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25 Perfect Mens Mohawk Hairstyles to Look Unique in the Crowd

Long gone are the days when women were the ones that cared about their hairstyles and kept having more and more hairstyles to switch between that were stylish, trendy, chic, and elegant.

Men are now more versatile with their hairstyles and they are embracing more fashionable and trendy looks very easily. One of their best styles is the numerous mens Mohawk hairstyles that we see all over the world.


Mens Mohawk Hairstyles

These styles feature shaved sides and a strip of longer hair at the center of the head. It comes in numerous styles but the essence is maintained. It is an outstanding hairstyle that brings out one’s sense of style and fashion.

Mohawk is a hairstyle that we will see around for a very long time since it only keeps getting better by the day. Mohawks, as already stated, vary in their looks and some of the best looks we have are as follows.

Side Shaved Mohawk 

Here, the sides are shaved and the hair at the center of the head reduces in length towards the back of the head. Also has a slight combover feel to it at the front, but the rest of the hair is combed towards the front. It is unique, has great volume, and the hair occupies a lot of space.

It’s conspicuous and gives you that ‘I don’t care’ look. It is excellent for any street style that you may want to pull off. There are numerous variations to this mohawk and it will depend on the person. It is an appropriate hairstyle for young boys to men and young men.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Side Comb Over Undercut

One amazing thing about this haircut is that it suits the men with widow’s peak. It is a Mohawk variation that has been parted at the side and the side is buzzed as well as the back has. The combover is perfect and it brings out the beauty of the Mohawk flawlessly.

The length of the hair at the center can vary, but the longer the better. The volume and density of the hair should also be high to make the haircut perfect and flawless.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Taper Fade Mohawk

This Mohawk is excellent for anyone who is skeptical about trying Mohawk hairstyle. It is perfect for the conservative stylish guy. When taper fades are mixed with a Mohawk, it becomes more elegant for the day to day man. As it stands, it is one of the most appealing Mohawk hairstyles among men.

Comb your Mohawk upward and you can also create a variety by spiking the hair. The length can also vary depending on your preference. The volume of the hair is not too much and it is perfect when you do not want to draw too much attention to yourself. The haircut is well defined and awesome.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Side Fade Mohawk

The length of this haircut is perfect, but it can always vary. The side fade has been wonderfully done and it accentuates the beauty of the Mohawk. The line-up at the edges gives it a sharp, near, and elegant finish. It is an attractive look that does not scream too loud to draw any attention.

The hair volume and density should be high to get the perfect finish. The beards also accentuate the look. Use your comb to comb the Mohawk upward, spray it and hit the road.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Slicked Back Mohawk

Slicking hair has become a very popular practice among men. It gives one a perfect and sleek finish that shows elegance and neatness. In this Mohawk style, you should have your back and sides shaved. The Mohawk should not go down to your back but should cover three-thirds of the length.

The volume of the hair should be high. Apply some good amount of pomade or wax, then comb it backward. It is a great look for beardless men. It gives you a sharp and clean look. Here are more Slick Back Hairstyles & Haircut Ideas for men.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Pompadour Mohawk 

Slicking hair has become a very popular practice among men. It gives one a perfect and sleek finish that shows elegance and neatness. In this Mohawk style, you should have your back and sides shaved.

The Mohawk should not go down to your back but should cover three-thirds of the length. The volume of the hair should be high. Apply some good amount of pomade or wax, then comb it backward. It is a great look for beardless men. It gives you a sharp and clean look.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Black Men’s Mohawk 

Many people think that styling a black man’s hair is difficult. Even so, one look at the black men’s Mohawk hairstyles will make you think otherwise. These styles are outstanding, striking, and perfect. They are excellent for bringing out their tough look yet stylish and trendy.

The texture of the hair is great to work with because it is easy for it to stay in place. These hairstyles can vary in their looks as well as the length of the hair and texture. Even so, they bring out the perfect look. Greatly shaped beards will go a long way.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Layered Dark Mohawk

Layering is also an excellent choice when going for a Mohawk haircut. This look is daring, bold, and stylish. It is for the man who is ready for all the attention that their hair will draw.

The Mohawk is thick and the volume of the hair is attractive. Once your hair is layered, you will get this volume and length. Also, use the right hair product to create more volume. Using the right comb, comb the hair towards your forehead. The dark color also goes a long way.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Crew Cut Mohawk

Crew Cuts are very trendy and popular among men. It is one of the cuts that most men prefer and goes well for all kinds of occasions and functions whether official or casual. When the crew cut is fused with Mohawk it becomes more appealing to men.

This look features shaved sides and the Mohawk’s hair length varies from the forehead going backward. Even so, the length is very short with the front being slightly longer. You can create your variation by spiking the hair. This style is subtle and low-key.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Mohawk Braids for Black Men

This is a perfect variation for the black man’s Mohawk. Instead of leaving the hair and experiencing a tough time while combing it, why not braid it?

This Mohawk style is unique and stylish. Even so, it cannot work for official occasions. It also makes one look tough. The hard part haircut lines also make the hairdo standout. Pair this look with a trimmed beard and it will look magnificent.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Messy Mohawk Hairstyle

As the name suggests, this is a messy hairdo and is perfect to communicate your ‘I don’t care’ attitude. It is a cool hairstyle that is simple yet can prove difficult to maintain if you lack the tact.

The sides are not shaved or parted but the clear length difference between the sides, the back, and the top part defines the Mohawk. The hair length can vary but the longer the better. It makes it easy to achieve the ‘messy’ look.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Razor Part Black Mohawk Hairstyle

This Mohawk is excellent and requires the perfect texture for the hair. It is not too bold and not too subtle. It has a perfect balance. The razor taper has been wonderfully done and it gives the style an edge.

The Mohawk is thick and very elegant. Pair this with your beards and you will have a perfect look. It does not bring too much toughness to the surface and it is very relatable.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


David Beckham Mohawk Style

This Mohawk is almost similar to the Crew Cut Mohawk and it looks great. It is a style that works for men with widow’s peak as well. The Mohawk is not thick and it is very short. It is very subtle and will not draw all the attention to you. If you do not want the Crew Cut Mohawk, this is your next best choice.

The hair length appears to be the same and the hair is combed to come to the center of the head along the Mohawk’s length. In as much as the Mohawk is not thick, the volume of the hair should be noticeable to make the Mohawk more noticeable.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Comb Over Mohawk 

This Mohawk is breathtaking. The hair volume and density are commendable and makes the hairstyle more conspicuous. With this Mohawk, you will draw a lot of attention from everyone who walks by you. The sides are neatly shaved and the length of the Mohawk goes down to the back of the head.

The hard part haircut also contributes a lot in accentuating the look. The length of the hair should be longer at the front but reduces towards the neck; the same as the thickness.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Funky Mohawk Hairstyle

This is yet another daring Mohawk style that is very bold and outstanding. If you do not care about all the looking eyes, then you can go for this Mohawk style. It is rough and unsophisticated yet stylish and trendy. It is a hairstyle that very few people can pull of and especially younger men.

The hair volume is not too much giving it a perfect light feel and look. The Mohawk goes down the back of the head. To complete this look, you only need your sideburns.

Mens Mohawk Hairstyles


Colorful Striped Style

This style is perfect if you want all eyes on you. It stands tall and perfectly uniform in length with even blocks of orange and purple throughout it. It works for bad boys, edgy guys, or simply a guy who likes to have fun with his look.

mens mohawk with colorful stripes


Small Sharp Spikes

This men’s mohawk hairstyle isn’t too long, but the spikes certainly look sharp. It’s a classic style that has very short hair surrounding it while the mohawk itself stands tall and slick, edgy-looking, but it can easily be refashioned into something more subtle if you ever need to attend a formal event.

guy with short mohawk hairstyle


Fluffy and Voluminous

Here’s another style that could be re-fashioned for formal events. It’s tall like a classic version of this style, but it doesn’t have the sharp spies or harsh edges you’d expect. Instead, the hair has lots of volume and is very fluffy.

wavy mohawk with shaved side


Neatly Spiked Style

These spikes are very prominent, but the hair is thicker than what you’ll see in a traditional mohawk haircut. It’s mostly styled forward to the front, where it sits against the hairline in a sharp triangle.

mens mohawk hairstyle with beard


Top of Head 

Most mohawks run from the hairline to the nape of the neck, but this one only extends from the hairline to the crown of the head.

It’s a twist on the classic style, but it stands straight in sharp spikes, as you’d expect of this haircut. There’s a hard part and a sharp skin fade that made it stand out from the classic style even more.

spiky mohawk haircut


Wide and Fuzzy

At first glance, you wouldn’t realize this is a mohawk, but after a second look, you’ll realize it’s a wider version of the style. It’s short and fuzzy, free of any products.

mens short mohawk hairstyle


Dark and Slick

The hair stands tall and slick in spikes which are jet black for a true bad boy, edgy appearance. The back of the hair isn’t spiked and hangs loosely over the back of the neck for a softer element to the look.

long and spiky mohawk hairstyle


Funky Green and Orange

If you want to turn everyone’s head, then choose this hairstyle. The green and orange draw the eye, and the straight but soft spikes also stand out very well. However, the most unique feature is the design shaved into the side of the head.

colorful mohawk hairstyle


Gentle Curls

This style works for someone who’s not quite a bad boy but wants to look tough. It’s the classic mohawk shape, but it’s not styled into tall spikes. It’s left soft and natural with its curls, and it looks very put together. The sides of the hair blend into the beard, too.

mens mohawk hairstyle with short curly hair


Thin and Subtle Mohawk

Here’s another style that’s great for bad boys as well as guys who want to look generally tough. It’s unstyled, soft, and fluffy, but it’s short and thin, too. The hair is long enough to run your fingers through, but it’s still very tight to the head. 

best mohawk hairstyles for men


Mens Mohawk hairstyles vary depending on the preference of each man. Even so, when done perfectly, it brings out the best of every man. It shows their sense of style and fashion as well as their elegance and sophistication.

Mohawks are best for casual and semi-casual occasions and depending on the style, they can be worn by men and boys of varying ages.

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