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How to Do Mohawk Braid? Step by Step Guide

Braided Mohawk hairstyles have swiftly become a very unusual and contemporary style that people have started to try. The unique feature of the Mohawk hairstyle is Braiding the sides of your hair instead of cutting them short. Several braiding techniques can be applied both to smoothen the sides or to form a faux Mohawk. The sides have been styled and straightened to strengthen the clear single French braid on the top of the hair and are best suitable for medium length hair.

This excellent hairstyle also offers a permanent styling solution so that you do not have to keep styling your hair every morning when you jump out for your work. The twist upwards braids from the sides form a solid and stable Mohawk hairstyle. The braided views form a more general braid at the top that begins at the bun and lasts to the cervix of the neckline. There is plenty of interesting variation of the Mohawk style, which makes it easy to use it for daily use as well as any occasion purpose. The steps to braid hair in Mohawk hairstyle perfectly is described below:


Supply you’ll need to make a Mohawk braid

  • Comb
  • Elastic Band
  • Hair Clips
  • Hair Spray
  • Hair Bungee
  • Brush


Steps to make a Mohawk braid

How to Do Mohawk Braid?

1. Hair Extensions

  • Take horizontal sections of hair strands and spray a minimum of 6-8 inches away to protect hair from heat.
  • Texturize the hair and brush thoroughly to smoothen the hair.
  • Lock up the hair using hairpins to highlight the extent of braiding.

2. Triangle Mohawk Section

  • Your fringe area can be separated by setting your index forefingers at the edge of your eyes facing up.
  • Create a triangle section from the fringe area point front to the back of your head.
  • Section the hair by combing the hair off the face at the return area.

3. Low Ponytail sides

  • Use a styling brush to ensure your sides and back into a soft, strong, low ponytail.
  • Manage a hair bungee to secure for maximum staying strength of hair.
  • Use a small part of hair from the underneath of the ponytail and wind throughout the base to enclose the bungee within the hair strands.
  • Medium hairpin through the bungee can be ensured for security purposes.

4. Braiding in Mohawk Style

  • Start by taking three sections of hair beginning at the hairline by doing French Braid in your top part.
  • Place two strands in one hand, and the third strand in your opposite hand.
  • Start braiding by holding the strand on the right and passing it under the middle strand.
  • Take the strand from the left-most side and pass it under the center strand again.
  • Add another hair strand from the loose pieces on the same side before you cross a strand over to the other side.
  • Include it in the cross-over section.
  • Proceed with the braid down the length and tighten with a clear elastic band.

How to Do Mohawk Braid?

What exactly is a Mohawk hairstyle?

The Mohawk, which is also commonly referred to as a Mohican, is a hairstyle in which both sides of the head are sheared, dropping a layer of noticeably longer hair in the middle. There is plenty of interesting variation of the Mohawk style making it convenient for people to try it on various occasions.

What are some of the types of Mohawk hairstyle?

The most common type of Mohawk hairstyle are:

  1. Braided Mohawk Updo
  2. One Side Braided Mohawk
  3. Mohawk braids with shaved sides
  4. The Braided Mohawk Weave
  5. The Mohawk cornrows

Which type of hair does it suit the best?

Ladies who wish a lot of volume and texture in their hairstyle can opt for this hair braid style. You can have a braided Mohawk with just a weave in the complete front, or even have an amazing extra amount in the initial braid. This hairstyle is ideal for someone who wants a modern and exciting look at all times for any event.

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