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40 Mohawk Braids To Give Your Fashion Sense a Hike

The Mohawk is an unbelievable hairdo that will draw out the bold side of you. If you are bored with the very tedious old hairstyles, this is the ideal hairstyle for you. Now is the opportunity to have fun with your hair because there is so much variety in the form people attend and wear their hair. In the 1980s, the new Mohawk hairdos often created excitement, especially those forms that were painted in bright colors.

You might have to visit a salon to get the technique right, as it is considerably heavy to do. The style is completed by sectioning the hair into modest parts over the crown; the hair is then covered in hair and the leftover hair at the edge of the hair, which is braided. Each braided segment is then combined, creating a large braided part at the top of the enclosed pieces. The covered braids started directly at the beginning of the crown and proceeded back to the neck. Any remaining hair is then braided and looped.

Here are the top 40, definitely gorgeous Mohawk Braids that can instantly give your style a boost like nothing else. So let’s get started: You may need to visit a salon for a few while the other few are easily manageable on your own.

1. Grey Mohawk Hairstyle

Well in Mohawk hairstyles the braids hold a lot of importance. Here the Mohawk uplifted pattern is incorporated with the French braid hairstyle. Also another point of attraction in this hairstyle is the color shade. The dye has a very offbeat undertone. It is a full grey color which adds a grim and bold look to the entire style. This style comes in a tapered shape. The crown area is flat and tapered while the rest of the portion is sleek. Also if you have short to medium length hair then this style is a good thing to bid on.

Mohawk Braids

2. Fishtail Mohawk Braid

This hairstyle defines something that is extremely pretty and sober. The entire look is just magnificent. Having a magical midsummer charm to it this hairstyle suits best in hair that is long. The Mohawk in this braid is styled with the fishtail braid style. Also if your hair has extension then the highlights include in the braid makes the style way too colorful. You can also adorn the style with the help of a head tiara. The style is indeed very beautiful. Fishtail Mohawk braid hairstyle can be your everyday wear look as well.

Mohawk Braids

3. Mohawk Hairstyles With Micro-Braid

This hairstyle is very detailed and intricate. First one needs to tie the entire hair with the micro braiding technique. After the braids are all done thereafter the braids are placed one below the other in bunch. The effect gets the Mohawk style after you create the elevation on the front end like a bouffant. The hairstyle is definitely very time consuming and if a stylist does the hairdo it is always better. The more professionally it is tied the better. This can be a perfect style for vacation or even for everyday look as well.

Mohawk Braids

4. Knotted Mohawk Braid

In this hairstyle all you need to do is follow the pattern. With regular French plait take the middle section as the knots and make the hair is soft bun like braid. This hairstyle can be incorporated in short or medium length hair. This can be a very cute and adorable every day hairstyle. This hairstyle can also be paired with cute accessories. Also if you have hair highlights then the style becomes even more fashionable because in that case the hair highlights will fall subtly over the braids and make it look indeed great.

Mohawk Braids

5. The Red Shaded Mohawk Braid

The Mohawk hairstyle focuses on the elevation of the scalp and the crown area with the braids. Here the hair is first tied taking three strands from the front portion and keeping a center alignment. Thereafter take strands from the side and place the center strand above it. Repeat the patterns and the style from the either side of the hair. Also another USP of this hairstyle is the rich red tone. The color is very enigmatic and bright. Such bright burgundy or reddish tone colors are much in trend now.

Mohawk Braids

6. Spiral Mohawk Braid

The hair texture of the African origin was kind of crumpled and frizzy. The hair was unruly and the best way for this is to twist it. Twist braids was always there. However with moderation in the present era the twists have become quite a trendy style. In this style the Mohawk hair elevation is done through the twist and making it puff a little. The puffy appeal of the hair adds a volume and height to the hairstyle. So what is the wait all about? Give this hairstyle a try!

Mohawk Braids

7. Trail Braided Mohawk

In this particular style the hair is pretty fixed and tied up. There are trails of braid going through the sides and the braid joins the center section. The hairstyle is very neat and protected. If you have hair that is colored then even better. The color shades fall in various sections of the braid making the hairstyle look a myriad of color. Also the hairstyle is a gorgeous one when it comes to having a fabulous hairstyle. You can adorn the style beautifully by incorporating some golden beads in between the braids to make it look awesome and ornamental.

Mohawk Braids

8. Mohawk In Two Braids Style

In this hairstyle the braids are divided into two sections. First the hair is combed and detangled. Take hair from the sides and tie up on the center section. This hairstyle has a very cute appeal to it. The hairstyle is done on medium hair. Also if you have thin hair this style can indeed be a simple one. Also this is quiet an easy style to do especially if you have straight hair. This can be a very well to-do everyday hairstyle. If you have highlights on your hairs then even better.

Mohawk Braids

9. Center Mohawk With Bouffant Braid

This hairstyle is very attractive. If you have hair which is slightly on the lengthier side then you can definitely give this hairstyle a try. The front portion has a bouffant which is small. The cute bouffant adds a bit of height to the hairstyle and balances the long center trail. Take hair from the side by combing and accumulating it in the middle and start the braid. This hairstyle won’t have side ridges like the earlier styles. The braid will be continued and in the same volume it produces a very smart effect to the entire look.

Mohawk Braids

10. Side Shaved Mohawk Braid

There was a time when shaved hairstyles was much in vogue in the earlier ears especially in the afro American hairstyles. This particular trend has made quite a comeback in the present fashion styles. This particular style has a very bold appeal to it. The style focuses on the center portion. The sides of the head to a certain extent is subtly shaved. For the part little above that the hair which is in full length has is taken in the French plait method to style the Mohawk braid. Highlights like red and burgundy makes the braids look attractive even more.

Mohawk Braids

11. The Tie Up Mohawk Braid

Many women like hairstyles that are close knot and short. They do love the braided pattern work yet the hanging braid style night not be proffered by many. If such is the case with you as well then this hairstyle will be your favourite one to go for. The tie up Mohawk hairstyles the name suggest is neatly tied up braided hairstyle. The front portion of the hair has one narrow braid and as the hair move down collect strands from the sides. After the entire braiding is done, thereafter the braid is folded and clipped on the crown area. It resemble more like a vertical bun braid. He style has been incorporated by the Victorian hairstyles as well.

Mohawk Braids

12. Narrow Plaited Mohawk Braid

This hairstyle is quiet a unique one in the list. This hairstyle has a very minimalistic approach to it. So women who love minimalist styles can make this one their go to Mohawk style. This hairstyle is very fashionable and ha quiet an adorable note to it. This hairstyle is also very easy to style up. This has a one sided style approach. The braid are kept as narrow as possible taking strand from one side of the hair. The other side is left open. The hairstyle shows your dainty and delicate style sense.

Mohawk Braids

13. Mohawk Pony Braid

Pony tails are an all-time favorites. They never go out of fashion and the best part about the ponytail hairstyle is that it is extremely easy to tie and has quite a fashionable impact. Well in this particular style the pony has been infested with some fabulous variation and that is the Mohawk braid in the front. Wondering how to do this? Here is the easy game. Take the hair from the scalp and start to braid like you braids a French plait. Just braiding the center section will do. After this is done gather hair from all over along with the left over portion of the braid and then tie it up in a top knot pony. This hairstyle is best suited on hair that is thin and medium or short.

Mohawk Braids

14. Bouffant Braid Mohawk Pony

Very similar to the style above this hairstyle comes with a slight variation. In this style too, the front section from the scalp is to be braided. The difference lies in the fact that a slight section right at the front should be left out for the bouffant style. There after the pony can be tied gathering hair from all sides. This hairstyle is a great choice when ponies are your favorite.

Mohawk Braids

15. Permed Pony Mohawk Braid

In Mohawk pony style there can be a lot of variations as well. The pony tails here has a very different effect. Now this hairstyle can be done by women who are fond of keeping long hair. The hair is permed all over. The base from where the pony tail starts has a knot. This knot is done with the help of the same hair strand. The Mohawk as applies on the scalp area has the braids which are incorporated. This style is a pretty one with an elegant vibe to it.

Mohawk Braids

16. Puffed Up Bohemian Mohawk Braid

This style is indeed very unruly and has a carefully careless charm to it. The unruliness enhances the bohemian appeal of this particular style. The front portion of the hair has a puffy bouffant and from there the twisted braids formulate. The hairstyle suits women with long hair. Also the hairstyle is a very charming one. The puff adds to the height of the hair. The braids can be a vacation wear or on some party.

Mohawk Braids

17. Puffed French Braid Pony With Mohawk

As the name suggests this hairdo again is a pony style so all the women who love ponytail and a tie up fashion, here is the one. Also this style can be done on medium length hair or short hair. In this hairstyle the USM is the Mohawk style and not the pony entirely. So if you are thinking to try out something new and happening then do give this style a try. Also you can pair up a hair accessory at the starting of the pony to make the look more decorative.

Mohawk Braids

18. Mid-Section Mohawk Braid

This is a very protective style. In this style the hair is partitioned to three sections keeping the center section quiet broad. The hairstyle will not take much time if the proper way is followed. In this style, all you need to do is braid just center part taking the third and second strands for the braid from the center section itself. This hairstyle will thus be a braided hairdo going from in between the center. These sides are left complete with gel to give a sleek finish.

Mohawk Braids

19. Droplet Mohawk Braid

In this hairstyle the braid steals the show. This style has such an enigmatic poetic appeal. It looks just breathtakingly beautiful. The braids are done with the normal three strand braid structure. After the braids are done the strands are stretched out a little to make a hollow tear drop like shape. This braid can be the glam quotient of any event when you dress up so beautifully. Make the front bouffant a bit messy. That adds to the careless charm of the entire hairstyle.

Mohawk Braids

20. Dragon Peaks Mohawk Braid

Again quiet an interesting style, this particular hairdo abides by a very classical style. In this style the hair is first staged in the middle and then braided. The base or the end of the braid is then knotted and tied at the end near the neck. The braid which is on the scalp area, is then stretched by each strand. This makes the strands stuck out a little and give the style a slightly over the top appeal. Pair the hairstyle with a small stud and a halter neck dress. Elegance will be your second name with such a graceful style.

Mohawk Braids

21. Interlocked Three Braid Mohawk

This hairstyle is pretty cute. The style is a protective one. Also in this style the number of braids done will be three taking three strands for each which is total adds up to having nine strands in total. Each braid will be horizontally placed side by side. This hairstyle might take some time. Another easy way of doing the same style is to tie one single long braid and then encircling it thrice longitudinally. As you go up and down you can pin the bases. The latter mode of styling are from those women who have long hair and the first one id for those who have got short hair.

Mohawk Braids

22. Nodule Mohawk Braid

In this particular style the hair elevation is given through the braid. The braiding is done in the back portion of the head after the bouffant front section. In this section the hair is made to stick out a bit. Thereafter the braid is fixated like nodules. This hairstyle is quiet a cute one and comes out well on hair that is voluminous. Also you can pair this kind of a hairstyle with a gown and bring in that old school Victorian charm to your look.

Mohawk Braids

23. Knotted Mohawk Braid

If you want to have Mohawk hairstyle yet you do not want to invest so much time in a detailed braiding pattern then this style can be one of your safest and easiest bid. Thus to get on to the style, here is the deal, pack your hair up roughly and knot them casually to the center braid. This style is indeed on the go and does not require much time. So what are you waiting for? If you have a party to dress up for? And still wondering what the hairdo should be then you know the drill.

Mohawk Braids

24. Warrior Mohawk Braid

In this hairstyle you see a very bold perspective. It is about a hairdo which portray a disciplined and strict self and this vibe is clear in the hair dressing pattern as well. The style incorporates three structures. Three sections rise from the scalp the center section has a narrow braid in the middle of that section. The sides incorporate two braids each on either side of the two hairstyles. The sides however are in close precision to one another. The two side braids are narrower than that of the middle section braid. Thus the warrior Mohawk hairstyle is a definite try on if you love hairdo that is bold and beautiful.

Mohawk Braids

25. Ombre Shaded Braid

In this shaded hairstyle the USP is the color shade more than the tie up style. The shade is golden and brown and when you tie the twisted braid style you will understand that the style falls such that the golden shade becomes at the base and the complete look has a very warm and rich tone. It looks absolutely gorgeous with a long gown. You can also pair up the style with some halter neck dress so as to highlight the hairstyle even more. The ombre shades are now much in fashion trend and modernise any look in not time.

Mohawk Braids

26. Curly Front Mohawk Braid

One of the most quaintly charming hairstyle, this particular one is replete with feminine appeal. The style indeed is very graceful and elegant. The hairstyle has bouffant which is slightly subtle, from where the three strand usual braid is done. The front braid is kept pretty loose for a casual effect. The lower part of the hair is curled up. Any style that has curls incorporated makes the look very dreamy and sensuous. Women who love Mohawk hairstyle can try this hairstyle even on their special day like receptions weddings or even anniversaries. This indeed is such a graceful style.

Mohawk Braids

27. Lantern Braid Hairstyle With Mohawk

In this style the hair is braided focusing on the center part. Just like Chinese lanterns the pouted structure is imitated in this hairstyle. The style is indeed an adorable one. The hair is taken from the sides making narrow ridges all through the sides. After the center braiding is done make sure to pull out the two side strands. The overall result is indeed interesting and also it does look like an inverted heart shaped strands. Such hairstyle look perfect when you are planning a trip for an entire day and you can compromise on looking good but also you want a style that will stay as it is. If such is your requirement then this hairstyle is a must try on.

Mohawk Braids

28. Weave On Braid With Mohawk Structure

If you have thick hair that is medium you will be able to tie this one. Taking a considerable section from the front start to loosely braid it. After the braiding is done you can also loosen up the braid a bit. From the sides bring in the un-tied hair and make an inverse braid from the bottom of the previous braid. The end should be tied in a knot. Thus when you finish the hairstyle completely the style will look neat and extremely pretty. The style looks like a weaved, pattern like structure which is so beautiful. The style can be paired with long flown gown that will enhance the appeal of the hairstyle even more. Give this hairstyle a try!

Mohawk Braids

29. Spiral Pattern Mohawk Braid

There are many styles that can be done with the Mohawk style. Here the scalp is first braided like one braids in a crochet braid hairstyle. The rows are spaced apart. The front section from the crochet includes the proper fat braid that abides by the Mohawk style and trails towards the end. As it goes down it transcends from fat to thin. The bottom part has beads to enhance the overall hairstyle. This style too has a very bohemian charm added to it. This style makes for a great vacation hairstyle which is stylish as well as protective.

Mohawk Braids

30. Unkempt Mohawk Braid

If you have a layer cut hairstyle then this one can be your go to bid. Why so? This is because when the unruly cuts protrude out of a braid it creates a very pretty balance between a structure pattern and some careless locks. This hairstyle suits best when you have long and thick hair. Then the appeal will be even clearer with such quality. The crown are form the braided strands that resembles more like rose petal moving out with the locks sticking out here and there. This hairstyle is just too pretty.

Mohawk Braids

31. Mohawk ponytail with side fade

A high side fade makes a Mohawk more prominent and gives a mullet effect. A ponytail helps to show off your thick, dense hair. Keep your hair long on the top and box braid them. The side fade makes it easier for the braid pattern to be visible. You can add thin braids by the side of your Mohawk. The grey color over deep roots gives a beautiful contrast to your hairstyle.

ponytail with mohwak braids

32. Fontage Mohawk

A fontage is a complicated hairdo among Mohawk braids hairstyles that will require a lot of time and patience to master. Be generous while using hairspray to stack high all your hair. The light honey brown color adds shine to your fontage. The frizz and curls make a high fashion hairstyle full of texture. Be ready to walk the red carpet.

mohwak braids for blonde hair

33. Subtle Mohawk

If you do not wish to go over the top with your Mohawk, a subtle braided mohawk can be your choice. Braid two clear sections of your hair on the top.  Pull out the braids to create the mohawk feel. The wavy side locks frame the face to highlight your sharp features. You can style this Mohawk even with short hair.

mohawk braids for straight hair

34. Bun Mohawk

Start with light teasing your wavy hair. Tie your hair from the top in small quarters and fold them within to get a series of short buns. Pull on the sides to make them more voluminous. Use a hair spray throughout to keep them in place. A bun mohawk is perfect for formal evening events.

updo with thick mohawk pull through braids

35. Beach wave mohawk

Ideal for flaunting your dense, long waves, this mohawk sports a defined wave flowing from the top to the bottom. Brushback your hair from the center and make a puff. Hold your hair in place with hair holding tool. Keep on repeating the process till the back of your head.

blonde wavy ponytail with mohwak braids

36. Crisscross Mohawk

The scalp is filled with design with neatly weaved braids to make this beautiful Mohawk. Tightly pull back a thin section of your hair at the top and secure it. Then neatly braid layers of hair from both sides and stack them at the top, creating an amazing layered mohawk. Leave the rest on your thick curls.

curly ponytail with mohwak cornrow braids

37. Mohawk with cornrows

Embrace your unruly hair and style them in a messy mohawk. Don’t use any styling products but let your hair be frizz. It will add more texture to the hairstyle. Make meat cornrows at the sides and tie them separately. Let your open hair fall on your shoulders. It helps to balance the strong vibe of a mohawk with the softness of open wavy hair.

mohwak braids for women

38. Viking Mohawk

Strong and fierce Viking hair is all about elegance. Make a thick fishtail braid from the top. Make sure it has some loose strands for the unkempt feel. Side thin braids are essential for Viking hair. The light cream color and soft brown highlights give a feminine touch to this hairstyle.

platinum blonde hair with mohwak braids

39. Gold Mohawk

A fontage style mohawk with twisted braid and neat cornrows has a high style quotient. Punk it with dazzling gold hair color. Glitter your scalp to make with blend with your hair. The bright hairstyle with bold purple eyes makes it a daring look which reflects your confidence.

golden blonde hair with mohwak braids

40. Mohawk with micro cornrows

Perfect among Mohawk braids hairstyles for African American hair texture. Micro cornrows are easy to make but give a complex look to your hair. Gather your cornrows at the top and let your naturally curly ends give a spiky texture to your Mohawk. Make sure to apply hair cream to take care of frizz.

black woman with short mohwak braids


Once a fashion style coming from a cultural backdrop hits the trend, it marks a trail in the fashion industry no matter how big or small it is. The impact of the Mohawk hairstyle is observed in numerous fashion vogues all through the website. The above mentioned style variation provide you with a buffet spread from where you can choose whichever style suits you or your personality the best. There is always something very bold about Mohawk hairstyle and the way it takes the final shape a vibe of an unconventional and very unruly side of a woman is portrayed. The beyond the clutches look always adds to the independent charm of a lady. Go for Mohawks, try an oriental style.

Mohawk Braid Hairstyles