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35 Amazing Asian Medium Hairstyles To Check Out

Asian hairstyles, along with Asian culture as a whole, are making strides in the beauty industry today. Their culture is quite different from that of the Western nations and it is quite evident through their lifestyle itself.

Taking the example of hairstyles itself, it is widely known the fact that Asian women are adored for their flawless hair with silk-like texture. Most Asians also tend to have hair that is straight and smooth rather than coarse or textured hair.

The thickness and thinness, of course, depend on the genes of each person but other than that, Asians have gorgeous hair. Regarding this, we have listed about 35 different Asian hairstyles that everyone should check out.


1. Edgy Bob With Bangs And Highlights

This shaggy hairstyle is perfect when you want to create a messy look for yourself without looking too shabby. Pair your shaggy haircut with a medium length bob like this one and it will stand out as very sassy.

The shaggy hairstyle is easier to recreate if you have naturally thin and wavy hair. The hair has been painted in a beautiful shade of blonde at the bottom portion. Thanks to the messy layers that have been added throughout, it helps to project enough volume in this hairstyle.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


2. Copper Brown Natural Hair

The beauty of a natural hairstyle is very raw and undefined. It has a certain beauty to it that you cannot achieve no matter how hard you try with your styling.

This is also the reason why such natural hairstyles stand out, especially if you have silk-like hair and texture. It is also one of the most popular as well as a classic style among the various Asian hairstyles.

To put it simply, it is natural and raw beauty at its absolute best. The hair has also been dyed all over in a lovely and warm shade of copper brown.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


3. Classic Short Bob With Bangs

If you are someone who is an ardent fan of Asian dramas, then you would have definitely noticed this very popular Asian hairstyle.

The hair has been maintained as a very short bob and on either side of the long bangs, the hair falls in a curtain-like shape, covering a huge part of the face.

This hairstyle is especially good if you have a round face, to take away all the chubbiness and make it look much more structured. The long and heavy bangs on the front also cover the entire forehead and change up the overall basic hairstyle.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


4. Choppy Hairstyle With Wispy Bangs

The hairstylist has surely gone into a major chop mode with this style as you can see clearly the various choppy and wispy layers of hair that are spread all across this hairstyle.

With fine or thin hair, this hairstyle is surely a blessing because the choppiness helps to add in a certain amount of fullness and volume to the hairstyle that may not have been otherwise visible.

The bangs have been done in the style of long curtain parted bangs. Long layers of hair on the forehead will definitely help to draw attention towards your jawline.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


5. Short Wavy Hair

This must be the perfect beach look present in the minds of almost every lady out there. With those soft and curly wave-like hair making such a huge impact, it would be impossible to say that this isn’t actually one of our dream looks.

The black waves of hair fall beautifully across the shoulder and except for the killer way in which the hair has been chopped in, not much has been done in terms of styling also. The bangs on the front have been casually swept to both sides instead of just leaving them like that on the forehead.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


6. Short Chopped Bob

Just the Asian look that we have seen numerous times in commercials and reality shows and movies and whatnot. The hair has been maintained quite short at the length of the shoulder itself. What makes this a unique hairstyle is definitely the sideways bangs that have been done on this style.

It has been cropped on the forehead itself in an angled and sideways manner, which isn’t a common thing you find in other bangs hairstyles. This hairstyle would look great on anyone who has really thin hair.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


7. Soft Curly Waves

The naturally falling curly hair is purely giving out major goddess/princess vibes with this amazing hairstyle. Another hairstyle that shows natural beauty at its best and which also proves that sometimes simple looks the best.

In terms of styling, very little has been done on the hair, as is quite obvious from it. It has been very casually parted onto the sides in a messy but beautiful manner.

On one side of the hair, it has also been decorated with beautiful floral accessories. But apart from that, this is a very low maintenance style with no styling at all required.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


8. Middle Parted Casual Style

This is one of those looks that are perfect to be worn as your everyday casual hairstyle. It is, in fact, well adaptable with almost all types of outfits and hence has become the fave of classic Asian hairstyles.

The hair has simply been left hanging on both sides of the face with a subtle middle part. The overall hairstyle is kind of messy, but that doesn’t really matter because it helps to give out a very relaxed and effortless vibe.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


9. Curly Beach Waves

Summer is the time that we all anxiously look forward to. The best time in almost all of our lives, summer is all about happiness, making memories, holidays and of course, having those perfect waves of hair which you want to flaunt with your beach outfit.

Well, worry not because we have got your hair problem solved with this beach hairstyle. The waves look amazing and it must be a relief to know that these aren’t exactly natural, but you can recreate this look given that you have the right equipment for curling and styling.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


10. Curly Hair With Thick Bangs

This is the year that we have all promised ourselves to love ourselves no matter what, and this also includes accepting yourself just the way you are.

This has been a huge factor in the growth and trend of many curly hairstyles, which otherwise would not have seen the light of the day due to the overrated demand for merely straight and sleek hairstyles.

A perfect look that you can create with your long and curly hair, it is ideal to be worn to almost any kind of occasion and that too with any kind of outfit.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


11. Middle Parted Classic Asian Hairstyle

A very gorgeous look that is seriously one of the best and most basic hairstyles ever to have been introduced. If you are searching for the details, then we have to say that they are quite minimal.

The hair has simply been straightened very beautifully and perfectly and then left hanging on both sides with a very subtle middle part.

You can also notice the warm honey brown highlights that have been painted over the bottom section of the hair. It simply looks very irresistible. This hairstyle will surely help you to seize the day no matter where you are.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


12. Black Asian Hairstyle With Deep Side Bangs

Well, deep side bangs are totally a game-changer. They can elevate your basic look into something much more amazing and looking totally dapper.

That is what has been done here with this simple and basic black hairstyle. The hair has simply been blow-dried well enough to create a straight and sleek look.

And to add a little bit of drama to this look, it has been paired with a long and deep side bang on the front. It helps to focus the attention away from your large face and instead more on your jawline and cheeks.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


13. Middle Parted Bangs And Curly Hair

A curly hairstyle is ideal when you are bored with the mainstream straight hairstyles and want to try out something more unique.

In this style here, the hair has been maintained at a medium length and this is the reason it is perfectly adaptable for both thick hair as well as thin hair for that matter. The bangs on the front are long enough and you can also notice a casual middle part.

The hair is straight and textured at the top but as it comes down towards the bottom, it has been curled to create the swirling effect.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


14. Wavy Hair With Highlights

A casual look that can be worn as your everyday basic hairstyle. It is as easy as it can get, and you can quickly do this hairstyle just by using a proper blow dryer.

Simply blow dry your hair for a few minutes till the hair becomes smooth. Don’t wait until your hair strands become really straight because that would take away the natural beauty of this look.

Once the drying is done, you can either apply some setting spray to your hair or even go for a product that will keep your style intact for longer durations.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


15. Short Hair With Round Bangs

Struggling with thin hair and can’t seem to find a proper hairstyle for your hair? Well, your search should end here because this is one of those hairstyles that are specifically made for thin hair.

No matter how fine your strands might be, simply crop all of your hair into a short and shoulder-length bob. Make sure to pair your hairstyle with long and round bangs so that it creates a sense of fullness and makes it appear more of volume. The hair can be styled as straight or with curly waves depending on your choice of hairstyle.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


16. Angled Bob Cut

This angled bob cut hairstyle with long fringes on the front is surely great at focusing all of the attention on the cheekbones while also subtly eliminating the roundness of the face—a perfectly suited hairstyle for those who have chubby and fat faces.

The angled bob makes sure that the hair is longer on the back while it’s a little shorter on the front, in the area around the jawline.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


17. Soft Pink Hairstyle

What a lovely shade of colours one can spot on the model’s hair. A mixture of a soft pink and violet colour palette, this hairstyle looks absolutely stunning, especially as it contrasts with the silver-blonde colour.

The sharp contrast makes the soft pink colour really glowing from the inside. The hair has been maintained at a long length and styled as beachy waves.

You can also notice that on the forehead, this hairstyle features long and short fringes that have been parted to the side.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


18. Mid-Length Wavy Hair

A simple yet gorgeous hairstyle that will bring out the diva in you. The speciality of this hairstyle is that, unlike most wavy hairstyles which feature layers and layers of hair, here the hair has been maintained at a single length only thus making it more attractive to the eye.

The wavy effect can be easily created with a straightener where you can straight the rest of the hair and simply curl the tips of hair. Caramel highlights have also been painted all over in a gradient style.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


19. Long Fringes And Bob Style

A very cute and adorable bob haircut that will make you look lovely. The hair is maintained at a single length on all sides, and the only bit of layering or difference that comes to this would be the addition of curvy side-parted fringes on the forehead.

They are casually swept to the side revealing a portion of the forehead thus making it a variety hairstyles. But thanks to its ever-growing popularity, it has also become one of the most common Asian hairstyles.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


20. Short Bob Hairstyle

A busy life may not always lead you to pursue an extravagant hairstyle. All you want may be a simple and basic haircut which you can style according to your convenience.

Hence this hairstyle is great if you are just looking to keep your hair in a low maintenance manner. Add a hint of drama to this look by curling up the ends occasionally or even by getting highlights.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


21. Medium Length Shaggy Hair

This look presents shaggy hair at its best and most beautiful form. It simply looks very elegant, even while being a messy hairstyle. This is also what is unique about this style. It doesn’t look made up at all and is looking natural and effortless.

Simply comb back your hair to the back and sides in a messy manner to get this style. Make sure to use setting spray so that it stays in the same condition for a long time.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


22. Side Braided Short Bob

The cute and classy hairstyle that combines both informal as well as formal elements. This makes this hairstyle an ideal one that you can wear to your workplace.

The subtly twisted braids style on the sides ensures that there is a hint of playfulness to this otherwise formal look. So you can go from desk to dinner in a day itself in the most stylish way without even having to switch up your hairstyle.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


23. Short Bob With Fringes

The length of the hair is maintained at a length that falls a little below the shoulder. When you are taking an overall look at it, this hairstyle doesn’t look too formal but it doesn’t look too messy either.

You can simply wear your hair like this for casual outings or just when you need to go for a walk or something. The messy texture of the hair helps to make it look natural and the side-swept fringes on the front add a touch of elegance to this look.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


24. Bangs With Long Hair

For all the beauties who sport really long hair, then give this simple hairstyle a try. We are sure you won’t regret it. And even if you don’t end up liking this style, then we can be assured that you still had to yourself a cool and chic hairstyle.

For those who have straight hair, make sure you wear this style by twisting your hair into small curls at the ends. The bangs can be short or long depending on your face structure.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


25. Simple Layered Hairstyle

A layered haircut can really change the shape of your face. In this style here, much layering is not done, and only a few choppy layers have been cut all over.

A stunning yet simple hairstyle that can make you look instantly gorgeous. This is good for all those simple-minded people who like to keep their hairstyles also very neat and minimal.

Asian Medium Hairstyles


26. Neck-Line Hair Length With Even Bangs

The next hot topic and buzz of the town is this thick Asian haircut with bangs. They’re a terrific option for individuals with straight hair because they’re simple to maintain. This Asian hairstyle suits women with oval-shaped faces.

Asian medium bob with bangs


27. Asian Bob Haircut with Texture

Asian medium hairstyles are always fashionable. Consider adding shaggy layering for extra texture to your bob and give it a fresh start. You can style them as you like, like side-partitioning them. 

Asian girl with medium hairstyle


28. Thick, Even, and Mid-Hair Length

If you have thick, bouncy hair and prefer mid-hair length, this hairstyle is perfect for you. You can even have subtle highlights to complement this style. You can give your hair ends mild curls.

medium Asian brown hairstyle


29. Messy Layered Bob

Even if the sky’s the limit for your gorgeous face characteristics, the appropriate cut may constantly improve your beauty. Give your face a shoulder-length messy bob, like this style. Ask your hairstylist to trim it in layers for extra volume.

medium Asian ombre bob


30. Wavy & Curly Side Part

This wavy and curly side part is perfect for an excellent twist on the hairstyle. The parting gives the illusion of additional volume in the hair, and the waves complement the overall design.

curly medium hairstyle for Asian women


31. Highlighted Wavy Long Hair

This style appears to be attractive, classy, and fashionable and suits women who love highlights. The waves at the end make this style appealing but ensure that you do not overheat your hair. 

Asian medium hair with blonde highlights


32. Long, Wavy, and Simple

If you don’t wish to chop off your long hair, then this hairstyle is for you. You can trim your ends and shorten your hair such that it covers your face. Partition it from the side or middle to see the steps of the haircut.

Asian straight medium hairstyle


33. Neckline Hair Length With Bangs

If you have short hair or prefer short hair, this Asian medium hairstyle is for you. You can tie back a portion of your hair, leaving the rest and get uneven hair bangs. 

older Asian woman with medium hairstyle


34. Half Bun With Wavy Hair 

Gather the hair on top in a half bun, also known as a top knot, for a more casual, at-home style. For a smooth appearance, leave the rest of the hair straight or curl it to give a wavy appearance.

Asian medium hair with topknot


35. Blunt Bob Ombre 

The popularity of bobs among Asian women is that they give off a vibrant, edgy mood and make any lady appear younger. The haircut combined with a great choice of highlights is worth trying. 

Asian girl with medium brown bob



Is Asian hair thicker?

Asian hair is typically characterized as thicker and stronger when compared to other types of hair due to the thicker hair cuticles and follicle diameter.

Compared to Caucasian hair, your East Asian hair has a diameter twice the size. Most hair types, such as Caucasian hair, has about five layers of cuticles, while East Asian hair has closer to ten layers of cuticles, providing extra thickness.


Can Asian hair be permed?

Even though Asian hair is often thicker than Caucasian hair, it can still be permed as desired. Since the hair is thicker, the chemicals may need to sit on the strands for longer to penetrate through every layer of the hair cuticle.

You may prefer a digital perm to a traditional perm because the digital perm makes a more prominent wave on dry hair, while a traditional perm creates stronger waves on wet hair. Digital perms take longer and cost more, but the curls are large and often look more natural on Asian hair types.


Does Asian hair grow faster?

Compared to other hair types, such as Caucasian and African hair, Asian hair has the highest growth rate. Most Asian hair grows at a rate of about 1.4 centimeters each month, or about 6 inches per year.  In comparison, Caucasian hair grows about four inches per year.


Does Asian hair need conditioner?

Maintain healthy hair and keep the hair cuticles tight on your Asian hair with conditioner, which prevents frizz when your hair is dry.

The best way to apply conditioner is from halfway down the hair shaft to the ends, leaving the area around the roots untouched, which will prevent extra oil buildup on the scalp.


Why is Asian hair different?

Asian hair has wider cuticle cells and more layers of hair cuticles, making the hair thicker. It’s also known to be straighter and darker than many other hair types.

There are also notable differences in how the cuticle cells fail – Asian hair breaks as large pieces in their original shape, while Caucasian hair cuticles fail and form fragments since they are more fragile than Asian hair cuticles.


We hope you love this list and make sure you try out the one that is best suitable for you. If you love these hairstyles and also want hair like them lovely Asian ladies, do check out the many tips and tricks to get perfect hair.

Asians are leading in the beauty industry so you are sure to find many easy remedies at a very less cost also.

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