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17 Best Scrunchie Hairstyles for a Super-Flattering Look

As functionality and comfort takes priority in the world of fashion, the good old scrunchies have staged a comeback as a part of the wider 90s sartorial revival. Compared to the usual elastic hair ties, it made of fabric and are much more gentle on your hair.

They can do more than hold your hair back; they have established themselves as an effective tool to style your hair creatively. From corduroy to sequins, the hair tie in all its versatile glory has reserved a spot in every girl’s accessory collection.


Best Scrunchie Hairstyle for the ’90s Gals

Let’s look at the below fantastic scrunchie hairstyles of the moment for every hair type and length that will make it impossible for you to resist this retro trend.

1. The Classic Bun

updo style with scrunchie

The classic updo is the go-to scrunchie hairstyle for all the girls with thick natural hair.

For this style, you need to gather your hair into a ponytail, scrunch the pony into a bun, slide on a silk tie, and loosen the front hairpieces. It has become a favorite because its smooth material prevents frizz in your hair.


2. Sleek High Braid Ponytail

ponytail with a scrunchie

The high braided ponytail is among the most stylish updos that lend defining edge to your facial features.

To make this updo, you have to tie your hair back into a top ponytail, evenly braid your hair into tight braids, secure the braids with a hair tie, and add the tie of your choice to the base of your pony.  


3. Braided Hairdo With Bangs

thin hairstyle with scrunchie

If you have longer hair, braids are the perfect hairstyle with scrunchies. Here, you have to gather all your hair to one side, braid it loosely or tightly based on your preference, and apply a small tie.

For the added volume, leave out your bangs as it is. Use a dark-colored hair tie against your lighter-colored hair to create a contrasting effect.


4. Tiny Pony with Side Sweep Bangs

short hairstyle with scrunchie

A hairdo that satisfies all your comfort needs while looking effortless is the short loose ponytail. Even if you are running short on time and can’t brush your bob-cut hair, the wispy strands would adorably frame your face in this hairstyle. 


5. Half-Up Ponytail

scrunchie hairstyle for curly hair

With half the effort that a full updo would take, the half-up ponytail is a hairdo that would help you strike the right balance between casual and chic. The half-up ponytail allows you to show off your beautiful curls without hair getting all over your face.


6. French Twist Messy Updo

messy hairstyle with scrunchie

A low-maintenance hairstyle with a hair tie that still looks incredibly put together is the messy version of the French twist. This updo is suitable for oval, square, and round face shapes.


7. The Messy Ponytail

scrunchie hairstyle

If you are planning to spend the day lounging at home or have to go on a grocery run, the updo with a hair tie that you need is the messy ponytail. To achieve this look, you can tie your hair into a ponytail with a fun printed scrunchie but remember only to pull the hair halfway through on the last loop.


8. Sleek High Braid Ponytail

scrunchie hairstyle for black women
Instagram / cocoastouch

The high braided ponytail is among the most stylish updos that define your facial features.

To make this updo, you have to tie your hair back into a top ponytail, evenly braid your hair into tight braids, secure the braids with a hair tie, and add the tie of your choice to the base of your pony.


9. Side Scrunchie Bun

side bun with scrunchie
Instagram / hnelaccessories

The side bun is a casual hairstyle that keeps you cool and looks pretty.

For this updo, make a side ponytail, gather small sections of hair, start backcombing and then keep bunching up the backcombed hair till the bun is complete.


10. Dutch Braided Bubble Ponytail

2 braided hairstyle with scrunchie
Instagram / junoandsif

This hairstyle brings up a unique twist to the braided updo. You will have to partition your hair into three sections, and tightly dutch-braid the smaller sections on the two sides.

Then make a bubble ponytail your hair down the middle. Also, don’t forget to tuck in the dutch braids inside the ponytail for a refined look.


11. Twisted Chignon Updo 

scrunchie hair bun with braid
Instagram / cecilija.design

Looking for a stunning and polished hairdo with scrunchies that works perfectly for prom and weddings? Your search ends with this twisted pinned back bun with a single side braid that exudes a soft romantic charm.


12. Cute Bubble Ponytail

scrunchie hairstyle
Instagram / club.beta2

If you are ready to upgrade your hairdo game – the bubble ponytail with multiple hair ties is your best bet.

Make the ponytail after adding some texturizing spray to your hair. Remember to place the scrunchies at equal distances from each other and tease each section of the ponytail to intensify the voluminous effect.


13. Funky Space Buns

90s scrunchie hairstyle
Instagram / burlapandlacetheshop

After a hairstyle that looks cute but is easy to create? The space buns are here to your rescue.

For the updo, you have to part your hair down the middle, make two high pigtails, twist the pigtails into a rope, and then wrap the rope around the base of the pigtail. After the wrapping is done, get some ties to secure the buns.


14. Braided Rolled Updo

twisted updo with scrunchie
Instagram / mossaminimal

We can’t get enough of this tweaked take on the rolled updo bun by braiding your hair initially for a few locks before wrapping up the remainder of the hair with a tie. This delicate hairstyle with scrunchie can be paired with a summer dress for a lunch date. 


15. Dutch Braid Pigtails

scrunchie style for medium hair
Instagram / omnioko

The dutch braid pigtails are an updo that looks good on both short and long hair.

Here, you need to divide your hair into two sections and then dutch braid the two halves. However, unlike the regular dutch braids, you can leave the ends loose for a youthful look. To add a spring touch to the hairstyle, use floral-themed hair ties.


16. Loose Semi-Braided Ponytail

braided ponytail with scrunchie
Instagram / cecilija.design

For all the wavy hair girls, a loose ponytail with a hair tie can make you feel like a princess. To add more surface texture, lightly twist or braid the hair before adding the big scrunchie, which emerges as the star of attraction in this hairstyle.


17. Fishtail Braid

scrunchie hairstyle with braid
Instagram / marulla_fabric

This modern boho hairstyle fits like a dream into your outdoor music festival look, featuring a mix of the fishtail braid.

To create this hairstyle, smooth your hair into a ponytail, split the pony equally, and keep crisscrossing strands from the two halves down the entire braid before adding the tie.


Scrunchie is the one hair accessory that isn’t going to leave the fashion industry anytime soon. So, if you want to shift from boring hair ties to colorful and full hair ties, the time is NOW! Try these unique srunchie hairstyles and find your soul style.