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20 Coolest Natural Hair Mohawk to Turn Heads

Mohawks are quickly evolving into one of 2024’s most prevalent hairdos. Mohawk for natural hair are incredibly flexible and can complement any skin complexion, hair type, or facial structure.

This styling is not only time-saving but also fashionable. It has lately become one of the most popular hair styling dynamics. There are numerous ways to wear your hairstyle.

If you are seeking ideas for mohawk hairstyles for natural hair, look through our ideas to find the one that perfectly suits you.


Trendiest Mohawk Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Browse this collection for simple, provocative, and adaptable mohawk hairdos.

Afro-Hawk Curls

mohawk style for natural afro curls

Natural mohawk hairstyles are not just exciting to carry but also to look at. This hairdo enables your ringlets to be free while still looking stylish and controlled.

Loosen the tresses and clasp back the edges, releasing a few layers of your black hair to fall as bangs on the brow. It’s all done.


Short Mohawk

short natural hair mohwak style

Choose a narrow top with even tapered sides to show off your free spirit. For a fresh design, request a trimmed side display and paint the layers.

Even so, frequent touch-ups are necessary to maintain the colors alive. It’s a unique yet remarkable hair idea that not everybody can pick off.


Inverse Mohawk

undercut mohawk for short natural hair

Women frequently have natural curls, so why not utilize them to create a fantastic pomade on the crown area?

Trim the edges as briefly as possible. You could even remove them if you want, but it will give you a much more lavish appearance. Using hair products, maintain the pomade in place.


Voluminous Curls

natural mohawk hairstyle for black women

Straggly mohawks are extremely common due to their potential to appear delicate and charming while remaining distinctive.

This hairstyle is perfect for African American women with thick locks who’re not prepared to trim sections of their heads. Carry your curly hair, and you’ll have a sleek and elegant hairstyle for any event.


Bantu Buns

mohawk updo for natural hair
Instagram/@ aneesa_g

This mohawk hairstyle for black women is stunning and requires no clippers. First, divide your hair into four main sections.

Then, slick the layers into adorable updos across from each other. Finally, apply a significant amount of styling products for a smooth and glossy appearance.


Wedding Frills

wedding mohawk updo for natural hair

By practicing this wedding-style natural hair mohawk, you can maintain your curly hair tresses in a stylish sense. You can plait the edges with viewable segmentation or maintain the look simple.

Adorn the fluffy portions with textured jewelry for a supreme and classy appearance that will make you stand out in a crowd.


Loopy Loop

mohawk hairstyle for natural hair

With such a style, you’ll turn heads anywhere you go. The edges are tidily revved up, focusing all interest on the edge.

The layers are segmented and dressed into flawless coils, resembling giant waves. A quality texturizing product, as well as some practice, will suffice.


Aligned Cornrows

cornrow mohawk style for short natural hair

Extra refined hairstyles are suitable for ceremonies and festivities and can have more beautiful patterns, but the concept remains equal.

Mohawks aren’t just for wearing your hair loose or pairing it with short hairstyles. This braided mohawk replaces spikes with curls, creating a tidy, stylish, and feminine glimpse.


Aquamarine Ringlets

blue mohawk hairstyle for natural hair

While choosing natural hair mohawk styles, you don’t need to go with your real hair color. Instead, be a rebel by wearing a playful shiny Fuschia or any other floral colors that will definitely highlight your frohawk.

It will assist you in standing apart from the audience. If you know what you’re getting, you should definitely have this haircut.


Fluffy Pompadour 

natural hair mohwak style for black female

This black hairstyle with density at the top demonstrated that a mohawk could incorporate a pouf and a ponytail. It is ideal for frizzy natural curls.

Leave your scalp hydrated with oils to retain it productive and moisturized while wearing this lovely braided hairstyle.


Tapered Curls

natural hair mohawk with shaved side

If you’re blessed with thick locks, you can create this massive hairstyle by organizing it properly. First, clean the edges of your mane forward.

Clip them to your bangs and just let them bounce downward. It will feel like you rolled up your hair in half.


Braids and Beads

braided mohawk hairstyle for natural hair

Assemble an afro with rigid dreadlocks for a stunning look with eye-catching mohawk cornrows. The edges are firmly braided with colorful beads strung along the height.

Plaiting the side portions will not just make a spectacular assertion but will also keep the game more doable.


Bold Fringe 

mohwak with beads for natural hair

Wearing your natural hairstyle in waves is an excellent way to demonstrate how flexible a mohawk can be. It’s a flattering choice that flawlessly recasts your face.

The waves draw attention away from the face and toward how it appears. This style makes you appear youthful while strategically concealing your flaws.


Purple Plush

mohawk with design for natural hair'

This adorable natural short mohawk hairdo will draw attention to strong black women. Just shave down the edges of your luscious layers to maintain their position.

Choose some design features on the clean-shaven portion to make your appearance stand out even further. You will leave a lasting image in mind.


Natural Brunette Curls

mohawk with highlights for natural hair

Carry your short texture mohawk hinting legitimately real, with a complimentary and adorable texture that will rapidly grab hearts.

Combine it with several excessively large fashion items for a look that is not just absolutely gorgeous but also extremely simple to keep up.


Magenta Coils

red curly mohawk for natural hair

This stunning mohawk hairstyle with natural curls and color is an excellent choice for older black women.

For those who prefer to wear no makeup, this style is complete in itself for going out. Whenever you want a transformation from your usual haircut, this is the one for you.


Vibrant Orange Afro

orange mohwak style with natural hair

If you’ve been one of those certain women who has had a mohawk for quite a while, this could be your cue to scrunch up your look.

The copper-orange color is an attractive solution for this look. Now it’s the day to liven things up slightly by adding a good-looking blazing color to stand out.


 27 Piece Weave

natural hair mohawk with 27 pieces

These natural hair mohawk hairstyles would be both young, beautiful, and easy-going, thanks to the 27-piece weave.

Vibrantly colored strands will add a pop of color to this trending hairstyle. Whether you have medium-length hair, this is an excellent look to attempt. It will enhance your appearance.


Electro-Violet Mohawk

purple mohawk hairstyle for natural hair

Tired of the same old hairstyles? Try and sort out the outer section of your mohawk, brush upwards, and contribute to making some tough outer spikes with your palms.

The spikes will stand out even further if you color your hair a striking color.


Indigo Ringlets

natural hair mohawk with purple highlights

There’s always room for beautiful features when it comes to shaved sides. Add a few more lines, two-dimensional figures, and perhaps other designs.

Incorporating your natural hair into the edges of the mohawk will make it look more classy and elegant. Use structures because they are cool and hip.


Hope you liked our list of mohawk hairstyles for natural hair and are ready to try them. With these variations, you can style uniquely every time you go out. 

These mohawk hairdos for black women simply show how stunning you can look in them. Start with simple ones and then go for the other variations. Maybe you’ll get courageous enough even to shave the corners later.