Hair Transplants for Men with Receding Hairlines

A receding hairline is a common problem; the most prevalent in men is when it starts because of different factors. However, with developing technology, there are now various ways of helping affected men maintain a normal hairline. The most common practice is hair transplants for men with receding hairlines, a procedure that a skilled and experienced specialist carries out is carried out by a trained and experienced specialist.

One quick fact about receding hairline is that it shows some distinct signs. Also, the symptoms may start developing just after one hits puberty or sometimes after they get into adulthood. Besides, the recession commonly begins just above the temples. Together with male pattern baldness, a receding hairline is also one of the common symptoms of aging.

Early Signs of a Receding Hairline

Most people are unaware of when the signs of a receding hairline start manifesting. As a result, they are usually late in finding help or a specialist that can carry out a transplant before it becomes costly. The truth is that there is typically no pattern that the hairline will follow when it starts receding. However, there may be some telltale signs that one can keep an eye out for, including losing a lot of hair or several dozens each day.

What Causes Receding Hairline?

There are multiples of causes of receding hair. Some of the common ones may include the following:


According to a Journal of Investigative Dermatology research, when they turn 80, about 80% of European men may have their hair starting to recede. This is because hair loss is a natural part of aging. When the hair follicles responsible for hair growth become weak, this could result in hair loss and a receding hairline.

Family History

It is common for men to have receding hairlines if it happens in their family tree. For example, aA man with a family history of baldness may be more prone to losing their hair. Their hair loss may also follow a certain pattern as their past generations.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes may also trigger hair loss. DHT is one of the hormones that may have a connection to male pattern baldness. This is because it is responsible for hair follicles shrinking to the extent that hair may stop growing on them anymore.

Some Medications

Some medications or treatments may be responsible for hair loss. Chemotherapy is one typical example as it usually causes hair to fall out.

Lifestyle Choices

Different lifestyle choices may also be responsible for hairlines receding. People who smoke, for example, may lose their hair faster than those who do not. Dietary issues may also directly link to hair loss, for example, the case of people not getting enough protein being more prone to hair loss.

Hair Transplant as a Solution to Receding Hairlines in Men

So, one would ask, can a hair transplant procedure help with my receding hairline? If you get a specialist with the right resources, skills, and experience, the answer is a yes. You can get your hair harvested from hair-rich donor areas by a specialist and then have them plant the strands to the affected scalp. Even though the process may sound a bit costlier than other methods like medication, it is a highly efficient one in the long run.

FUE or FUT for Receding Hairline

The right remedy for such hairlines could be either FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Both are equally efficient, although they have a few differences. The former involves the extraction of small groups of one to four strands of hair, and then they are transplanted on the affected area of the head. When they start to grow, the hairs create a better and full hairline or an extra thickness.

FUE does not leave a large scar on the scalp. However, it leaves some tiny scars that are not as conspicuous after healing.

On the other hand, Follicular Unit Transplantation involves the removal of strips of skin in the back of the scalp. Hair strands are then extracted from the strips in units of one to four, and then a surgeon can transplant them onto the scalp to fill in the hairline. The major advantage of FUT is that there is a higher survival rate for the transplanted hair. However, this method may leave a big scar that may be visible after a haircut.

The Success of Hair Transplant on Receding Hairline

The success of each hair transplant method depends on the surgeon that you entrust it to. Whether FUT or FUE, one might want to do their research and homework well and choose a reliable and experienced hair transplant specialist. In the end, they should have the aesthetic results on their hairline as they want, yet in an affordable way.

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