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40 Tapered Short Hairstyles to Look Bold and Elegant

Before, only men sported tapered haircuts. Nowadays, it has become one of the most stylish short hairstyles for women. 

Shocker, right? But more and more women are starting to embrace the androgynous hairstyle as it gives them a trendy, edgy, and sexy look. More than that, it’s a lot easier to style than longer hairstyles which is a big plus if you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair. 

If you’re currently on the lookout for the best tapered short hairstyle for you, check out the different tapered short hairstyles that we’ve compiled below!


Tapered Haircut Vs. Fades

Before we explore the different tapered short hairstyles you can try, we need to first talk about the difference between tapered haircuts and fades. This topic is pretty important since most people often get confused with these two hairstyles. Although these two styles look the same, they have distinct differences. 

Let’s start with the tapered haircut, which is longer at the top and shorter at the back and sides. As compared to fades, tapered haircuts have more hair at the sides. The hair in the middle can be styled in various ways– kinky, straight, or curly. 

On the other hand, fades have little to no hair at the sides and back of your head. It’s generally thicker at the top, then it thins out at the side to the back, creating a faded effect (hence its name). 


The Most Stylish Tapered Short Hairstyles You Can Try

Now that we’ve finally settled that issue, let’s head to our tapered short hairstyles compilation so you can finally find the best one for your personality. 

Messy Tapered Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Women who want to get a messy and bold look can rely on the hairstyle named Messy Tapered Short Hairstyle. In this style, the hair stands are chopped in short and asymmetric manner.

This style is easy to maintain and perfect to give you classy and messy look at the same time. The sharp edges of the hair strands in this style can keep your appearance prominent.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Fringe Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

The short fringe hairstyle is suggested to the ladies who have straight and smooth hair. If your forehead is wide, then the fringes of this style can help you to hide it. The backside of the hair in this style is chopped.

The sharp edges of the hair in this cut can give you prominent look. You can also get a thicker hair volume in this smart hairstyle.

The sharp ends of the strands behind and front of your ears can make the shape of the face more prominent. The side-parted hair in this tapered hairstyle can give you a perfect appearance.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Tapered Sides Curly Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Tapered side hairs can slim down your face and give you a gorgeous look in curly hair. The chopped curly hair in different strand sizes can give you a unique look.

These curly hair strands on the top of your hair can make your look entirely different in the crowd. The tapered sides of the hair in this style can make the middle portion more highlighted. Black curly hair in this style can make your appearance perfect.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Dip Dye Tapered Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

If getting ultra-modern look is one of your requirements then you can go for the     Dip Dye Tapered Short Hairstyle. In this style, the hair is parted on one side, and the hair of one side is kept longer. The hair of the other side is chopped and cut by the razor.

The edges of the longer hair strands are kept curly and colored in burgundy to leave a perfect finished look. This style is the perfect choice for the ladies who want to get a neat yet bold look.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Balayage Tapered Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Balayage hairstyle is popular among the ladies, and you can make it more interesting by mixing with the short-tapered hair. This haircut can increase the volume of your hair and make it more significant.

The length of the hair strands is kept shorter in the back side of the head and shorter in the front side. In this puffy haircut, you can get a feminine look. The straight and smooth hair is the perfect texture for this style.

You can highlight the hair strands to make your appearance more noticeable in the crowd. Don’t forget to comb your hair well while going out to create an impressive image in this style.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Curly Tapered Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Curly hair never goes out of fashion, and you can cut it in short tapered style to get a perfect prominent look. In this style, the short curly hair strands in highlighter colors can give you a bold look.

The messy hair strands on the top of your hair can create an impressive look. This short hairstyle is the best to manage and stay comfortable for a long period. You can use some hair conditioner to maintain the texture of the strands.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Rose Gold Pixie Haircut

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Pixie haircuts suit well with different shapes of face. You can combine the pixie haircut with the tapered style to get a unique appearance. The edges of the short and straight hair strands are stiff and sharp. The upward edges of the pixie hairstyle look best in rose gold color.

It is perfect for the messy and trendy hairstyle finders. You need not invest a long time to manage the hairstyle when you are going out in your busy schedule. It can be left as it is after applying some hair gel to keep the hair in the middle part uplifted.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Platinum Curly Short Haircut

Tapered Short Hairstyles

If you have curly and platinum color hair, then cutting your hair in short length can give you an absolute modern makeover. The choppy hair on the top of the head and tapered sides can make the face shape more prominent.

This bold and sophisticated hairstyle can give you a new look. Though it suits better on the black women but you can also try it when opting for a new makeover.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Bowl Cut Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

The undercut hairstyles are widely accepted by both the men and women. If you want also like the undercut then the Bowl Cut Short Hairstyle can uplift your elegance. This style suits best in platinum hair color shade.

The hair strands with sharp edges on the front side can make your appearance more remarkable in the crowd. The shorter hair in the backside can keep your hair not only manageable but also trendy and thick looking.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Inverted Bob Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Bob hairstyle with different layers of strands in short hair can make your presence smart and messy. The inverted bob haircut in golden shaded hair strands can uplift your look and make it trendier in the crowd.

The strands are cut up to the length of your jawline.  The sharp edges of the strands and side-parted hair are suitable in this style.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Tapered Bob Short Haircut

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Ladies who want to show their hair volume thicker can choose the Tapered Bob Short Haircut. The hair strands in the back side of the head look great with sharp ends.

The longer and shorter layers of the hair up to your shoulder look puffy and bouncy. You can part the hair on one side. The straight hair can make your look perfect in this particular hairstyle.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Pixie Cut Haircut for Black Women

Tapered Short Hairstyles

If your hair color is naturally black and you want a bold look, then nothing can give you a better result than the short pixie style. The hair strands are cut up to your shoulder on the backside of your head.

The front pixie hair strands cover the forehead to give you a complete look. This style suits well on the black women with good hair texture.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Fringe Short Haircut

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Fringes on your bouncy hair can give you a classy look. You can cut your short hair in fringes style with highlighted strands to get a casual yet elegant look. You need to side part the fringes to create a perfect style.

The hair is cut in shorter length on one side, and the other side remains longer. The hair length on the front side is cut up to your jaw lines to look best.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Undercut Pixie Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

Undercut hair is popular among the ladies for its messy and masculine appearance. The sharp edges of the hair strands in different lengths can uplift your boldness.

The hair is cut in the shorter length in the backside, and the longer pixie cut hair strands left on the forehead in highlighted colors.

This can keep your forehead hidden and show your hair volume thicker. This haircut is also suitable for the ladies who like to look younger in their middle ages.

Tapered Short Hairstyles


Feathered Short Hairstyle

Tapered Short Hairstyles

The short straight hair can look perfect if cut in the feather style. This smooth and silky hair in feather cut is popular in the trendy days for its low-maintenance. The soft texture of this hairstyle can leave a bold yet elegant impression.

The hair is cut up to the length of your ear ending points. The hair should be parted on one side to get the best look. It can give your face a perfect shape. The edges of the backside hair are sharp and straight to give it a prominent look.


Platinum Feathered Pixie

Tapered Short Hairstyles

The pixie cut is a bold statement on its own, but the platinum color brightens up your short hair beautifully. The feathery, short bangs on the forehead accentuate your features well and make your face appear smaller.


Platinum Blonde Pixie

tapered short blonde hair

This boyish yet sophisticated pixie is perfect for the classy women who prefer simple and short hair that doesn’t take too long to style every morning.

This warm shade of platinum is the ideal pick for the professional woman as it adds extra shine and subtle glamour to the short haircut.


White-Haired Punk Statement

messy tapered short blonde hair

Short and messy haircuts are the best way to showcase your playful, punk, and edgy side, which looks even more alluring when dyed platinum.

This cool shade of platinum adds texture to the hair making it look even messier and sexier, as if straight out of bed.


Ginger Spice with Dark Undercut

tapered short mohawk

This moody ginger shade in your hair gives you the most distinctive, fall-themed look that is bold enough to turn heads wherever you go.

The dark undercut enhances the intensity of the ginger-brown shade and tops your look off with an edgy finish.


Messy Blonde Spikes

woman with tapered spiky short hairstyle

This timelessly playful and bold hair statement is one of the most attractive tapered short hairstyles on our list.

The feathery, blonde spikes with a pop of brown make this hairstyle even more alluring and give the most distinctive finish.


Pastel Pink Fringe

tapered short strawberry blonde hair

If you want to elevate your pixie with an adorable variation, a rosy shade of pastel pink might be the trendiest and chicest pick for you.

The side-swept fringe in the front will cover your forehead and make your face appear smaller and more youthful.


Blue Pixie with Dark Roots

tapered short blue hair

There’s no better way to embrace your short hairdo with a bold statement than dyeing it exotic shades of blue. The varying blue hues can be intensified with black or dark brown roots that’ll definitely make you stand out in a crowd.


Natural Brown High Quiff

tapered short haircut for women

This has to be one of the most head-turning tapered short hairstyles on this list.

The side-swept, natural brown hair appears sleek in the long, voluminous quiff which is backcombed with the use of hair products to add height. The fringe on one side finishes your look off with a feminine touch.


Marmalade Side-Swept Pixie

tapered short red hairstyle

This deep and moody shade of orange is absolutely perfect for fall. Play around with your wavy pixie cut with this marmalade shade that’s accentuated with dark roots, a fluffy fringe on one side, and a tapered cut on the other side.


Dirty Blonde Voluminous Fringe

ash blonde tapered short hair

This dull shade of dirty blonde is perfect for short, fine hair as it instantly adds texture to your look with its varying hues of brown and blonde.

This short, feathered pixie with slightly longer bangs on the front embraces the dirty blonde shade elegantly.


High Afro Quiff

black woman with tapered short hair

Add height and volume to your already fluffy afro with modish and bold high quiff that will showcase your natural coils perfectly. Not only that, but this will keep your hair out of the way and easy to manage.


The Tapered Short Hairstyles in different colors and hair textures have received a good response from the ladies. The fashion-conscious ladies try different styles from this to get a new makeover in the recent days.

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