23 Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles That will Suit to Your Personality

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Kimberly Caldwell is one such television personality who is not only famous for American Idol but also for some of the phenomenal hairstyles she has brought to the world. Kimberly Caldwell is a much-polished singer who follows her own style statement with some unique twists and unique styles. The successful singer graces her performances on stage with a different hairstyle. Her great sense of dressing and styling her hair with full confidence and attitude has made her a youth icon. Cardwell’s marked hairdo with disproportionately sliced locks, to attain an asymmetric appearance is the most apt hairstyle to suit her long face and gives her a perfect look. Be it parties or red carpet events, Kimberly Cardwell manages to steal all the attention with her hard-hitting style. So, all the Kimberly Caldwell’s fan, get ready to follow your icon as I have sorted out 23 best of the Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles for you to flaunt, style and cherish.

Kimberly short choppy waves with side-swept bangs

The hairstyle with great texture and bounce makes the look a perfect treat for eyes. The choppy uneven cut is what Kimberly’s first choice with her hairstyling experiments. The asymmetrical gorgeous little ring like waves gives the style voluminous look and makes the style give a cap-like appearance. It is a style for short hair that makes it easy to manage, and the side swept bangs fulfill the need of accessorizing the hair with its cute wavy rings falling over the forehead.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

Cardwell’s unaligned cut with two-toned hairstyle

The fashionista Kimberly Caldwell’s innovative style with uneven hair cut at both sides keeping the hair longer at one place and shorter at the other is what makes her fashion sense unconventional and out of the world. The color of hair is two-toned with snow-white matt finish at the side of longer hair and golden glossy finish hair at the side of shorter hair. You can also witness a kind of knotted twirl at one of the side to make the look more eyes catchy.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The sharp streaks with chopped cut

Every time Kimberly Caldwell enters with a unique and different style and makes her presence extremely rocking and hot. This is another hairstyle where you can see the icy white hair turned into creamy and golden-hued hair. The choppy hair cut makes the hair look bouncy and bulky. And the hair is cut in a way to keep the strands sharp and fine to give a more detailed look. The shade of dark brown color is highlighted from one side beautifully to make the hair look more attractive and glamorous.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The asymmetric blend of step and bob cut with side swept bangs

Another entry with a punch of fashion is hereby Kimberly Caldwell. The hairstyle seems to be simpler and subtle but is actually very classy, elegant and eye-catching. The completely straightened hair with a blend of sharp step and bob cut to give the hairstyle a defined and detailed look keeping the hair fall straight to the shoulder flaunting the straight uneven hair beautifully. The side swept bangs is really complimenting the overall look. The choice of designing the hair makes the style out of the world.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The golden voluminous bob cut with side swept bangs

The silky, straight and smooth textured hair with a heavy golden hue and the glossy finish is what the hairstyle requires to attain the desired look. The hairstyle is done with a beautiful bob cut followed by scissored cut from the ends to create a sharp and detailed texture to the ends and overall look. The straight hair is blown up perfectly to look more voluminous and denser. The side swept bangs is actually a bang on to the style.

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Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The curly uneven hair with swirls and twirls

The beautifully hued hair is what Kimberly Caldwell priceless possession is. Being blessed with such beautiful hair, she is the one who has put her best to make sure she looks simply fantastic every time she makes a presence anywhere. This time she has experimented with asymmetric hair cut at both sides keeping the hair very short at one side and fairly long at the other side. The ring-like curls, swirls, and twirls is making her look outstanding with utmost glamour.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The very short Kimberly spiky cut

The most eccentric and progressive look, Kimberly Caldwell managed to carry off beautifully with paramount grace. The happy go lucky attitude of hers is added on to her beauty and charm. The very short hair with sharp spikes and detailed hair strands makes her look cute, bubbly, chic and sassy as well as the fine sense of dressing complete her appearance with sophistication and style. The backless dress with very short spiky hair looks very complimenting and graceful.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The peach toned matt finish hair with asymmetric wavy cut

Again, Kimberly Caldwell has come up with an unusual way of styling her hair. She has got her hair done with peach-toned hue with matt finish. The hair is cut in an asymmetric way keeping one side hair longer and other side hair shorter. The longer hair is waved and twirled beautifully. The gorgeous hair color is paired up fantastically with a black outfit and black stole wrapped around the neck. This hairstyle can be nicely worn with dark smoky eyes and light makeup.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The red, copper and white toned long hair with straights and spirals

This is a completely changed look of Kimberly Caldwell which makes her look a lovely, soft and delicate girl. In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is kept moderately long and straight. The multi-tone of red, copper and white hue is beautifully placed on hair. The hair is styled up with spirals and curls at some of the hair strands leaving the rest of the hair straight to add variety in hair texture.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The bronze hued wavy hair with grey roots

This is another unique style of Kimberly. I found this style the most classy, cool and stylish hairstyle of Kimberly Caldwell. The hair is kept short and wavy with a touch of chop cut to make the hair scatter beautifully on both sides with bouncy waves. The grey roots add beauty to the hairstyle, and the bronze blonde hair color looks very complimenting with the grey roots and overall cut. The shiny hair gets highlighted even more with cute bronze waves.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The golden blonde hair with multi shades with her signature style uneven cut

The Kimberly Caldwell is one of the fashion icons who has made her appearances most wanted with different looks and different styles. Here, the creatively chosen golden color of hair is looking every bit of sexy and seductive. The uneven hair cut is her signature style that suits her the most. In this hairstyle, the longer side of the hair is twirled and rolled to give a bouncy look.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The chopped cut with snow-white hair and spiky streaks

Kimberly Caldwell is again stealing everyone’s attention with her gorgeous spiky look. The haircut is fearless, adventurous and demands a great attitude to carry the style off with full grace. This is one of the funkiest haircuts out of Caldwell’s collection. The hair is kept short in this hairstyle with longer front side swept. Each and every hair strand is adding texture to the style and makes it look wet and fresh.

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Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The golden light brown long hair with beautiful waves

The glossy and shiny hair with smooth and silky texture is what required to attain this hairstyle. Kimberly Caldwell’s style is girly, feminine and delicate. It is a style that is suitable for anyone and everyone. The super gal style with highlighted hair and cool curvy waves making her look fresh, soft and elegant. This style can be best paired with casual clothes and even with one piece.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The golden soft waves with side-swept bangs

The perfect diva look to copy from Kimberly’s collection. She is looking sexy from the core in this style. The nicely cut hair with beautiful soft waves coming from top to the ends of the hair and the gorgeous side swept bangs covering the forehead beautifully. This type of haircut can be best paired with fluorescent dark lipsticks and classy one-pieces and frocks. This is an ageless hairstyle that anyone can go for.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The Chinese cut front bangs with copper highlights and tied up hair

Here is another look of Kimberly Caldwell that is simply breathtaking and looks absolutely apt for such a big singing star performance. This is one of the most sophisticated hairstyles of Kimberly Caldwell. It looks great with oval-shaped faces as it covers the extra length beautifully and frames the face with cute Chinese cut bangs. The copper hue highlighting at the top of the Chinese front bangs is beautiful and adding grace to the style.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The snow-white waved hairstyle with swirls and twirls

The hair is cut short, and the texture of the hair kept extremely radiant, shiny, smooth and silky to add beauty to the swirls and twirls of the hairstyle. The roots of the front hair are kept darker colored with golden shade to add details to the hairstyle. The hair is divided into two parts, and the hair is slicked to the opposite side to create a ring-like appearance to add some dramatic look and newness in style.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

Kimberly Caldwell’s Marlin Monroe inspired hairstyle

The inspiration to try a different and unique look is what Kimberly Caldwell’s always tries to do. Here, in this style, you can feel that Marlin Monroe inspires the style with some added twists and turns that are Caldwell’s innovation. The perfectly done up gelled hair with Circular and spiral turns on the top of the one side of the style. This kind of look is apt for parties and events and can be paired with a gorgeous gown and matching lipstick.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The red, white and bronze spiral all over

The gorgeous multi shades of metallic red, steal white and golden bronze shades are placed beautifully on each and every hair strand with a classic look. It gives the appearance of both casual and funky look along with a classy and sophisticated touch. This is an absolutely girly look and relevant for younger generations. It is like self accessorized hairstyle because of the metallic shades and stupendous spirals. The longer the hair makes more of the spirals to flow freely all over.

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Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The wet curly and wavy hairdo with short hair

Again one of the Marlin Monroe inspired hairstyle with Kimberly Caldwell’s self add on and inputs to customize that hairstyle to suit her personality. If you want to go for this hairstyle, you can too customize it as per your suitability. Like the curls and waves placement over the head, and the length of the hair you can make little changes. The glossy hairstyle is apt for parties and events and can be paired with some shiny or party wear outfits.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The gravity defined high puff at the front top with tallow streak

The unusual and fearless hairstyle which needs a lot of guts to go for. The extremely voluminous puff is adding on some inches to the height too. This is the extraordinary look for extraordinary people. If you want to look a bit taller, this one style will surely work for you. The hair is puffed quite higher with the help of gels and blower. The yellow streak at the front in one of the sides is complimenting the hairstyle perfectly and adding an artistic touch to the style.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The upturned hair combed from the back and tied up with a black band

The most stylish and trendy look accessorized with a black band is making Kimberly Caldwell every bit of sexy gal. The hair is combed from back and upturned and tied in a way to look like bangs and fringes from the front. The hair is placed like side swept bangs and falling over the face so nicely. This is the style very apt for younger generations. It is a comfortable style to beat the hot summers and stay free with no hair at the back.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The hazelnut updo with a front puff and tied bun

Her gorgeous style is appropriate when you want to go for some unique and different accessories that are bigger and need to be shown. The tied up hair with a puff fulfill the hair demand as well as let you flaunt your designer jewelry with style. It is a neat and tidy style that you can carry comfortably anywhere anytime. You can pair it with long danglers or big top while wearing a nude lipstick to make the hair color look more attractive and attention-grabbing.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

The layer cut long hair with beige color and maroon highlights

The beautiful long hair with unusual maroon-hued streaks look simply awesome. The yellow toned beige hair and maroon streaks are so complimenting with each other. In this style of Kimberly Caldwell, you can see a stylish girly appearance with completely straight hair. The hair cut is done in layers and choppy style with slight unevenness in the cut to add some detailing in that straight hair. The gorgeous straight side swept bangs looks amazingly sexy and framing the face so nicely.

Kimberly Caldwell Hairstyles

So, these are 23 best hairstyles of Kimberly Caldwell that I have sorted out for you to make you go trendier and more fashionable just like your fashion icon Kimberly Caldwell. Yes, calling her a fashion icon is an apt adjective as she has put a lot of effort to create this image of hers with her variant styles and creative ideas of hairdos. So, Just have a look at all the style and decide a good one for yourself.

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