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20 Coolest Middle Part Hairstyles for Men to Try in 2024

There are numerous styles making a fierce comeback into the world of trendy haircuts. The middle part hairstyle for men is one of them.

There are lots of ways you can execute this style. Different people will suit different looks better. If you’re interested in staying on top of the trends and looking your best, then it would be wise to take a look at some different styles.


Trendiest Middle Part Hairstyles for Men 

Are you interested in staying up to date on the latest hair trend? Check out some of the looks below to see how you can utilize this center-split style.

Thin Fluffy Haircut

middle part thin hairstyle for men

You don’t have to do anything super fancy with your thin hair to wear this look. A simple middle part hairstyle is better for guys who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their hair.

It’s medium-length and very fluffy. It’s styled minimally at the front. The rest of the hair is very smooth.


Long Blonde Curls

guy with middle part long blonde curls

Longer hairdos are great to wear with a center parting. It really helps show it off. If you have naturally curly locks or a perm, then you should consider this look.

Some bangs frame the face. The sides of the hairdo are shorter than the back, so it’s graduated.


Long Straight Locks

guy with middle part brown hair

Here’s a variation of the style above. This time the locks are straight and fine. They reach the shoulders. There’s also no length variation.

It’s a very low-maintenance look. It’s great for men who like long locks but dislike complex hairstyles.


Layered Hair with Bangs

layered middle part hairstyle for men

Curtain bangs are back. These ones have a lot of volumes. They curl in towards the forehead.

The rest of the hairdo has a messy texture. The top layer of locks is the same length as the bangs. The rest is much shorter and neater.


Graduated Dreadlock Look

black guy with middle part dreadlock hairstyle

Dreadlocks are a classic style for black and mixed-race men. It’s a protective style for black hair, and there are lots of ways to style it so it’s very trendy.

Here is the middle part hairstyle for black men who like to keep it simple. Shorter strands frame the face. The sides are slightly longer. The locks get even longer as you move towards the back of the head.


Blonde Jaw Length Look

guy with long middle part blonde hair

Blonde is a very bold hair color choice for guys. It makes you stand out a lot. Here all the locks are chin-length with some slightly shorter hair by the face.

The shorter sections form curtain bangs that are swept back. This slightly windswept look creates a very mysterious and dark aura that comes across as sensual.


Centre Part Hairstyle for Asian Men

Asian guy with middle part long hair

Hairstyles like this one are very popular in K-pop bands, so they’ll suit Asian men very well. The front strands are ear-length. They’re swept back towards the sides of the head.

The sides are slightly longer. The hair is longest at the very back towards the nape of the neck. Having thick hair will make it easier to achieve this hairstyle.


Choppy Blonde Hair

middle part blonde hairstyle for men

Here’s another look that’s very popular in K-pop bands, but anyone can wear it. The blonde locks will make you stand out considerably.

There are very thick bangs that have choppy ends. The bangs are longer at the sides. They’re eyebrow-length in the middle of the forehead.


Casual Long Brown Hair

guy with middle part long hair

Easy hairstyles like this suit laid back guys. The locks fall halfway between the jawline and the shoulders.

There’s minimal styling and the texture is very natural. Long-haired guys with a middle part will like wearing looks like this as they’re very easy to style every day.


Split Hairstyle with Undercut

mens two tone middle part hairstyle

Two-tone looks are super trendy. Here there’s a color split down the middle. One side is light brown on the other side is red. The cut forms a circular shape around the head. The sides and back are shaved to create an undercut style.


Thick Curly Bob

middle part curly hairstyle for men

Guys with thick curls will benefit from wearing a hairstyle like this. The front is short so it doesn’t get in your face.

Some bangs frame the forehead. It gets gradually longer towards the back. It creates a very laid-back and fun hairstyle that you might like.


Businessmen Hairstyle

middle part businessman hairstyle

Are you a mature man who frequently attends business meetings and wears suits? Then a more understated look may suit you.

This is a good example of one. The middle part hair is short and has minimal styling. It has some bangs that frame the forehead. The rest of the tresses are nice and short.


Santa Inspired Hairstyle

middle part hairstyle for older men

Some older men with naturally white hair can totally rock the Santa look. A big bushy beard paired with long white or grey hair looks amazing and very warm.

The locks are styled to be out of the face. The hair gets gradually longer towards the sides. It blends in with the bushy beard very well.


Messy Hairstyle

short middle part hairstyle for men

Styling the top layers of hair to be messy is a nice hair trend we’ve been seeing a lot this year. The lower layers of hair on the sides are kept very short.

The messy look is a very casual style that makes you look easygoing. It’s effortlessly attractive.


Blonde Hair with Darker Roots

middle part hairstyle for Asian men

Blonde hair colors are really nice on guys with middle part hairstyles. It’s a trendy color that goes well with darker roots.

The locks are mid-length and very smooth. They’re all the same length and brushed towards the back of the head.


Mullet with Curtain Bangs

mens middle part sleek hairstyle

The classic mullet has a new modern twist. Curtain bangs are short and sit on the forehead. The back of the hair is long behind the ears and down the neck.


Middle Part with Fade

mens middle part hairstyle

Fades are a staple of modern haircuts. Here the hair is longer and thicker on top. There’s some volume that makes it look fun and well cared for. Then there’s a nice gradual fade on the sides. It fades almost to the skin.


Greaser Hairstyle

middle part greaser hairstyle for men
Instagram/@ barberroombogota

If you love the 1950s, then you’ll love this middle part look. All the hair is slicked back and greased.

Most of the hair is slicked down the sides of the head. Two sections at the front have more volume and are slicked in a slightly different direction.


Thick Hair with Skin Fade

middle part fade hairstyle for men

Here’s a more youthful version of the fade hairstyle. The locks are very thick and fluffy. They have less volume than the fade style we saw earlier. The fade is more understated and it fades to the skin.


Long Red Locks

mens middle part long hair

Guys who really want to stand out will benefit from having long red locks like this. It’s also a nice androgynous hairstyle for people who are interested in that. The bright red stands out with the roots which add depth.


There are tons of middle part hairstyles for guys that are totally on-trend. Short and thick styles inspired by K-pop are very common and stylish.

Long and effortless styles also dominate the hot looks this season. Experiment with your look and choose it based on your personal style and face shape. There are hairdos for all ages and backgrounds here.

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