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12 White Hairstyles for Black Skin to Make Everyone Swoon

The latest trend of the day is gorgeous white hair, and girls with black skin pull the look exceptionally well because of the gorgeous contrast it creates. The white color has a striking effect against black skin tone, and it amplifies the color and makes your face pop and shines even more.

There’s a lot of room to play around with white color, and if you want to experiment, only the sky’s the limit for you. White hairstyles with black skin are a pair made in heaven, and we’re here to show you just that.


Luscious White Hair Color for Black Women 

We have compiled a list of 12 gorgeous white hairstyles for all our black beauties to get inspired by.

Short Curly Hair

curly white hairstyle for black skin

Wanna flaunt your natural looks? Here’s how you can do that in an edgy and cool way.

This undercut hairstyle with white curly hair will have you feeling and looking like a literal cloud with your black skin. The white color adds a little more oomph to the hairstyle and brings the whole look together.


White Buzzcut

white buzz cut for black skin

Buzzcuts are quite literally the buzz right now! They’re easy on the pocket, will save a ton of time, and are perfect for you even if you have no hair styling skills.

A white buzz cut looks stunning next to a dark canvas, and you should give it a go if you’re planning on dyeing your hair white.


Short Chop

white buzz cut with black skin

If buzzcuts aren’t your thing but you’re still looking to go pretty short, try out this haircut. 

Save yourself all the styling time and money and go for this amazing short hairstyle. The white hair color adds a softer and feminine touch to the entire hairstyle.


Thick Braids

white braids for black skin

Braids are a no-brainer when it comes to hairstyles for African-American girls. However, these can get a bit monotonous and boring since there aren’t as many options to style.

However, if you want to experiment with your look you can always try out a beautiful color for your braids.


Black and White Hair

curly white blonde highlights for black skin

Want to keep it all natural yet make things extra special? Own your natural hair and wear it with pride by adding a bit of color to it.

Here’s a dual-toned black and white hair color that will make you the center of attention wherever you go.


Extreme Short Cut

grayish white hair for black skin

Gone are the days when gray was considered a dull color. Today it’s as special and stylish as any other preppy color.

You can achieve this color by adding a bit of white to your black hair. Not only does this look easy peasy, but it’s also not damaging to your hair at all.


Snow White Hair

short white for older women with black skin

All shades of white work when it comes to dyeing your hair but there’s just something about the “true” white color.

This white color just amplifies and enhances the beauty of black skin. As you can see in this hairstyle, all the attention to the black woman’s beautiful face.


Gorgeous White Curls

white weave hairstyle for black skin women

There’s just something about the white color on dark skin that takes your breath away each time. Add some curls to the look and you have the perfect glam look to slay even the red carpet or even the runway.


Tinge of Purple

white blonde hair with black skin

Do you know the best part about white hair? You get all the liberty to play with your favorite colors to create your own unique and personal look. In this long white hairstyle, the ends are dipped in purple to create a dazzling look.


Shoulder-Length Bob

white long bob for black skin

This short crop paired with this gorgeous white color is perfect for your next summer adventure. From drama to style, this look is the perfect white hairstyle for black skin.


Long Straight Hair

straight white hair for black skin

We’ve all seen “it” girls slay this look on our screens. It’s time to give the look a try and just take the plunge. With some heavy mascara and glossy lips, this white blonde hairstyle looks breathtaking on black skin tones.


Black and White Ombre

light white blonde hair with black skin

If you’re thinking of getting a white hair color but aren’t ready to fully commit to the look, you can try this look. Here the base is darker, and the white seamlessly blends into the dark hair and creates a more rooted look.  


The simplest things can turn out to be the most beautiful, just like this simple hair color. These white hairstyles for black skin are versatile and can work with all styles and for women of all ages.

So the next time you think of dyeing your hair a crazy color, give some thought to the color white.