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25 Two Tone Hair Color Ideas to Create a Unique Look

Two tone hair color is more than combining two different shades of hair color. It’s a fashion statement, it’s artistic expression, and it’s a way to experiment with parts yourself you didn’t know were lurking deep within.

These hairstyles are a wonderful way to do that. You can go delightfully natural with an ombre, or you can shake the world up with a shocking two tone pink and purple hairdo that’ll make every look twice and gasp. 


Lovely Two Tone Hair Colors to Try

Below you’ll find 25 hair color configurations that are stunning down to the very last detail.

1. Chic Pink and Purple

hot pink and purple two tone hair

How about a look that’s chic and playful all at once? The hair color look contains a mix of pink and purple that starts with purple on top, goes into pink, then ends with purple again. The side-parted hair is very chic and straight.


2. Natural Brown to Turquoise 

dark brown and green two tone wavy hair

A natural brown look is given a two tone hair glow up as the ends are a bright, fun turquoise color.

There’s more turquoise on one side than the other, giving the curly do an asymmetrical look that helps make it more fun.


3. Blue to Purple Long Locks

two tone blue hair

Blue and purple always look great together, and you can see that in this simple, center-parted long hairstyle.

The hair starts blue and fades into a dark, complementary purple midway down the face. It’s an eye-catching pair of colors for sure.


4. Red and Purple Bob

two tone graduated bob

Red and purple are the other two colors that look wonderful together.

This style is a chic bob that’s mostly a deep purple color, but the sweeping bangs are red touched with orange, and there are red streaks elsewhere in the smooth layered bob hairstyle, too.


5. Pink and Blonde Curls

blonde and pink two tone hair

Pink is the focus of this style. It’s bright and fun and curly, but this hairstyle with two tone coloring starts with a delightful light and natural-looking blonde color.

It highly suits a fun, bubbly personality or someone who simply wants to appear as a bright and approachable person in the world.


6. Long Bob with Red Ombre

brown and red two tone angled bob

Red ombres look edgy. The hair is in a straight, long, bluntly cut bob, and it’s mostly left in its natural brown state.

However, there’s red at the ends of it that helps it stand out. This is a good look for someone’s first two-tone dye job.


7. Bubblegum Curls

faded purple and pink two tone hair

This is a true bubblegum look, from the pastel purple to bubblegum pink color in this wavy hairstyle.

The hair has a hint o dark roots that make it look more solid, and the hair falls in loose curls that look utterly fantastic with the two shades in this look.


8. Wavy Bob with Brown and Purple

medium length two tone hair

Wear a wavy bob to look very fun with your dye job. The hair has a natural brown base with two shades of purple on top that complement it well.

They’re both so muted you can hardly notice they’re two different shades, but one is dark and the other is light, so there’s a very nice contrast going on with this look here.


9. Classic Ombre

two tone ombre hair

Here’s our first two tone look in natural shades. The hair starts dark brown and ends up blonde, and it’s a totally classic ombre look that remains very trendy among people who love a chic and unique, yet natural look for their hair.

The hair is straight, side parted, and simple.


10. Subtle Purple to Pink

two tone lavender and pink hair

Pink and purple look wonderful. The hair is simple and thick, shoulder-length and straight with shorter bangs.

It looks as though it’s bright pink all over, but then you notice the subtle purple hue towards the top of the hair and are blown away.


11. Brown Locks with Purple Hue

two tone long hair

Are you a fan of more subtle looks? The hair is a very natural light brown color in a center-parted style that falls in long, straight locks over the shoulders.

However, the top of the hair has a greyish purple hue that makes it more unique.


12. Black to Turquoise

two tone ombre long bob

Black roots and turquoise lengths is a very popular look when seeking two tone locks. The hair starts with dark black roots and quickly blooms into a shockingly vivid turquoise blue color.

The hair is in a bob with a simple center parting, as it doesn’t need a fancy style to stand out. The color takes care of that perfectly.


13. Asymmetrical Bob 

two tone short hair

Asymmetrical bobs create a chic look. The hair is longer on one side than on the other, and that already draws the eye.

However, the vivid purple that fades into pink helps draw the eye even further to do this incredible look. It’s really mesmerizing and suits so many different types of people incredibly well.


14. Wavy Hair with Sunset Tones

pink and orange two tone hair

You won’t be able to look away from this look. It embodies the yellow, orange, red and purple hues of the sunset so well as it falls in perfectly styled waves down the back. If you love the sunset.

You’ll adore rocking this hairstyle as your everyday go-to do.


15. Natural Red to Vivid Red

two tone copper brown and rose gold hair

This two tone curly hairstyle starts with a red hair color that could easily be natural, but the ends are wrapped up in a more vivid red color that’s not natural.

The more vivid tone looks incredible with the more natural shade. The curls almost make the hair look like it’s on fire.


16. Face Framing Highlights

two tone face framing highlights

Face framing highlights make you stand out so well. This is one of the best two tone hairstyles where your hair will be very dark, but you’ll add some depth using perfectly placed strands of blonde through it.

They’re fantastically placed in the front as they frame the face with the slightly shorter bangs that mix in well with the large waves.


17. Chunky Highlights

two tone balayage bob

Chunky highlights were very popular in the 2000s, and they’re making a comeback today.

The hair is dark, but the chunks of dark blonde on top make the hair overall look lighter. Here it’s styled into a curly bob which helps emphasize the look.


18. Blonde with Blue Underneath

two tone silver blonde and pastel blue hair

Want to surprise people with you tie up your hair? The upper layers are blonde, but there’s pastel blue underneath.

You can reveal and highlight the blue by putting your hair into certain styles like this one, where the top section of hair is swept out of the way and tied off.


19. Silver to Pink

two tone silver and pastel pink hair

Silver has been trending in hairstyles recently, and it’s done so subtly here that the silver almost looks like extremely pale, ashy brown.

It then transforms into such a vivid pink that it almost takes you by surprise, really setting the curls apart from the straight top.


20. Red to Deep Pink

two tone red and dark pink wavy hair

Deep pink isn’t often seen in looks with red, but the colors compliment each other so perfectly here.

The two tone hair color starts off in a dark tomato red color then evolves into the deep pink where the style starts to curl, making it intelligently styled.


21. Pale Blonde with Pink Underneath

white blonde and pink two tone hair

This look is mostly a very pale, platinum blonde that draws the eye by itself, but the bright pink on the underside of the hair draws further attention to the look and makes it subtly fun.

The front of the hair is pinned back to reveal the pink underneath, so it’s really unmissable. 


22. Half and Half Pink and Yellow

two tone pink and yellow long bob

Hair that’s split into two tones down the middle brings such a fun element to the table. The long bob has a center parting with muted pink on one side and vivid, rich, bright yellow on the other. It’s a real eye-catcher split hair color.


23. Dark Pink Crimped Hair

two tone hair with bangs

Crimped hair is a totally retry style that’s still around today. It’s a very edgy look that was popular in the early 2000s, and it’s made even more unique by the vivid, dark pink ombre mixed with the brown.


24. Dark Purple to Light Purple

two tone blond and blue hair

Combining two shades of one color is always smart. The base is dark purple, but there’s a lot of light, almost white purple on top that brightens up the look and brings out the depth of the darker tone very well.


25. Light Blonde to Light Purple

Asian woman with two tone hair

Do you want an overall pale look? These two tones go wonderfully together. It starts with pale blonde and transitions to pale purple, almost a lilac shade.

There’s even a hint of purple underneath and a slight peek of darker blonde on the top of the hair, making it a great, varied style with a lot going on in such a short haircut.


From pink and purple to dark brown and blonde, there are lots of styles that can suit you. Two tone hairstyles are everywhere, and if you look around, you’ll find the one that fits you best. Hopefully, this article helped you find your perfect match.

There are lots of hair colors here that you can play with, so do it! Experiment with your look, and find the one that sticks and has all the heads turning to you. 

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