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18 Loose Updo Hairstyles to Stay Trendy in 2024

Once upon a time, tying up your hair meant it had to be super slick and tight. But nowadays flowy, loose updos are more common and trendy. The styles are understated, but they’re chic. They’re more relaxed and comfortable to wear, too.

There are lots of different types of loose updos like these. Some are more suitable for everyday wear. Others wouldn’t look out of place at a wedding. They’ll make you look more elegant for sure!


18 Variations of Loose Updo Hairstyles 

Are you a fan of keeping your hair casual? Here are 18 looks that’ll help you do it.

Messy Updo

loose updo for medium hair

Loose messy updos for long hair are a very common formal hairstyle. There are many variations of the look, including this one. It has the hair in a more complicated pattern, with nice rolls and twists.

Brush your bangs to the side to compliment the look. Then, roll some of those bangs back to look glamorous. Decorate the hairstyle with some beautiful flowers.


Curly Updo with Bangs

loose updo with bangs

Curls are perfect for any formal occasion.  Slick black your curly hair, and secure your curls on the crown of your head to make a curly updo. They fall so elegantly down the head.

The bangs cover three-quarters of the forehead. The ends are feathered beautifully to create a nice textured style by the face.


Wedding Hairdo

loose wedding updo

Loose updos are common in wedding styles. Nice curly strands are pulled up from the front to the back. They’re layered to form an alluring pattern that looks very regal. Some free strands fall at the nape of the neck.

At the front, style your bangs so they’re brushed back towards the main part of the style.


Loose Blonde Updo

loose updo with white blonde hair

It’s sometimes difficult to style thicker hair. Tying it up is great for this. All the hair is drawn to the back and styled in overlapping sections. This creates a very thick look. The pale, white-blonde locks are also crimped to add more texture.


Cascading Waves

loose updo for short hair

Wavy tresses make styles like this look more voluminous and textured. Sections are pulled back and cross over each other. They’re secured in the middle of the head at the back. A thin section of bangs fall by the face, creating a soft look.

The crown accessory on top is perfect for being a bride or a bridesmaid.


Curly Mess

loose updo for long hair

A ponytail isn’t always very elegant. However, loose curly updo styles like this that are ponytail-inspired look glamorous. The hair is drawn to the crown of the head with carefully defined sections. Then it cascades down the back of the head in curls.

Wispy, curly bangs from the face, and some hair falls behind the ears.


Low Bun for Fine Hair

loose updo for prom

Loose low buns are unbeatably simple. They always look amazing while also being elegant. This bun has three sections that meet in the middle. The sides of the hair are pulled back in a gentle curve. Some of the sides are draped over the bun.


Casual Bun with Flowers

loose updo for ombre hair

Ombre hair is particularly pretty in a loose updo. The hair is dark at the front, but light at the ends. This gradual change makes it eye-catching. The carefully styled curls and large flower decoration also help draw peoples’ attention.


Voluminous Top Bun 

loose updo with colored hair

Pairing colored hair with a natural tone creates a very interesting look. Here, there’s a combination of red and blonde with dark roots.

A very classic bun sits on the crown of the head. The locks are pulled into it with a few defined sections.


Crimped Hairstyle with Twists

loose updo with crimped hair

It’s very easy to add some fun texture to your hair by crimping it. The crimped locks are then twisted back into sections.

They tuck into a nice loose, rolled bun. Some white flowers help it stand out further. The loose strands by the face fill out the look.


 Curls with Highlights

loose updo with highlights

You can make a curly hairdo look more casual by letting it have flyaway hairs. It creates a very natural look. The locks are pinned up at the back of the head, yet they look nice and free. Highlights help them stand out, too.


Wispy and Voluminous

messy loose updo

A messy, loose updo can look exceedingly glamorous when styled like this. Nice curls are plucked out of the style. This makes them appear wispy and cloud-like. It also adds volume.

The bangs are very sleek, which creates contrast. They fold back into the style.


Simple Rolled Bun

loose updo for blonde hair

Creating asymmetry using a side formal bun updo is a great way to make your hair look sweet. Here a bun sits to the side and has a rolled shape. Most of the hair is pulled back simply.

One strand of hair tucks under most of the locks, creating an interesting effect.


Casual Knotted Updo 

loose updo hairstyle

Easy knots on the back of your head are great everyday styles. They can be boring sometimes, so you can make them nicer.

Here there are many loose strands wrapped around the knotted updo. It creates a more dynamic look that people will be drawn to.


Low Messy Bun 

loose updo for straight hair

Straight hair is a little harder to style into a loose updo, as it looks very sleek. You can achieve the look by forming a low, messy bun. It stands out in contrast to the straight and shiny locks that are pulled back. 


Updo for Medium Hair

loose updo for dark brown hair

Dark brown medium tresses look wonderful in casual styles. The color is very eye-catching despite being very natural. To create this casual updo style, scoop your hair to the nape of your neck.

Fold it up and twist it a little before you secure it. Pull out some strands to create a loose and messy look.


Auburn Bun Updo

loose updo for auburn hair

Would you like a natural but attention-grabbing color? Auburn is a shade you may wish to try.

You can then style it nicely by pulling your hair to the back in a simple manner. The loose updo has some overlapping sections to make it look textured.


Perfect Prom Look

curly loose updo

This is a very elegant loose updo hairstyle for prom. Half of it is loose while the rest is tied up.

There are some large curls, but others are smaller. Many of these ringlets fall by the side of the head. At the back, there’s an updo with further twists in it.


Whether you’re looking for casual or elegant, there are plenty of loose updos here. These fabulous hairdos will help you manage long hair and make short hair look fuller.

We hope you found your perfect new everyday style or something to wear for more formal occasions.

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