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15 Beautiful Sandy Brown Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Sandy brown brightens up your mane and helps you create any image you’d like without too much dyeing.

Sandy brown hair looks fantastic with various highlights. This hair shade is truly special since you can use any other color to complement it. You can try blonde shades and brown hues.

We would recommend starting with caramel highlights. If you don’t think they light up your mane well enough, you can proceed to golden blonde. The best part about sandy brown hair is that you can look stunning with dark highlights as well. Think about brown or even black partial highlights.


1. Sandy Brown Ombre

sandy brown ombre

Sandy brown hair looks perfect as part of a blonde ombre. You can come up with any shades of blonde for the bottom part. Anything starting with honey blonde and ending with platinum looks absolutely perfect.


2. Dark highlights

dark sandy brown hair with highlights

Look at how stunning sandy brown hair looks with dark locks. While you might try to avoid sandy shades, other women are looking for ways to use them. If you have raven locks, these hues are just what you need.


3. Be Natural

natural sandy brown hair

If you have natural sandy brown locks, don’t try to change them. They can look absolutely stunning if you take good care of them. Try to stick to a professional hair care regimen and you’ll learn to love your color.


4. Leave a Little

sandy brown hair with high ombre

If you are sure you want to get rid of you sandy brown hair, think about a high ombre. You can leave just the very top natural and dye the rest of your hair any color you wish. This approach allows you to save time and money on monthly touchups.


5. Brown Balayage

sandy brown balayage

As you can see on this before and after photo, this is the sandy brown hair that originates from blonde, reddish tones. But the results are gorgeous. The brown shade that is achieved suits every skin tone, especially the cold ones, by creating a perfect balance.


6. Sandy Blonde Undertone

sandy blonde undertone

This dishwater blonde hair has lovely ashy tones. They are not so easy to achieve if you have orange undertones. However, with the right products and purple shampoo, you can have a hairstyle like this. You should wash it with purple shampoo to protect your shade from washing out.


7. Sandy Brown with Blonde Balayage

sandy brown hair with blonde balayage


8. Long Soft Curls

If you have long brown hair, then this sandy brown hairstyle will look the best. Middle partition the hair. Curl them in soft, dense waves. Highlight the ends in light golden brown. Leave them down while pulling them over the shoulder in front.

long wavy sandy brown hair


9. Long Straight Bob

Have straight hair? Color the length in light sandy brown color and cut them just near the shoulder. Instead of having a strong partition, turn them in one direction. Let them fall over the face, covering the ear.

sandy brown bob cut


10.  Mesmerizing Highlights

If you have long brown hair, then you can try this sandy brown hairstyle easily. Straighten the hair, cut them into layers at the bottom without curling them. Have the ends colored in sandy brown highlights and middle partition covering the ears.

straight long sandy brown hair


11. Layered Pixie Cut

Have voluminous short hair? Cut them in layers to make your crown look fuller. Side partition them and have them cover one eye. Color the hair in light sandy brown while fading the hair at the back.

sandy brown pixie bob cut


12. Messy Waves in a Bun

If you like tying your long brown hair, why not try a messy bun? Leaving a few strands near the ear, puff the crown and loosely tie the sandy brown hair in a bun at the middle length.

messy updo with sandy brown hair


13. Short Fringes with Curled Ends

In this cut, you get more focus on the face. Straighten the hair by curling the tips outside. Cut straight fringes at eye level. Shadowing the face, cut the fringes till the jawline.

medium length sandy brown hair


14. Wavy Sandy Brown Highlights

Get this hairstyle if you have wavy hair. Side partition the hair, highlight a few strands in golden brown right from the scalp to the edges. Take a small strand and tie it with a clip at the side.

wavy hair with sandy brown highlights


15. Long Mid-Length Cut

This is one of the simplest but yet always-in-the-trend hairstyles. Straighten the hair. Section them in two parts from the middle. Curl them slightly at the end and leave them down.

Asian girl with straight sandy brown hair


So many dye shades in only one hairstyle! This makes your hair look fantastic, and you attractive, wherever you go. While the roots are dark and brown, the rest of your hair is dyed in lovely and attractive shades of blonde, blonde, and sandy brown hues.

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