tapered over the sides as well as the back. The hair is tapered till there is no more hair remaining. Additional eye-striking aspect is that it does not need any precise length on the top side of the head. This is the reason for a large variety of fade styles.

Low Faded Slicked Back Haircut


Low Skin Fade Slick Back

The style is recognized as contemporary and stylish. The low skin type of fade haircut for men has turned famous in the last several years. It is alternatively identified as the bald fade or also as zero fade haircuts.

The present trendy men’s hairstyle is seen in a diversity of forms. Men can blend low skin fade with a quiff, side part, and comb-over, etc.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Blonde Slick Back Hair

The blonde hairstyles for guys are extensively regarded as the best-looking ones. However, the style does not provide you with an excuse to manage it feebly. In this style, lighter tones of your hair are avoided.

This is because it does not seem as slimy if it is unwashed for extended periods of time. However, the style promises to reflect properly on the majority of lighting settings.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Upper Cut Slick Back Hair

The trend of undercut is obviously going on. Reverse to that men also refers going for an uppercut. Though not all man prefers it at first instance, it gives a unique look. It is intended to suit different men’s haircuts.

This usually ranges from short as well as textured looks to refined and long styles. For the slick back hair, the uppercut is provided as per the hair texture in this style.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Old School Skin Fade Slick Back Haircut

Presently, there are some hairstyles that simply rise above style and time strategy. For trying this style, remember to invest in certain finest grooming products. You can look for the finest grooming products available in the market.

Besides, men could also go for usual cuts like sharp, slicked, and shined up. The reason for its fame is they are effortlessly accommodated inside the professional world. It functions to bring the new life back towards conservative hairstyles.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Slick Back Quiff Hairstyle

Growing the present hairstyle is basically identical to the Beckham. However, the style is adapted mainly for curly hair. You need to remember to keep the sides short, through the use of 2 or 3 fades.

You need to taper the front side, so the backside is an inch short. This is based on the hair’s thickness. In order to style it perfectly, make use of clay.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Razor Side Part

In this hairstyle, the line is shaved within your scalp. After this, the contrast makes a sole design that appears excellent with most fades. The powerful technique skillfully separates its sides from the top.

However, there are many men who go for a razor line. This is adopted a portion of a hair design inside their fade. Your barber would make a natural trail to separate your hair through a straight-edge razor.

The part’s thickness is up to you. However, the depth of the haircut would always run seamlessly flush through the scalp.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Dapper Cut with Long Beard

When the matter comes to adopting dapper haircuts for men, always look based on style options. If you are actually in a dilemma selecting a hairstyle for the face, go for a famous dapper haircut.

This should be carried out prior to reaching the barbershop. The final outcome would be that you would come out like a stud. Out of many textured styles, the dapper hairstyle for men is considered reliable.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Low Faded Slick Back Pompadour

This classic kind of men’s hairstyle is updated through a modern twist. Besides, it is made suitable for both casual and formal occasions. You can prefer a smooth, business haircut or can go for rocky, natural look hairstyles.

However, when you go for this style, it could accommodate many men’s sense of style. This pompadour is essentially a haircut characterized by a length over the top. It is defined through short sides and back.

It possesses the feature of being dramatic and voluminous. In this, the hair is kept longest on the front side of the head. This is done to offer “pomp,” and it can be styled in different ways.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Gray Slicked Back Hair with Quiff

The small quaff when added at the front assists to add texture and weight. As per hairstylist named Jamie Stevens, this is a vital aspect of a man’s style.

In this, you need to work on the hair product into the towel-dried and damp hair. Then, you need to work backward well as to the single side of your preference. This is done through the support of fingers to apply the product carefully. Later, you can apply a comb to rib the hair at the backside into a minor quiff.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Straight Razor Fade Hair

This hairstyle is alternatively recognized as the straight razor fade. The style involves the use of a straight razor in order to taper the fade towards the scalp. It is found that the razor fade functions fine with a different hairstyle. This may include vintage or contemporary, along with slick pomp.

The present haircut is similar to the slick back. However, additional height and volume are supplemented to the center.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Side Parting Slick Back Hairstyle

If the hair has turned an embarrassing place, slicked-back side parting type of hair could be a good choice. It is also useful when you desire lots of styling options or wish to change your look.

It is known that not all hair textures as well as cuts can pull this off. Those having fine-to-medium hair along with an undercut or a high fade could nail the style.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Short Slick Back Haircut with Beard

Combining an undercut through a beard might be one of the finest men’s styles. Many men think that thick and long facial hair actually was not mannish enough. Hence, blending a stylish undercut hairstyle as well as beard yells alpha male.

You can adopt this style if you are inquisitive about varied beard as well as hairstyle combinations. In such cases, hairstyles with short and long beards are recommended.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Slick Back with Texture Waves

The texture is regarded as one of the top men’s hair trends of 2024. This would continue to be trendy in the next year as well.

Other than styles and cuts that add separation, the newest looks are accepting natural textures. For men having a natural wave to any extent, this is the perfect time to allow it to lose.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Slick Back with Undercut

To get this style, you will require paring time growing out front through the tapered crown. It is necessary to maintain blended sides as well as a medium fade. This is to be maintained until men can slick the top across to the backside of the head.

Else, the haircut would appear tropical-fruit uneven. Later, it’s a matter of selecting among two options: high or low fade. It is recommended to choose somewhere in the middle.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Loose Slick Back Hairstyle with Glasses

The thought of slicking back the hair is a chiefly versatile method. The method can be applied to a diversity of haircuts.

Besides, it functions finest with the majority of hair types as well as face shapes. You can think of slicking back the hair as the secret pap to go with your preferred haircut.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Gray Slick Back Hair for Older Men

It is possible that older or mature men own thinning or gray hair. The gray-colored slick back bears its own significance. It is more suitable for older men, but even young men can try it out.

The color is such that instead of looking conservative, it will look modern. You can add your own variations. The Haircut shown in the below picture can be a perfect Hairstyle For Older Men.

Mens Slick Back Hairstyles


Wavy Brown Slick Back

This hairstyle is suited for naturally coarse and wavy hair. When slicked back, this hairstyle gives a messy, unkempt look. But the coarse nature of hair gives the hairstyle a texture that is highlighted with the color brown.

You will need a hair clay to bind your hair at its place. Use the dry texture and do not dampen it.

slick back hairstyle for men


Tight Combed Slick Back

This hairstyle is easy for straight hair. Tight slick creates smooth, gradual contours. This hairstyle, rather than hiding the receding hairline, make use of it to give a sharp look.

This hairstyle is ideal for business meetings and presentations. A tight slick back is suited for middle-aged men as it effectively takes away years from their faces.

older guy with slicked back hair


Slick Back With A Hairband

This hairstyle is ideal for thick and dense hair. For men who are growing their hair long and want to keep their hair manageable and away from their face, this is the style for them.

This Men’s slick back hairstyle does not need any further styling or styling products. Choose a strong hairband that keeps of hair in place but does no damage.

slick back blonde hairstyle for men


Slick Back With High Skin Fade

Beat the summer heat with this hairstyle. A high fade combined with slick back hair creates a stylish and cool look. Long hair on the top up to 3 to 5 inches can be styled with versatility.

The hair can be made to sit back or can be textured. A high fade slick back exposes a lot of scalp areas and offers more contrast.

slick back hair with shaved side


Slicked Back Man Bun

This hairstyle is an amazing combination of slicked-back hair combined with a man bun. If you are growing your hair on the top, this style is great to keep your outgrowing hair from becoming messy.

Gather all your hair at the back and tie them with a hair tie. The man bun equally loved and hated by many is here to stay as a cool, badass look.

man bun with slick back hairstyle


Slicked Back With Low Fade

This hairstyle keeps more hair on the top with neatly faded sides. This hairstyle is more textured than a high fade, as more hair on the top means more options for styling.

This hairstyle combined with a neat short goatee gives a casual and charming look. This style is suited for an everyday look.

mens slick back hairstyle with thick hair


Tousled Feathery Slick Back

Tousled and messy, this hairstyle is deceptive as a lot of styling is needed to achieve this look. Blow-dry your hair to give volume and give the roots a nice lift for an airy finish.

Highlighted silver and golden locks over dark roots give a contrasting effect and add more color to the face. A long, thick dyed beard completes the barbarian look.

slicked back long blonde hairstyle


Salt And Pepper High Rise Slick Back

This hairstyle combines a high quiff with a slick back style. Suitable for long hair, this look is timeless and refined and can go with any age group. A short and trimmed beard blends with it naturally.

mens pompadour with slick back hairstyle


Medium Length Wavy Slick Back Style

Naturally, wavy hair can be slicked back to get a cool flow look. The waves are more defined at the end, with hair falling behind the ears adding charm and drama to this look. This Men’s slick back hairstyle is suitable for both casual and professional events.

guy with slick back long hair


Messy And Textured Slick Back

This hairstyle is loaded with texture. Tapered sides with hair at the top styled like a pompadour with added layers; this complex look will make you stand out. A mustache with a soul patch amplifies the sharp facial features.

long slick back hairstyle with low fade


For starters, it is common that straight hair lends to any of the Men’s Slick Back Hairstyles. Its corresponding hairstyle adopts a simple yet stylish pattern. This is actually crucial for the complete shape of the haircut.