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25 TWA Hairstyles to Spread Some Sass in The Air

TWA stands for Teeny Weeny Afro, a shortened version of the traditional Hairdos. Rather than sprouting out your typically frizzy hair, endorse it and wear it with pride. TWA Hairstyles need not be monotonous or unpleasant. Instead, it can be very adorable, innovative, and visually appealing.

There are numerous advantages to maintaining simple short curly hair. You didn’t have to bother with scorching hair, baldness, hair spalling, hair thinning, dry scalp, or several other hair problems.

And if you think there are only one or a few styles, you are way off the mark. Read down to see these intense and fashionable styles.


Most Liked TWA Hairstyles for Women

Browse for better, more glamorous, and inventive ways to endorse and compliment your short afro hair.

Copper Gold Frizz

copper gold TWA hairstyle

Keep it simple by opting for natural blonde TWA hairstyles. Accept heavy, unshaded curly locks that cradle your face structure.

Remember to highlight your unique qualities and jawline. Then, use essential oil that matches the finish of your shining blonde highlights to nurture it.


Fuschia Teeny Weeny

fuschia pink TWA hairstyle

Afro hair that is shortened ends up looking quirky and cool. In addition, you can enhance your afro by using simple sequences such as geometric lines.

Make it a playful color, like this neon pink. And you’re prepared to impress other people with your curls for the year.


Frosty Buzz Top

TWA hairstyle with grey hair

This trendy low fade pulls all focus to your appearance and visual elements. You can give it a snowy touch by coloring your TWA hairstyles with a glaring white blonde.

It’s just as attractive and elegant as a pastel or velvety color. This styling only requires a little contouring to bring out your attributes.


Tawny Brown Coils

Display your sophisticated name with a breathtaking modest afro. Simple afros have been establishing a reputation for themselves in recent decades.

Effectively surpassing the afro on its own. Paint your afro ringlets brown to make a strong impression.


Charcoal Spikes

TWA haircut

Variations will make your thoughts flip with delight if you like flashy looks. Trends are conquering the world of hairdressing, considering that it was done on TWA hairstyles.

This symmetrical sequence looks extremely well-defined and dominant. Choose castor oil to nurture your natural curls.


Patterned Buzz Cut

TWA hairstyle for black women

This winged snip not only highlights your curly hair but also tends to add elegance to your hairstyle.

Simple specifications, such as an alignment across one side, can reshape your standard natural hairstyles into an understated look. Wear this hairstyle with those big hoops, and you’ll have all eyeballs on you.


Ebony Pomp-Quiff

tapered TWA hairstyle

Try a shaved slope on the edge to classify a side part as a swirl on the playful casual look. Hold the top pleasant, lengthy, and trim in a squished, symmetrical frame.

This adds texture to naturally wavy patterns while also looking cute. You’ll be astonished at how well it hydrates your short curly hair.


Walnut Ringlets

twist out TWA hairstyle

Hang with your teensy weensy softie afro if you like it. Curl outlining mousse can be used to amplify your ringlets. Not only should this keep flyaways at shores, but it would also contribute to making your ringlets look elegant in the early hours.

These twist-out TWA Hairstyles appear to be completely messed up, with a glimmer of crimping.


Amber Mess

TWA afro hairstyle

Vibrant afro hairstyles may be your best fit if you’re searching for fringes. You can accomplish this wavy texture with colorant and gloves based on your hair’s size.

Frizzy hair splashes all over everything; therefore, it only seems reasonable that freaky hair is included.


Porcelain Finger Coils

curly TWA hair with design

Another effective method to flaunt your natural hair is to wear it in a mohawk. However, to retain the style feeling young, you’ll need to get frequent styling.

Finger coils are the name given to certain tight curls that leaves your hair appear perfectly coily. First, rinse your hair thoroughly and utilize a curl-specifying moisturizer for it.


Kohl Hair Curls

tapered TWA hair

This feathery haircut is the idea of TWA hairstyle fantasy. To accomplish this speckled appearance, you will need some frizz-specifying mousse. This stunning hairstyle is ideal for wearing vintage earrings and a flannel jacket.


Vermilion Chops

red TWA hair

It goes without saying that your real hair is highly recommended for you. If you ever need to brighten your appearance.

Just pick a good warm, soft color that will highlight the intonations of your eyes and complexion. The colors burgundy, bronze, and cranberry tin are suitable.


Headband Twist

TWA hairstyle with headband

This squeezed afro provides a significant amount of density to your locks. Comb your hair down with some styling products. Wear your hair loose with a bandana.

You could also narrow down some pieces of tresses in the front to utterly straighten it.


Pale Ombre Mosses

white blonde TWA hair

Add some pale or lemon hues or outlines to your natural, gloomy ringlets. The outcome is a hairstyle full of life and depth while remaining natural in appearance.

Make shapes to add to the fun. Combine your cut with some eye-catching embellishments. Your appearance will now be extremely appealing.


Vibrant Curly Twists

TWA twist hairstyles

Tie ringlets all across your head for an elegant and contemporary look. Hooking your hair allows you to rinse it less often and defends your natural curls.

These cuts also reduce volume changes and allow the genuine length of the hair to display through. In addition, maroon red is a stylish color ideal for warm skin tones.


Workaholic Buzz

short TWA hairstyle

This straightforward hairstyle is ideal for black women who does not have hours to customize their hair differently but need to be visually appealing at duties.

Combine this fashion style with large hoops to finish the appearance. Twirl and reduce your hair to form perfect coils.


Bronze Afro

copper brown TWA hairstyle

Display your mature TWA hairdos with a spectacular small afro. Modest hairdos have been establishing a name for themselves in recent years.

Since they have quickly surpassed the natural hair, paint it brown to make an impact.


Emerald Afro

green TWA hair

Have you ever heard of half-bald hairdos? These TWA haircuts are stunning. The best part is that when it develops, it will have a delightful, natural outcome that is trendy right now.

Your wing will be the top half slope. Watch what happens if you give your tresses a bottle of green tint.


Short Buzz

crop short TWA hairstyle

There are numerous hairdos, many of which are buzz cuts or faintly bald chops. This captivating ice color is appealing but more enigmatic than a thriving tint.

If you wish to try it, this styling will refer to your physical expressions and unique color.


Midnight Buzz Cut

TWA hair

Numerous black models choose shorter hairstyles since they are fashionable and alluring.

You can embrace your unique features while standing out from the spectators by wearing minimal hairdos. You get extra points for winning real curls.


Cool Mustard Ferns

TWA afro hair with undercut

Hair color is among the main approaches to jazz up your curls. To create a distinctive look, choose hues such as blonde or yellow.

Keep in mind to select a color that complements your natural skin tone. Then, make it unique with a bold lipstick color and light makeup.


Brunette Mess

TWA hairstyle with natural hair

This TWA short hair complements large hoop earrings and striking makeup. First, apply a styling cream or oil to your hair.

The main problem with tight curls is that it stretches out, causing your curls to lose distinction. Reap the benefits of this. While you style your squeezed-out curls, they will appear protected.


Gray Feathers

TWA hairstyle for older black women

Short haircuts are not only always within fashion but also very useful because they involve very little beauty time.

Offer your simple afro a pale and cheerful color, and observe your style shine from the upper edge. So try to relax and show off your gorgeous face.


Side Parter Spunk

TWA hairstyle with undercut

Maintain this lovely side parted mane a little longer and let that style glow. Add serum to your tresses and brush it down the center.

Center-Part your strands with a circular brush and apply a firm hold spray that will keep your styling in place all day.


Cloudy Mane

short TWA gray hair

With a trimmed and chiseled afro, you can feed your hair color. Of course, nothing beats a woman who can pull off a shaved head appearance.

TWA hairstyles don’t have to be so tiny. Allow your baldness to blossom out a little if you desire. The silvery mane will encircle your face and highlight your natural characteristics.


We’ve put together a list of TWA hairstyles that will easily make you the center of attraction everywhere you go.  Despite the length of your curls, there are various ways to make a fashion statement with these. 

Easily tame your hair, keep them intact, and enjoy flaunting them with these amazing styles. You can wear them to work, parties, outings, etc. without thinking twice about how you look. Try them, share them with your gal gang and let us know the experience.