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18 White Hair Color Ideas to Stay On Trend

Do you want to keep up with the trends? White hair is one to watch. It’s no longer for older people, it’s for everyone, and it seems to be here to stay. However, finding a way to style this hair can be tricky. Some styles can age you, whereas others make your hair look too thin and worn out.

You need to find the trendy white hair color that suits your personality, preferences, hair type, and fashion style. That way you can really rock this unique and bright hair color.


Best White Hair Ideas to Try

There are 18 ideas below that’ll let you really rock this shade in your hair. There’s definitely something that you can enjoy, so start browsing, and don’t forget to take one of these pictures to your stylist!

1. Stylish Curly Bob

curly white hair

White hair looks fabulous when it’s curled. It ensures there’s enough volume in the hair to stop it from looking lanky and washed out! This style has lots of small, natural, bouncy curls, and it can also be achieved with a perm if your hair doesn’t look like this naturally.


2. Long Waves with Dark Roots

layered white hair with dark roots

Adding some dark roots to your hair is a great way to help it look more natural, especially if your hair is very thick.

It gives the look depth and makes people feel like there’s nothing missing from your wonderful look. This style is particularly long and thick with some nice, large curls to it, so it’s very glamorous.


3. Long Layers

long white hair

This look is very long and appears to be very layered on top of the head.

There’s hair coming out from other sections of hair and so on. It’s a relatively simple style outside of that, with lots of thickness and movement to the wavy style.


4. Curls with Shadow Root

black woman with curly white hair

Here the curly white hair look with shadow roots to make it appear more dynamic and natural-looking.

The curls here have more shape than the first look on our list. This is a white hairstyle for black skin woman who wants to put a lot of effort into making their curls look their best.


5. Sleek Center Parting

middle part white hair

Do you want something sleek and simple? The hair is all pulled back from the front and the middle parting, so it almost looks like it’s being pulled back into a ponytail.

However, this white hair isn’t long enough for that. It’s a pixie cut in disguise.


6. Elegant Pinned Back Updo

short white hair

Styles like this are elegant and suitable for a formal event. The white-blonde hair is pulled back into an updo.

Also there are some loose curls on one side, and the bangs are left thin and feathery so they don’t obscure the face. The hair is decorated with a pleasant silver hairband.


7. Middle Part Hair

older woman with white hair

Check out this easy look for someone who wants to look stylish while not needing to do too much styling. The hair is very straight and thick, parted in the middle, with slightly shorter sections to frame the face.


8. 1980s Voluminous Look

medium length white hair

Do you like retro styles? Here’s a 1980s look with huge hair that’s full of volume and flyaways.

The hair looks fluffy, but it also looks like it’s styled well enough not to move around in the wind. The wavy hair aspect makes it stand out further and modernizes slightly to stay on trend.


9. Icy White Bob

curly white bob

Now we’re returning to a much simpler style with this pleasant little curly bob.

The hair falls to the chin in bright icy white curls, parted in the middle, with a little volume left on top so the look doesn’t appear too flat. It’s sweet and fashionable, and it’d make girly girls feel very confident.


10. Longer Loose Waves

wavy white hair

Sometimes you want longer, looser locks. This style is very simple, and the waves are loose while the hair cascades down the back. It’s parted slightly to the side, and it’s overall a simple and everyday look that also appears highly glamorous.


11. Short Side Swept Hair

side part bob with white hair

Sweet, chin-length bobs are great. Most of the hair is combed from the left to the right, giving this look of heavy bangs and some slight asymmetry that works well.


12. Long Straight Hair 

straight white hair

Check out this look that’s easy to achieve. There’s a slight side parting and the hair is long and straight.

It falls by the face and over the shoulders. There’s some slight volume in the front to add dimension so that the hair doesn’t look too flat or dull with this color and style combination.


13. Thick Fohawk

woman with spiky white pixie cut

Large, feminine fohawks are super edgy. The short white blonde hair is styled on top into that fohawk style, and there’s an undercut that adds depth.

There’s also some hair that falls onto the forehead in classic bangs, making it a very interesting look that takes inspiration from the fohawk, undercut, and pixie style.


14. Choppy Bob

white hair bob

A choppy little bob is always trendy. It falls midway down the neck and has a side parting. It’s very messy chic, which is a trendy look right now, and it’d be easy to style as your everyday look.


15. Messy Hairdo

white hair with highlights

Do you want an even choppier bob style? Here you go. There are heavy side bangs and lots of layers to the hair, which have a mixture of green and dark roots that really add some extra personality to the look.


16. White Pixie Bob

white pixie cut

Have fun with this nice pixie bob look. There’s an undercut on one side and the rest of the hair is brushed behind the ear or over to one side. Some light bangs dust the forehead, and the rest of the hair is ear-length.


17. Long Curly Updo

white hair ideas for women

Updos for long white hair like this work for people who want to look stylish without too much effort.

The hair at the back can be thrown into a ponytail or bun. The hair in the front is left free and styled with a lot of volumes and some very loose curls to add a pleasant look.


18. Vintage Bob with Bangs

white bob with bangs

This classic vintage bob is super short and only just covers the ears, and the hair is parted at the center near the crown.

However, there’s a full set of thin bangs that cover the forehead. It’s a short bob look that’s reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s, making it very cool and very sweet.


Did you like these ideas for white hair? It’s almost impossible not to! With one of these looks, you’re going to attract everyone’s positive attention for years to come.

Finding a new hairstyle and color that suits you can really boost your confidence, so hopefully, this list gave you the boost you need to go out into the world with your new signature look.


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