The Different Types of Curling Irons and How to Choose the Right One

Did you know that our level of confidence’s connected to our hair? Change up your style or get a new haircut. Consider the curly look. First, you need to figure out what curling iron to use.

Are you wondering how to pick a curling iron that will work best for your hair type? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over what types of curling irons you should consider when shopping.

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1. Tourmaline Curling Irons

Tourmaline releases negative ions that will combat frizz and dull hair. Your curls will appear shiny and smooth.

If you have thick or fine hair, consider trying a tourmaline curling iron. For thicker hair that’s difficult to manage, you’ll want to try this curling iron.

2. Ceramic Curling Iron

Ceramic is a common material that curling irons get made from because it spreads heat in an even manner. A ceramic curling iron can also smooth out your hair.

If you want a curling iron that will work for all hair types, pick up this one. Ceramic is also an excellent option for people with thin hair who can’t handle high heat.

3. Titanium Curling Iron

Another material that’s common in curling irons is titanium. Titanium is lightweight and durable, yet it can hold an even high heat for an extended period.

Do you have coarse or thick hair? Consider picking up a titanium curling iron. This curling wand is also ideal for hair types that don’t hold curls well.

4. Gold-Plated Curling Iron

Gold-plated curling irons can tolerate high heat settings for an extended period. Pick up this curling iron if you have coarse or thick hair. These curling irons don’t tend to overheat either.

5. Curling Tongs

For a beginner, you could try this kind of hair curler. Curling tongs have a clamp, work on all hair types, and are easy to use.

You can create similar looking curls throughout your hair. Yet, the clamp could damage the tips of your hair.

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6. Curling Wands

A curling wand doesn’t have a clamp, so instead, you will need to curl your hair around the rod. You will need a bit of experience and practice to get the hang of this curling wand.

It won’t leave your hair kinked or crumpled. You will have natural-looking curls without split ends or breakage.

7. Automatic Hair Curler

If you want something convenient and quick to use, choose an automatic hair curler. An automatic curler is a special curling iron that swivels your hair into curls. You can carry it anywhere, and it works fast.

These tools are expensive because they are so advanced. If you want to save on time, consider this tool.

8. Triple Barrel Wavers

You can try this special curler if you want finger waves. If you have long hair, consider trying this curler. It’s super easy to use, and you won’t have to wrap each section of your hair.

What Size Barrel Should I Use?

Once you decide on the type of curler and material you would like, you should think about the barrel size next.
Every barrel size will produce a different curl. Smaller barrels will create tighter curls, while bigger barrels create loose curls.

A smaller barrel will work well on short, thin, or medium hair. Some curls will appear like permed or corkscrew curls.
A big curling wand will work great on long and thick hair. If you have medium or short hair, you can also use a large barrel to add volume.

What About the Heat Level?

You’ll want to consider the best heat temperature that will suit your hair texture and type. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your hair when you go to curl your locks.

Do you have fine or thin hair? Consider looking for a curling iron that goes below 300 degrees. A curling iron that goes up to 300 degrees is also an excellent choice for those who color their hair.

If you have thick or coarse hair, consider picking up a curling iron that goes up to 450 degrees.

For medium to thick hair, you could choose a curling iron that ranges from 300 to 350 degrees.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Shape of the Curling Iron

A tapered barrel will allow you to create different sized curls. You can have fun trying new looks. Pick up this type if you have long or short hair. You won’t get uniform curls, so if you prefer a neater look, look for a different curler.

A cone-shaped curling wand has a narrower end and a broad base. Use this curling wand to create waves that look natural. Your waves will appear looser at the root of your hair, and tighter at the end.

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What About the Cord?

Every curling iron will have a different cord length. Consider the cord length when you’re shopping around. If you have a curling wand with a long cord, you can curl in an easier manner.

Some curling irons have cords that even swivel 360 degrees, making it easier on your wrists.

Have fun shopping around for your new curling iron. Learn more about the best hair curler.

Now You Know About the Different Types of Curling Irons

We hope this guide on how to pick a curling iron was helpful. Take your time and find curling irons that will suit your hair type. With these types of curling irons in mind, find your perfect curler when you go shopping.

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