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20 Perfect Coils Hairstyles for Women

The hairstyle can define your personality in the most appropriate manner and that’s why it becomes important that you make sure that you choose the best hairstyle according to your hair texture. If you have got curly hairs, then it is best to go for coils. You can opt from plain coils, finger coils or comb coils according to your choice. Coils look awesome on both short and longer length of hairstyles and that’s why anyone can choose this amazing coils hairstyles.

What is the way to get perfect coil hairstyle?

If you want to get this hairstyle, then you need to make sure that hairs are washed and then conditioned properly. Detangling the hairs before styling can be the best way to get a perfect hairstyle. You need to separate the small section of hairs one after the other. Slowly, keep rolling the comb starting from the roots. You can also use your fingers to create twists along with a comb. You need to repeat the process with an entire section of your head. Now let the hairs dry and you can also use a dryer to check if the results are fine or not. The coils hairstyles can give you a funky look and it can be carried by both men and women confidently. You can wear funky jackets and tee-shirts with this hairstyle and it would just look amazing on you. One can also go to a professional hair stylist to get this coils hairstyle in the perfect manner. Below are some of the best coils hairstyles you can try.


Big Coily Bun

This is one of many coils hairstyles for women to keep things simple. The hair is in its natural coils, and it’s piled up on top of the head in a large and voluminous bun. It makes for a simple everyday look that keeps the hair very neatly out of your face.

coil hairstyle for women


Coils and Head Wrap

These coils are kept short and neat, pushed back out of the face, and pinned up on top of the head. They’re secured under a patterned headwrap that helps them look very neat and absolutely stunning. You’ll look amazing with this style.

finger coils hairstyle with bandana


Long Curled Coils

These coils are very long and fall to below the shoulders in a stunning display of curls. This is the kind of curly hair that many women wish to have, so coils hairstyles for women like this are very popular and also enviable. You’ll attract everyone’s attention.

coils hairstyle for long hair


Short and Touched with Gold

If you want to add some extra interest to your coils hairstyles for women, then you can add a pop of color. Here that color is a golden blonde that’s scattered throughout the front and top of the hair. The coil hairstyle itself is cut very short, but it’s very beautiful.

short coils hairstyle with blonde highlights


Tight Coils with Gold

These coils are so tight that they’re almost the equivalent of a buzz cut. Six gold beads decorate the coils along the split in the head. It is a marvelous look that requires very little daily maintenance.

coils hairstyle with beads


Layers of Thick Coils

This hairstyle has layers of thick coils piled high on top of the head. The coils are very small and tight, and they are layered in a way that adds lots of texture and a dynamic look to the hair. It’s a Yousweet and simple look that’s great for busy women.

black women with coil hairstyle


Curling Coils with Middle Part

These coils are tight at the sides of the head but loose at the front, falling onto the forehead like curls. There’s a very defined middle parting in the hair which is cut short, for a coil covered pixie cut style look.

coils hairstyle with short hair


Side Part with Protruding Coils

This is another simple style with a side part, and the coils protuberant outwards from the head to add lots of volume to the head. It’s a very natural look, but you can also tell that it’s well maintained.

coil hairstyle with red highlights


Perfect Neat Layered Coils

These coils are layered. They’re longer in the back, around the nape of the neck, and the ones on top are shorter as they circle the crown of the head. The coils are all highly distinct and incredibly neat. There was clearly a lot of effort put into styling this hair.

Coils Hairstyles


Very Thin Coils

These coils are very thin, but there’s lots of texture and movement to them. The hair is short, well above ear length, and it is slightly longer on top. The coils are barely long enough to fall onto the forehead, but they do frame it nicely in the areas where they overlap and obscure the hairline.

thin and short coils hairstyle


Asymmetrical Coil Updo

This asymmetrical look is incredibly interesting, and it will complement every occasion and every outfit. Many of the coils are tight to the scalp and pulled upwards into an updo that is secured at the very top of the head. The updo falls to one side.

coils hairstyle with brown highlights


High-Volume Coils with Variance

This style has a lot of volume to it, and the coils vary in their position and direction. Some gently fall across the forehead, but mostly they are swept out of the face and the volume is seen on top and at the back and sides. It’s a very free look but looks great for formal occasions.

coils hairstyle


Full Bangs of Coils

This coil look features coils that act as bangs, and the rest of the coils are kept short and above the ears. The coils are all highly distinct from each other, and the hair is very shiny.

coils hairstyle for thick hair


Mop of Tight Curled Coils

This is a simple look that has lots of tiny but very distinct coils. The hair in the quote is very thin, and it’s a simple look that starts from the crown of the head and the coils lay evenly but short in the style.

woman with coils hairstyle



Short and Sweet

This style keeps the coils short and sweet. They lay in all different directions, and they’re not all fully distinct from each other. A few of the coils are thicker and shinier so they stand out in the hair that has a lot of volume.

coils hairstyle for afro hair


Loose Cascading Coils

This coils look has lots of very loose coils that almost resemble curls. They’re piled on top of the head and let fall around the face and sides of the head her glamorous look that those great at a party.

Coils Hairstyles


Thick with Middle Part

These coils are large and in charge, and the flyway hairs on top and at the sides add plenty of texture to this look. The hair is parted in the middle in vast thick bundles that frame the face nicely. The hair is pulled back from the face and all the features are visible.

coils hairstyle with middle part


Neat Side Parted Coils with Volume

This coil style looks a lot like a pixie cut for straight hair, except it’s in coils. The coils are very short and flat on one side, but there are still a few distinct coils in the mix. Most of the volume is found on the opposite side and towards the back of the head, where several coils stand tall and distinct.

black woman with coils hairstyle


Standing Straight Up

These coil stand straight up from the head. It’s a dynamic look, and the light-colored hair makes it extra stunning to look at. There’s so much texture, it’s hard to tear your eyes away.

coils hairstyle for brown hair


Tight Uniform Cut

These coils are all the same length and cut very short and tight to the head. It’s a look that requires very little day-to-day maintenance, and it goes well with every occasion and outfit.

short coils hairstyle

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