25 Amazing Burgundy Hair Colors for Your Hair

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Getting your hair colored is a big deal to many people. But the best thing is that the experience is totally gonna be worth it and even if you don’t like it you can always switch it up later. After all, it’s only hair, and it only keeps growing, so you don’t need to fret too much about it. While most people go for blonde colors or even other colors, burgundy colors are an unconventional path for many. These are bold and wild colors, and not everyone is ready to experiment on their hair. But for those who are, we have listed below the best burgundy hair colors and hairstyles that you can choose from.

1. Long Wavy Hair In Burgundy

Well, this is a classic redhead hairstyle that everyone is crazy about. A look that looks so good on anyone who dares to try it out. The hair has been maintained at a long length and has been styled in gently falling curls and waves. The hair has also been cut in many layers across its entire length. The highlights are done on the hair also look extremely beautiful since they have been gorgeously painted all across and slightly faded as they come downwards.

Burgundy Hair Color

2. Light Burgundy Wavy Hair In A Shag Cut

Another one of the immensely popular shag haircut styles. The hair has been maintained at medium length and has been cropped in a cute shag cut as the waves, and layers of hair fall beautifully in asymmetrical patterns. Instead of the usual dark hair color, here, the stylist has chosen to give a lighter and faded version of the burgundy color. A great hairstyle for those who have medium thickness hair. You can effortlessly flaunt this look no matter where you go.

Burgundy Hair Color

3. Dark Burgundy Waves

Want to become a true redhead? Well, then this is one of that forever classy, and timeless redhead looks in a dark and intriguing shade of burgundy. The hair color primarily stands out so well because it has been styled in perfect waves. They lie in the perfect dimension across the entire length of the hair. It is a best-suited hairstyle for those who have long or at least medium length hair. This is a stunning shade that you really need to try out.

Burgundy Hair Color

4. Purple and Brown Combo Hair

Who wouldn’t want to get such beautiful locks of straight and dark black hair? Well, such a hairstyle is almost every girl’s dream. And those of us who are naturally born with hair like this are truly blessed since many people have to go for styling and other treatment options to get flawless hair like this. As seen in this hairstyle, the hair has been highlighted in streaks of brown, and a shade of purple, as well as a tinge of red burgundy, can be seen all across the length of the hair.

Burgundy Hair Color

5. Long Straight Red Hair

This is another one of those classic redhead hairstyles, and it gives off major ‘queen’ vibes. A hairstyle that will have you seeing your confidence in yourself shoot up and help you to be comfortable in your own skin. The hair is kept quite long in this style, and it has been cut in different layers on different portions of the hair. The layering is only subtle, and a deep layering has not been done, thus helping to retain the beauty of the hair in its natural state.

Burgundy Hair Color

6. Dark Burgundy on Long Hair

The kind of hair that looks straight out of a hair product ad, a hairstyle that is all about perfection. The hair has been maintained at a very long length and has been styled in a sleek and straight fashion. The hair all over has been painted in a beautiful dark shade of burgundy, which simply looks enthralling. A must-have hairstyle for all straight hair lovers out there. While this look is quite popular with the blonde hair color painted, a burgundy color highlighted hair will surely set you apart from the rest.

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Burgundy Hair Color

7. Deep Red Burgundy

If you are a brunette and love experimenting on your hair with bold colors, then you should definitely try out this hairstyle. The hair is a beautiful mixture of ruby red and brown highlights. This is for sure one of the boldest and brightest burgundy colors available out there and is sure to take you places. It will clearly give you the confidence you need and help you to be the star, irrespective of what you are doing and where you are going. So stop waiting and get this color already.

Burgundy Hair Color

8. Short Burgundy Balayage Hair

Wavy hair is one of the best looks out there. And when you combine it with a balayage style in any color, it will look amazing. And if the color you’ve chosen is a burgundy balayage, then you’re totally going to look stunning. The hair itself is a visually pleasing sight, and the waves have been styled quite beautifully. In this style, hair is kept short, and the upper portion of the hair has been maintained in its natural black roots, which go really well with the chosen color palette of black and red.

Burgundy Hair Color

9. Short Bob In A Plum Red Burgundy Color

Well, the best thing about the burgundy color is that is will always look fantastic regardless of the length of your hair or the texture or thickness. It simply has a hint of timeless beauty to this hairstyle. And this is one such style that while it may look great on almost everybody, it is a fabulous choice of hair color and style for older women above 40. It simply makes them look classy, elegant, and graceful all at the same time even though they may have aged.

Burgundy Hair Color

10. Rich Purple Hair In Choppy Waves

Choppy waves are a great way of adding some serious volume and texture to your hair and make it look fabulous. Most people also actually prefer wavy hair to be sleek and straight hair since some believe that straight hair is boring, but wavy or curly hair definitely has some drama and action to it. Well, that sounds quite true enough, so this hairstyle is for all those curly or wavy hair lovers. Not all of us have such straight hair, but if we’re naturally born with wavy or curly hair, let’s try to embrace it in its natural form itself.

Burgundy Hair Color

11. Long Hair With Ruby Red Balayage

The ruby red is one of the most loved colors out there. And while people may argue that red is the color of love, it isn’t exactly true. Red is the color of everything beautiful in this world, and perhaps this may be the concept behind how redhead looks became so popular over the years. In this style here, the hair has been maintained at quite a long length and looks very voluminous too. The ruby-red highlights that have been painted in both dark and light-shaded all across the hair simply look amazing.

Burgundy Hair Color

12. Straight Hair with Dark Purple Highlights

You just can’t seem to take your eyes off this look. And well the thing is that we can’t too. It’s quite simple a hairstyle, but it has a touch of elegance to it and one style that looks effortlessly beautiful as if all of that styling hasn’t taken place, and the hair is simply that way naturally. The hair here is maintained at a medium length itself, and the hair strands have been straightened and styled beautifully.

Burgundy Hair Color

13. Short Voluminous Bob

Bobs are always a classy style. While yes they do not look as elegant as long locks of hair, a classic short bob definitely brings out the fun side in you while also making you look beautifully feminine. The hair here has been middle-parted and styles as a very voluminous bob with perfectly falling short tresses. The entire hair has been colored in a single color itself, and maybe that’s what makes this style look so amazingly good. It is a hairstyle that has been inspired by the most popular hairstyles that were trending in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

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Burgundy Hair Color

14. Black Hair With Dark Purple Highlights

The burgundy shade of hair coloring done one this style is as subtle as it can get, and the minimal look has a soft and gentle glow to it, which keeps you shining throughout. The hair has been maintained at a medium length in straight dark locks of hair, and very subtle dark purple highlights that are only just visible have been painted all across the hair. The highlights also make the hair look quite natural. Best suited hairstyle for all hair types.

Burgundy Hair Color

15. Sizzling Ruby Red Hair

A truly gorgeous look for all those beauties out there with thick long hair. Thick hair isn’t easy to maintain, and some people chose to get their lengths to reduce and add in many layers to reduce the volume, but for those who maintain in its natural thickness, then this style is the best for you. The hair simply looks gorgeous and is a bold color that you can try out if you’re willing to experiment with your hair. The hair has been subtly middle-parted, and the rest of the hair has been let down falling in a big wavy style.

Burgundy Hair Color

16. Subtle Burgundy

This is a fabulous hairstyle that can be tried out by the lovely ladies out there who want to keep it minimal with the hair coloring. The color is a very light shade of purple and has been painted very lightly and gently all across the hair. And in addition to this, you can also spot some copper highlights on the hair, which simply add a beautiful glow to the look and make the rest of the hair look even more shining.

Burgundy Hair Color

17. Rich Magenta

A stunning hair color combo that simply looks beautiful. The sheer beauty of this look is enough to make you fall in love with your hair again. The hair has been maintained at a very long length and has been styled in loosely falling waves and layers throughout its entire length. The hair color is a mix of rich magenta color and a deep plum red color, but it has blended very naturally and beautifully that it has a natural glow to the entire hairstyle.

Burgundy Hair Color

18. Black Hair with Subtle Burgundy

Another styling option for brunettes out there with gorgeous long hair like this. Simply looks ravishing. The hair color isn’t too bold or bright and has a glow of purple tint to it. There are also very few copper baby-lights done on the hair, but then the overall look is very natural, thus giving of relaxed and effortless vibes. Minimal styles like these are really great too. The wavy texture of the hair and the way it has been styled at the tips only help to make it look more interesting. It’s quite similar to a choppy feather cut, which adds more dimension to your hair.

Burgundy Hair Color

19. Deep Violet Highlights

Got dark black hair and looking for a way to enhance its beauty? Well, look no further than this hairstyle that is sure to look best on brunettes. The hair has been maintained in its natural black roots itself on the top, and as we come down, we can see a violet balayage effect has been given to the highlights. The hair is maintained at a short length and has been cut in the style of a choppy lob hairstyle. The violet highlights also have a tinge of red to it, which helps to make the look softly glowing.

Burgundy Hair Color

20. Rich Wine Highlights

A look that looks straight out of the red carpet. Quite an interesting look that you can try out for yourself, and the best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot of bucks or anything. Just ask your stylist to color your hair in a rich wine red color with highlights, or you can also opt to get a balayage done on your hair since these colors are sure to look great anyway. And with that done, you’ll have your self a fantastic look that you can straighten or curl or style however you want.

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Burgundy Hair Color

21. Short Angled Bob

It is a classic redhead look that is combined with another classic hairstyle, the short bob hairstyle. The length of the bob is very short as it has been cropped above the nape itself, and it has been cut in a deep angle, thus helping to add some serious volume and dimension to the overall look. On the front, you can also see that the hair has been cut in a deep side-swept bangs hairstyle, with the length of the bangs increasing as it goes down. The entire hair has been colored in a beautiful shade of ruby red, and it looks quite stunning.

Burgundy Hair Color

22. Choppy Layered

A true redhead look. The redness of the style simply oozes out so much class and sophistication that it is sure to make you look like a million dollars no matter where you go. The hair has been neatly parted to the middle on both sides, and the rest of the hair has been let down, falling in gorgeous waves. The hair has been cut in many layers throughout its entire length, and this actually makes it look incredibly surreal. A look that you need to get right now if you’re a fan of true and raw redhead looks.

Burgundy Hair Color

23. Magenta Balayage with Copper

A stunning hairstyle that you just can’t seem to take your eyes off from. A best-suited style for those who have long locks of thick and wavy hair. The hair on the top has been maintained in its natural roots itself, and as we come down, you can notice that the hair has been painted in beautiful magenta balayage highlights. They are a beautiful shade of red and purple that has been blended together so well and looks terrific. In addition to this, you can also notice a few dark green and copper baby lights on some parts of the hair. They simply enhance the overall look of this style.

Burgundy Hair Color

24. Rich Red Curly Afro Style

And finally, here’s the look for everyone searching for a good burgundy color or redhead hairstyle for styling your beautiful locks of curly hair. The hair has simply been maintained at a medium length and in its natural form itself, and you can see that rich red highlights have been painted all across the hair. It is actually a darker shade of red but not exactly maroon or magenta. The dark shade thus really goes well with the dark black roots of the hair.

Burgundy Hair Color

25. Wine Red Pixie Cut

And for our final look, we have a ‘pixie perfect’ hairstyle. Yes, it’s a short pixie cut in a beautiful shade of wine red. Although the overall length of the hair is quite short, the hair on the top and front have been cut in long layers and maintained as side-swept bangs. Pixie cuts always have this trendy vibe about them and make you look times cooler, and when you add to your pixie cut a bold and usually uncommon hair color such as this one, you’re sure to be the star of the day. And since you’re gonna be wearing this hairstyle itself until you decide to change it, you can be a star all day, every day.

Burgundy Hair Color

That’s the end of the list, and while there are definitely more colors for you to explore and choose from, these are few selected best ones that we are sure are gonna look great on everybody regardless of your hair color or type.

Burgundy Hair Colors

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