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30 Grunge Hairstyles to Take a Glimpse of Classical Era Fashion

When it comes to styling your hair there are many kinds of options that can be experimented with. There are short hairstyles, there are braided hairstyles and then there are long hairstyles. However, there are few hairstyles that are not for all and definitely are genres out of the box.

Such hairstyles are not for casual styles but for few people who really want and love experimenting. This grunge hairstyle is a style that has quite a bit of history. It originated not as a style but from a cult and there lies the entire eccentricity and uniqueness of the Grunge Hairstyles.


The History and Origination of Grunge Hairstyles – The Peak into the Classical Era

History of Grunge Hair

The grunge hairstyle initially had its origin in the early 90’s era where this style was much celebrated. It is basically a style that is indeed a low-maintenance one and there is something very cool about the entre vibe that it creates.

With its classical aura, the style is a mixture of hipster, indie, and rocker chic. It can be styled into great updos be it low ponytails that are slightly messy and high pigtails.

To complete your look you can always add a beanie or a Vandana which is the printed cloth and achieve an actual and quintessential 90s look, a throwback into the bygone era of classic cool.


Grunge Hairstyles

Grunge Hairstyle

Also, there are few believed notions that the grunge hairstyle is a very greased or oily dirty hair but that is not at all the case. More on the daring fashion statement the grunge hairstyle has always portrayed a very bold look. The style is on purpose a very carefree style lacking the poise and dainty, fair lady charm.

The word grunge means more of a lifestyle in the early 90’s where the lifestyle of grunge was more like rock music and bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Going in hand with dirty guitar and singing songs that had a note of a reality that was gruesome is what the grunge attitude was all about.

The grunge adapted the punk culture along with the rock vibe with it and in totality it became the grunge style. The sweat of the style was raw, real and rock. Hence the grunge hairstyle accumulates the flavor of all these things and accentuates into a single style- the grunge hairstyle.

In today’s contemporary fashion experimentation has become a major part of being stylish and thus the comeback of this grunge in hairstyle has turned the trends on. Representing the current pop culture the grunge hairstyle has made its mark and quite authoritatively is it seen dominating the season. Hence the final comeback is a definite showdown.

Below enlisted are the top 20 great grunge hairstyles especially picked for you to explore and experiment with:

1. The Basic Grunge Hairstyle

In this particular look, the hairstyle plays the majority part in deciding the entire outlook of the appearance. This grunge hairstyle is dyed blonde with greying undertones or rather greyish lowlights that are extremely contrasting and this stark contrast brings out the element of surprise in this style.

The makeup along with the hair is equally quire and out of the box. There is the smoky eye that adds the punk element that is a subtle embodiment of the grunge style.

Grunge Hairstyles


2. The Messed Up Knot Hairstyle

This hairstyle is great not because it is very charismatic and has clean neat hair but because this hairstyle has a very raw feel to it this hairstyle looks attractive. This hairstyle consists of two knots on either side of the head and the hair color is grey mixed with cobalt blue.

The blue color gives a very subtle yet morbid effect to the entire look and it is this look that makes all the difference. The messed-up look brings the grunge hairstyle. The unkempt look adds a very serious tone to the appearance.

Grunge Hairstyles


3. The Bob Grunge Hairstyle

This hairstyle is also a very interesting hairstyle. The front section is cut out and partitioned in an encircling manner and the sides have a very messy texture. In between the blonde shades, there are sneak peeks of grey tones highlights that add the element of surprise to the entire grunge style.

Also, the look is very interestingly set with subtle Indian notes of ethnicity added to the punk style through the incorporation of the bindi with this classical style.

Grunge Hairstyles


4. The Braided Knot 

This hairstyle is all about sporting a very cute look yet maintaining the punk style. In this hairdo, the focus area is the crown region and the rest of the hair is left as it is. The front area is middle parted and sectioned to a narrow hair volume where the braiding is done on the scalp itself.

After the initial braiding is done on the scalp from the very end where the braid stops, taking the remaining hair a knot is made and secured with pins. This same thing is repeated on the other side and thus there are formations of two knots along with a braid on either side. This hairstyle can be clubbed with hair bids if wanted.

Grunge Hairstyles


5. Front Aligned Grunge Hairstyle

Well, this hairstyle is all about keeping it short sweet simple yet as the style genre states it has the grunge effect in it. That is it holds its messy vibe. This hairstyle is done on short hair where the front alignments are such that it covers the cheek area and overall gives a sleek look to the face.

This hairstyle is indeed a perfect one for summertime fashion. The color of the hair also matters. The rich gold and burgundy hair color really make the look even brighter.

Grunge Hairstyles


6. The Blood Red Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a sure show stealer. Women who love fashion because of its essence of exploring out of the box will agree that this is one hairstyle that will need some guts to be flaunted. The hairstyle is done on long hair length.

The hair is colored blood red and there are two knots that are tied on either side of the head. On the back end, a tall very quire braid is done that brings a subtle note of Gothic style in the hair. This hairstyle here is teamed up with some moon-chime hair accessory that brings out the grunge style more efficiently.

Grunge Hairstyles


7. The Unicorn Pom-Pom Style 

This hairstyle will just grab people’s attention like anything. The hair color here is the actual USP.

The unicorn color comprises shades of blue and purple and here in this particular style the hair color is done in a stark and distinctive way where one half is blue and the other half is purple and the two tie-up knots are done exactly segregating the color divisions to give a bold look.

Grunge Hairstyles


8. The Orange Ombre Hairstyle

This hairstyle has a very bright effect and the best part is it definitely is a complexion enhancer. The bright color makes the look very vibrant. The color palette of this hair encircles between shades of yellow, orange, burgundy and blonde all mixed such that the shade comes from dark to light colors.

The messy side part and the subtle wavy texture add a lot of oomph factor to the entire look. This look can be jolly well paired with denim pant and jacket and a sunglass will surely complete the ultra-cool look.

Grunge Hairstyles


9. The Tri Braided Side Hair

Well, this looks quite an intimidating style however the play is not that complicated. The look has a very strong sense of style. The entire style exuberates a fine note of sturdiness.

To get this hairstyle all you need to do is just side part your hair and on the opposite side of your fall make three individual braids one below the other and then tie it with bands.

In this hairstyle, the side part is the main highlight. You can also use some hair accessories to decorate this entire grunge hairstyle.

Grunge Hairstyles


10. The Safire Bond Grunge Hair

This style is very colorful and the best part it suits all face types. In this hairstyle florescent orange and florescent pink are the colors that are added to the hair and the crown area has a slight puff buffet-like hairstyle that adds the touch of grunge and the sides ends are curled.

This is quite a fun and pretty style that no wonder will uplift the spirit of any event. A gracious and charming style, this particular one is for women who love the dash of colors.

Grunge Hairstyles


11. The Pink Grunge Hair  

Have you ever given a thought that how would it look if your entire hair was a dash of fluorescent pink color? Yes, this particular grunge hairstyle is all about that color.

This hairstyle has a soothing vibe in spite of the color. There have been two-strand braids made that enhance the beauty of this entire look. For young women who love this color, this hairstyle is a must-try on.

Grunge Hairstyles


12. The Lock Braid Grunge Hairstyle with Grey Tone

This hairstyle has a greyish undertone. The element about the grunge hairstyle is that there is a slight tone of grim vibe. There is a persona that goes beyond the nomenclatures of being common. The style enhances the boldness of the look.

Also, the two side locks are made in a braid that adds a subtle cuteness quotient to the entire look. So overall this look is definitely a spottable and energetic grunge look that makes for a great style. Try out the look and you will find the gaze that is attracted to you.

The grunge style is all about being out there sporting a quire classical genre that is distinct and different from the common clutches of fashion.

Grunge Hairstyles


13. The Baby Pink Hairstyle

This hairstyle is indeed a great hairstyle. It is chic, classy and women with short hair can easily sport this. In this hairstyle, the front portion is in a very light pink color and also the blonde color and the pink frontline together have a very soft and girly charm added to this specific grunge style.

As the hairstyle is on softer tones the grunge style is beautifully brought through a tiny nose ring to add that punk element to the look.

Grunge Hairstyles


14. The Burgundy Red Grunge Hair

This hairstyle is a very versatile one and slightly different from the others where the others cannot be sported in any particular event as such, but this one is not like that.

The burgundy and the brown mix also with the feather layer cut together gives a great normal everyday look which is super stylish and also very much wearable.

Grunge Hairstyles


15. The Centre Top Bun 

Are you someone who is bold, a bag of funny bones then this can be your go-to style? This is cute, fun, bold and has a very carefree vibe that adds to the entire look.

So just sport the hairstyle and grab a coffee and walk in confidence. Yes, this look is all about that style, that cool confidence that can be rocked anywhere anytime and in all glee.

Grunge Hairstyles


16. Criss Cross Fringed Grunge Hairstyle

This hairstyle explicitly depicts the grunge style. The grim and sturdy look comes from the eye make-up that is beautifully balanced by the hairstyle. The hairstyle has a stern fringe line at the front covering the entire space in the forehead.

This also will make a great hairstyle for women who have a very broad forehead and want to make it look small. The side of this hairstyle has inverted alignment such that the front lock is longer and it gets shorter as the locks go towards the back.

Thus this hairstyle overall is a great trendy hairdo that can make for a really stylish hairdo. This hairstyle has its own charm, a bold and solid look. The criss-cross goes from the crown area hairline.

Grunge Hairstyles


17. The Punk Green Grunge Hair

This is definitely an out of the box look and the grunge style comes out beautifully through the green color of the hair.

Also, the cut is made in a style that the front side portion of the hair has bob curls. The complimentary uniqueness of this hairstyle is the colored eyebrow that matches the hair. It is undoubtedly one of the best of the grunge style.

Grunge Hairstyles


18. The Concave Hairline 

This style is distinct. The hairline cut is the uniqueness of this hairstyle. The crown has a dome shape that is balanced by the side-aligned locks which are angular in look.

This hairstyle gives a very futuristic vibe to the entire look. Thus this is one grunge hairstyle the fashion trend of which is never going to go out of the league.

Grunge Hairstyles


19. The Heightened Knot 

This hairstyle is cute. It adds height as the knots are tied in an elongated manner from both the top corners of the crown area. Also, the front fringe displays a fine ray of colored string that makes for the fun element.

This hairstyle can often be spotted on the ramp and because of its fashion sense, it will always be the most sported ramp style ever. There is a definite note of color and balance in the hairstyle. The makeup in comparison is kept dull almost to a placid neutral level.

Grunge Hairstyles


20. The Lose Blend Bun 

This hairstyle is more of an everyday style that can be sported in colleges and also parties. This is one such hairstyle that can be flaunted by women who have hair that is either long or medium. The hair is combed and tied on the two ends of the crown area and the buns are done.

The style is a non-messy clear and cute one that imparts a more or less neat look. The element of grunge comes out with the buns on the two extreme ends that use the two side halves. One can team up a monochrome blouse like a red or a blacktop.

Grunge Hairstyles


21. Ocean Blue Balayage

Pastel colors are bold and not for the meek-hearted. An asymmetrical lob is beautifully transformed into grunge by an ocean blue balayage.

Gradually descend from deep aquamarine blue to sky blue. Let the sky blue fade into shiny white. Apply a thick layer of eyeliner to be consistent with the vibrant hair color, and you will be angelic.

 grunge hairstyle with green ombre hair


22. Play With Blue Pixie

Bored of the regular short boyish pixie. How about going grunge? The feathered layers on the top are shaded in light blue. Platinum blue highlights are added in the front for contrast.

Don’t limit your game to your hair. Go for a blue eyeliner and eye shadow and complete the look.

short blue grunge hairstyle with undercut


23. Cotton Candy Wavy Hair

Long wavy brunets are every woman’s dream but are it too plain for you. Cotton candy pink can do the trick.

A schmutz shade of pink is sure to make a statement. The outgrowing brunets add to the vibrancy of this hue. A great choice if you are more inclined towards the girly vibe and not the bold element.

 grunge hairstyle for long layered pink hair


24. The Elf Buns

The imaginary character of an Elf is known for its triangular face shapes and quirky hairstyles. But, well, they forgot to patent it.

Make two high ponytails with your hair on both sides, and then instead of wrapping your hair around it, start curling your hair inwards. Tie them around with your hair, or you can use extensions. Let the bun ties be of a lighter hue than your natural hair to add texture.

 grunge hairstyle with space buns


25. Grunge Salt And Pepper

Curls are feminine and full of texture. The salt and pepper style amplifies those textures. But it is too common for a grunge lover like you. So why be limited to those two shades.

Add subtle violet highlights to enhance those greys. To create disparity, let turquoise layers frame your face. A perfect summer outdoor look. Apply little or no make-up as the hair as your hair adds color to your face.

curly grunge hairstyle


26. Variegated Pink Curls

90’s inspired curly high ponytail style is chic enough to turn heads.  But grunge hairstyles are not complete until they are over the top.

Dye your hair pink. Start from a deep pink shade gradually fading in pearly hues. Black round sunglasses with deep lipstick and tattoos, Funk is the only word that comes to mind.

woman with curly pink grunge hairstyle


27. Thick Ocean Green Bob

A thick, dense bob was always wild. But you can go vile by combining a deep pastel color to this style.

The ocean green color successfully blends gothic elements in your hairstyle. Let the green fade in silver for a messed-up feel. Wear green lenses and a light lip color, and you can cosplay an anime character well.

 grunge hairstyle with teal green hair


28. Bleed Blue Pixie

A mushroom pixie with side-swept bangs is a dramatic hairstyle. But you cannot have grunge without a stretch.

Silver blue hair is not an everyday sight. Wear it with confidence as all eyes are going to be on you. Show your love for being different with silver and blue lipstick and eyeshadow.

 grunge hairstyle with light blue short hair


29. Neon Choppy Bob

Neon shades are reserved for the lion-hearted. The choppy face-framing waves with side bangs show off your sharp features.

What better way can there be to create contrast as well as brighten your dark eyes. Apply thick winged eyeliner for a strong effect.

layered grunge hairstyle


30. Space Buns

Space buns have recently made a comeback in grunge hairstyles. They are easy to style and a perfect way to manage long hair.

Pair them with uneven, fuller bangs and wispy locks. Let the buns be messy with hair let loose. Go for a smudged eye make-up to fit the grime concept.

grunge hairstyle with bangs



Are grunge and punk the same thing?

No. Punk came before grunge. Punk was a political and often anger-fueled type of literary music that became an international phenomenon in the mid-1970s. Its spirit is one of rebellion and alienation.

Grunge came to the world’s attention in the late 1980s, beginning in Seattle. It was influenced by punk but mostly was somewhere between heavy metal and post-punk.


Can grunge make a comeback?

It’s hard to predict the future. So it’s entirely possible. On the other hand, grunge was born in a unique moment (the late 1980s) and location (the Pacific Northwest), so a comeback could be tricky. What is certain is grunge had and continues to have a tremendous impact on worldwide culture.


What is the difference between grunge and emo?

Grunge stands between heavy metal and punk. While Emo, which gets its name from emocore or hard-core emotional, is a subgenre of punk. Emo gained popularity in the 1980s. It moved away from the performative and social and political aspects of punk. The emphasis in emo is on personal matters, usually confessional and painful.


It is somewhere true that a hairstyle has the ability to change the entire look of an individual. However, there are certain hairstyles that not only change the look of an individual but also they do bring out some innate preference or personality of the women sporting this style.

Hence these styles will definitely make you look different and will surely bring out the best persona in you. So explore the unexplored with the new Grunge hairstyle.