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20 Ways to Effortlessly Rock Braids With Curly Hair

We all know it is difficult to maintain those curls, especially in summer. To rescue you from the heat and unmanageable hair days, we have listed creative braid ideas for curly hair.

Now you might be thinking what more can be done with the style, it’s the same every time, but here you are wrong. There are plenty of ways in which you can braid your curly hair and look different, fun, and amazing every time.

So why stick with the traditional style? Try these listed ones now and have a cool summer without having a bad hair day. 


Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Let’s take you to the braids world and see how each hairstyle came into this gorgeous world.

Half French Braid

french braided updo for natural curly hair

French braids are a common hairstyle, but it gets unique when you switch to only sides and make it only on a single section of your hair.

Start creating a side part and take a thick section of your hair from the bigger side. Then, start making a french braid and tie it with the rest of your hair in a bun.


Half Braided Bun 

half up curly braided bun

This curly hairstyle is a combination of two braids and a bun. Firstly, take two sections of hair from the front. Then, loosely braid them and tie them into a half-bun.

Now there’s a middle section of hair left beneath the braid, as you can see above. Tie it into a loose fishtail braid. To secure the bun, use funky hair accessories. Galaxy hair color will totally go with this look.


Blonde Ombre Braids

curly blonde braids with weave

You can tie all of your curly hair in a braid, but this time, not into one classic braid. Instead, it’s a full package of several classic braids.

If you have golden and white color highlights, there’s nothing better than this hairstyle. First, divide your hair into sections to avoid any uneven micro braids. Now start tying each section in classic braids until that section ends.


Thin Braids

thin braids for curly hair

Would it be good news if we tell you that you can keep your hair loose and braided at the same time? No, we’re not talking about half ties.

You can get this look by making very thin braids on the front part of your head. Take small hair, so you don’t have to go all the way down. Leave the rest of the curls open.


3 French Braids

braided updo with golden blonde curly hair

Everyone has heard two french braids styles, but we bring you the 3 french braids on curly hair.

You basically divide your hair into three sections from the front. Tie in a thin french braid. Now take the remaining hair to make a french twist bun. You can leave the bangs(if you have them).


Braided Shell

braided hairstyle for curly hair

It’s the perfect hairstyle for girls who have medium afro hair. Now to make this braided shell, you have to straighten a thick section of your hair from the front.

Now divide this section into two parts and make thick braids. Now roll each braid like cinnamon rolls. Pin it in the center and then pin it to the hair.


Loose Side Braid

crown braid for ginger curly hair

Loose braids are comfortable, and you don’t have to stick dozens of pins to your hair to get a perfect hairstyle.

Instead, move all your hair to one side and start making loose braids from the hairband area. Braid all the way down and tie them with the rest of your hair in a side low bun. This will look good on ginger hair color.


Crown Braids

braided updo for curly hair

A crown braid for curly hair is perfect for summer. Basically, make one braid from the front on the right side and one braid near the ear on the left side.

Now take these braids to their respective opposite directions and pin them. Do not over cross; instead, keep some distance between them.


Double Dutch Braids

braids for short curly hair

Another beautiful hairstyle for short afro hair is this one. Divide your hair into two sections.

Now start making a Dutch braid of each section. Just make sure that the braid is near to your ear than to the middle of your head. Braid all the way down and tie it with a tiny rubber band. 


Cornrow Braided Bun

cornrow braided updo for curly hair

Cornrow braids are famous and the most common hairstyle for curly hair. But here’s a little twist. Divide your hair into two sections. Leave some part of hair from each section.

Now fill each section with cornrows. Take the left part and tie it into a braid on each side. Take it all the way back, grabbing hair left from cornrows, and tie it in a bun.


Braided Half Updo

box braids hairstyle for curly hair

Start by dividing your hair into several braids. Now grab some portion of your hair like you would do for a half updo and tie it into a big loose bun. Leave the remaining braids to hang out in the back. You can leave some short curls in the front.


Dutch Braid Pigtails

braided pigtails for curly hair

This is one of the braids for curly hair that look simple and chic at the same time. Make one loose dutch braid on each side, but you don’t have to braid all of it.

Leave it when it comes to being a normal braid. Tie it from rubber and leave them open. It’s a great hairstyle for blonde hair.


Bubble Fishtail

half up half down braided curly hairstyle

It only looks complicated but is quite easy to make. Twist your hair from both sides in layers. Tie with a rubber band and cover with a layer of your hair.

Make a small loose fishtail, tie it, cover with a layer of your hair, and repeat it until this half ponytail ends.


Braided Hairband

short blonde afro curls with crown braid

Of all the braid hairstyles for curly hair, this is the easiest to make. It is great for yellow color short afro hair.

All you have to do is take a thick layer of hair from either side, make a classic braid, and wrap it like a hairband. Keep the rest of your hair in a tight curly ponytail.


Braided Half Updo

half braided updo for curly hair

It’s a beautiful hairstyle for middle-length curly hair. First, take a thin section of hair from each side. Tie them in a simple braid and interlock them at the back of your head.

Now make a combined braid from these two sections and secure it with a bobby pin.


Thick Double Braids

dutch braids for long red curly hair

Thick braids are perfect for making when you have lock and voluminous hair. Make a center part, start making braids from your neckline and leave the upper part loose.

Tie with a rubber band, and if you have short curls on the front, then great if not, then also great.


Messy Braids

crown braid with long curly hair

There’s nothing more beautiful than keeping your curls in a messy hairstyle. Try curly braids for this time. It’s simple and fun to make.

You make a side part and make a simple braid on the larger side and a thin french braid on the smaller side. This is a great curly hairstyle for long hair.


Cornrow Ponytail

half braided updo for ash blonde curly hair

A braided ponytail looks great on girls of any age. It’s nothing but 4 simple thin dutch braids. You have to divide a thick layer of hair from the front into 4 sections.

Make thin dutch braids but interchange the middle two braids in between, then tie them into a ponytail. Keep the rest of your curly hair open and enjoy the gorgeous look.


Knotted Half Bun

braids for thick curly hair

It’s a gorgeous braid hairstyle for girls who have thick curly hair. First, make two dutch braids only in the crown area of your head.

Then, tie it into a simple thick, twisted bun and leave the rest of your curls open. It’s great for a casual outing like meeting with friends.


Fishtail Braided Updo

fishtail braided hairstyle with blonde curly hair

Make fishtail braids, especially when you have long curly hair. Make one fishtail from each side and put them parallel on the back of your head. Now tie the remaining section of hair in a fishtail again. Blonde hair color would be a great choice here.


You don’t have to make that three-section braid anymore after filling your mind with our creative braid ideas for curly hair. They are super-duper easy to make, and with a little variation each time, you get a brand new style.

You can even teach your curly hair gal-pals how to make it and save them from the boring old braid style. Each style is unique in its own way, just like you are. So try these now and amaze people with your beautiful hairstyles.