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30 Caesar Haircuts for Men Who Believe in Carrying a Classy Look

No matter how old and outdated it sounds, but Caesar Haircut is one of the classic hairstyles from ancient times. How many of you are aware of the fact that from where the Caesar Haircuts came into existence?

So, this hairstyle is being named on the name of Julius Caesar, who was a Roman Emperor. Just like the women, even men like trying different hairstyles. And it is even being said that men like spending more time combing their hair than women.

So, for all those men who want to try something new, they can go for Caesar Haircut. Being a short hairstyle for men Caesar Haircuts need very little maintenance. No matter whether you have wavy or curly hair, straight hair, and smooth hair or even if you have less hair,

Caesar Haircut will always look perfect on you. We have bought 30 different but versatile look Caesar Haircuts for all the men there who believe in carrying a classy look.

Caesar Haircut with Pointed Bangs 

How about carrying simplicity with some modern texture? This hairstyle is a perfect example of simplicity mix with contemporary style. To give the old-time Caesar cut a new look the pointed, blunt bangs are added at the top. The bangs are chopped finely giving a flat spike look.

To make these bangs visible, a blonde color hair shade is the perfect choice of the hairstylist. The style will suit boys with V-shaped faces. Young boys or the ones in the teenage can try this style.

Caesar Haircuts


Pop-style Caesar Buzz Cut

This is a combination hairstyle. The stylist has combined the Buzzcut along with the Caesar cut with some variations. The variations which are added at the top are to give a cool and pop-style look to hair.

The head is half-shaved, and then a little bit of buzz haircut look is given. But it is a partial buzz cut as the hair at the top is not chopped and being given the Caesar cut with small fringes. At the forehead tip, the spikes are added for making it stylish.

Caesar Haircuts


Faded Caesar Haircut 

A really big forehead or thin hair, then you can try this look. This style includes a high faded cut along with the Caesar look. To cover the forehead, the bangs at the front are left long.

The bangs are combed slightly to one side and to the top some chopped strands are added to make the thin hair give a good look at the top. For boys or men with baldness at the front, this hairstyle can cover up that too.

Caesar Haircuts


Original Caesar Fade with Long Bangs

If you remember the original Caesar style, this is somewhere like that with some modern style. As in this hairstyle, the faded haircut is also added to give it a modern touch. The long bangs touching the temple are perfectly trimmed.

The hair above is adding volume and texture, giving it a casual look. Be it your college or any party; you can go for this look without any doubt.

Caesar Haircuts


Thick Textured Caesar Cut

For those who have thick hair and look for a haircut that can tame their hair and give them a classy look, this haircut is meant for them.

Go for razor-cut sides, comb your hair towards the front and keep the front hair short. Its a trendy haircut amongst college students.

Caesar Haircuts


Caesar Cut with Blunt Fringes

Caesar looks are said to be classy, but this one is a cute one with tiny blunt fringes. This is a perfectly shaped Caesar cut from front to back. But if you will look at the side temples, the stylist has added the pinch of faded cut also.

The tiny fringes falling on the temple are chopped in blunt cut look. If you want to keep this look, then try with no beard. For teenagers and college-goers, this style is an excellent idea to try.

Caesar Haircuts


Wavy Long Strands with High Fade

Who says that you cannot get a cool look with the Caesar Haircut? Try this one if you like to keep yourself updated with the fashion. The long wavy strands at the center are cut in layers to make the hair thick and long.

The long bangs falling on the temple are fulfilling the Caesar look. Do both sides with a high fade hairstyle, as this will highlight the top more.

Caesar Haircuts


Messy Dual Shade Wavy Hair

Personally, we love this hairstyle, as it is a perfect blend of old and modern hairstyles. Be it the hair color or the style; everything looks amazing with this cut. The messy wavy hair colored with platinum shade is combed from the front towards the back.

At the temple, the strands are combed slightly to one side with the light blonde highlight at the tip. The side hair which is partially shaved is kept black to add style to the look. We recommend this style for all the three generations, be it a teenager or young men, middle-aged men, and for the old men also.

Caesar Haircuts


Messy Textured Crop

The best combination of layers and fade is none other than this haircut. The textured crop is well suited for men with thick hair and who like to have a messy yet classy look. The whole look will make your appearance more appealing and dashing.

Caesar Haircuts


Choppy Fringes with Low Fade

Those who love to keep their forehead hidden will surely love this style. Its best suited for men with a bigger forehead.

Keep the front fringes a bit long to cover your forehead, cut them in a choppy style and leave them to give you a messy yet classy look. The side hair is kept short, giving you a fading look and the rest of the hair is combed towards the front.

Caesar Haircuts


Brunette Brown Layered Hair

If you have really smooth straight hair, then this hairstyle will suit you the most. For someone who just wants to keep it simple and classy, try this hairstyle.

At the back, the hair is trimmed short, in the middle the hair length is kept medium, and to the front, the long smooth straight hair is added to the temple. At the side back, the stylist has added the design along with the faded hair. The color shade of the hair is kept shiny brunette brown.

Caesar Haircuts


Golden Blonde High Fade 

Do you want to seek the attention of people with your hairstyle? Then, here is a hairstyle that can make you look bold and different. It’s very less often when we see men trying golden blonde shade. But with this hairstyle, you can break that rule and can be a style statement for all.

The unkempt hair is chopped to give the traditional Caesar cut look. And the side hair is done with the zero-high fade look. This is a versatile hair look, which can be carried by anyone.

Caesar Haircuts


Top Textured Hair 

It’s not the smooth and straight hair that can always win the heart. The small fine messy hair can also do the same if they are styled perfectly like the one in the picture. You cannot say that there is anything that has gone wrong with this hairstyle.

To add texture and thickness, the thin wavy hair is chopped into small fringes. At the front, the fringes are left a little longer to add the quiff. You all would have seen the smooth quiff by now. But this wavy hair quiff is looking perfectly stunning.

Caesar Haircuts


Straight Flatten Caesar Cut 

When you want to keep your hair low and flat, then here is the style for it. The hair color is done with the dark blonde shade.

The sides and the back are neatly done with a faded style haircut. The top hair is smoothly flattened and kept comparatively short than those at the front. If your face has sharp features, then trying this look will make you look dazzling.

Caesar Haircuts


Asymmetrical Chopped Caesar Cut

Are you bored with the same straight or perfectly combed hair look? Just check this asymmetrical hairstyle for a new day look. We are pretty sure that this look will bring you a lot of compliments. It is simple but a cool style to carry.

The hair is finely asymmetrically chopped into small fringes. And the side hair is half shaved, and half faded. The asymmetrical fringes falling on the forehead is making it a style statement.

Caesar Haircuts


Textured Thick Hair with Long Flicks

Having thick hair strands is an advantage, as then you have different ways to style them. The stylist has made full use of the thick hair in this style by adding texture at the top.

Keeping the hair short at the edges with giving them a high-top look. The strands at the top are kept medium length for giving textured look. But what is adding more style to this look is the long flicks falling on the temple.

Caesar Haircuts


Caesar Pomp with Side Fade

The pomp cut is an old classic hairstyle that was very popular among celebrities. Getting the same with the Caesar cut touch is really a great option to style.

With the pomp cut look, you get that perfect smooth hair look that is suitable for every place. Be it your formal party or workplace, any marriage function, any casual party, this look rocks.

Caesar Haircuts


African High-Top Hair 

Caesar style is definitely a roman hairstyle, but it is popular all over the world. When it comes to African hair, the Caesar cut is a bit different. As it will not follow from back to front.

The hair is chopped giving a Caesar look but the hair at the top is kept high. The side temples are given a faded cut look to make the hairstyle look bold and stylish. So, if you also have African hair or very tine curls then, try this hairstyle.

Caesar Haircuts


Curly Faded Caesar Haircut 

For the boys who have curly hair, it is not easy to choose a perfect hairstyle. But just as we said earlier, you can go for Caesar Cut on any hair type. The stylist has added the faded look at the sides and a little at the back.

On the front, the tiny curls are added. And to the back, the long curly hair bangs are added. This look can be your everyday look. From the workplace to casual occasions, you can go in this look anywhere. Also, now you will not have to be worried about how to set your casual hair to look good.

Caesar Haircuts


French Crop Style

The French crop cut is one of the old hairstyles which is here combined with the Caesar Haircut. With the fine edges from the sides to the hair at the top, the stylist has done great work.

Generally, the stylist keeps the cropped strands to give a full texture look to hair. Here, along with the crop look, the stylist has tried to give a rough look to the hair by leaving them tousled.

Caesar Haircuts


Caesar Cut with Low Fade

Do you find anything different in this look? Yes, this is a different look, as the stylist is trying to add some twist to the hairstyle by adding the long hair strand at the temple.

Starting from the sides, which are kept low fade while going down. Now, look at these chopped fringes which are adding a modern taste to the Caesar cut look. And the chopped strands are kept a little tousled, for adding texture.

Caesar Haircuts


Unkempt Long Hair with Side Shave

For any casual occasion or a college goer or some travel plans, keeping a casual hair look is quite stylish. For young men, this cool, classy Caesar cut is good to go. The side and the back of the head are shaved like the usual Caesar Cut.

The hair from the mid back is kept short. From the center of the head to the front, the hair strands are quite long. Because of the uncombed hair, the texture is created at the top along with the long hair covering the temple. If you have a long sleek face, then also you can go for this look.

Caesar Haircuts


Jagged Hair with Zigzag Style 

So far, we have shared hairstyles with many variations in the Caesar haircut look. But this one is our personal favorite for a teenager or someone in the mid-’20s. The uniqueness of this style is that it has been styled by combining different looks.

Like the sides are faded, and the hair at the top is jagged. Maybe the stylist has chopped them to look sporty. And there is more to it with the zigzag front-styled hair on the temple. Go for a jet-black shade for this style or the dark brunette shade.

Caesar Haircuts


Temple High Fade

It is a combination of old Caesar cut along with the blunt fringe cut which gives you a high fade temple cut. It is highly sexy, can be carried by any man to look dashing. Goes with any outfit and makes you the center of attraction. The ones with thin hair can also go for it.

Caesar Haircuts


Rough Untamed Hair 

Life keeps going rough, but how about keeping a rough hair look the next time? This look reminds us more of the person who is in the creative field. They generally keep such looks, maybe to show some creativity with their hair.

This untamed hair look is definitely an excellent choice for thin hair. Go for it without any doubt and your friends will be amazed to see this look. With some smooth long bangs on the temple and the faded shave side head, make this your style statement.

Caesar Haircuts


Textured Heavy Hair with Caesar Cut

When your hair has the right volume, then there is nothing to worry about the style. As you see this hairstyle, this is an effortless hairstyle for a Caesar cut look. And it will require very few touch-ups in comparison to the other styles.

The stylist has tried to give the crop look to the hair, which is making hair look heavy. And because of the cropped hair, the textured is being added to the style.

Caesar Haircuts


Greyish Caesar Cut for Fine Hair

Why only young people should look stylish when we have a super trendy look for the old men as well. If your hair has turned grey just like that in the picture, then style up your hair with this new hair look. Half shaved, and half buzz looks at the side.

And the top hair should be bluntly chopped to cover the head. For the hair texture, this style has two ideas; the first one is to leave the hair tousled. And the second one is to get the hair color in two shades that are greyish white and faded black.

Caesar Haircuts


Classic Wavy Caesar Haircut

Just like the long wavy hair, the small wavy hair also looks cute. And here we come with another style that will make you look adorable.

This is a flattened wavy hairstyle, where the stylist has tried to keep the waves flat at the top. Along with that, the side hair is trimmed short. And the one going down at styled with faded hair look.

Caesar Haircuts


Edgy Caesar Cut 

By keeping the originality of the Caesar cut look, while giving a new look, is what the stylist has done here. The hair strands are kept too short by giving it a tapered haircut look. Because of the sharp edges, the hairstyle is looking more prominent especially at the temple.

The short hair falling at the temple is chopped evenly to complete the look. Just at the beard along with this style and you will get that old-time classy look.

Caesar Haircuts


Thick Textured Caesar Cut 

Another hairstyle for boys with thick and rough hair. The original Caesar Haircut doesn’t have, the thick haircut. But now, we can have the Caesar look with thick hair giving it a modern touch. As usual hair at the side is shaved.

The top hair is kept rough and jagged to create texture. And because of the texture, the hair at the top is looking very high which is good for those boys who have sharp facial features. The front hair near the temple is chopped short with a blunt-cut look. But as they are chopped evenly, they are looking great.

Caesar Haircuts


From the teenage to young men, middle-agedd men to the one in the late ’50s, we have added the Caesar Haircut for all. Some of these looks are directly derived from the original Caesar look. And some of them are the trending Caesar look, which even celebrities love to try.

In modern times, trying a combination of modern and classy hair look is what makes the best choice. We hope you liked these 30 timeless and cool Caesar Haircuts, we added above.

We would love to hear from you, about the hairstyles which you prefer trying from the list as mentioned earlier. Do let us know your opinion by leaving comments below.