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22 Trendy Geode Hair Color Ideas to Rock in 2024

Well, this latest craze is the most promising of all the available. Stones and geodes inspire these incredible geode hair colors, and their magnificence is captivating. This isn’t simply any old hair color; it’s a method for incorporating a splash of kaleidoscope into your mane.

Rather than coloring your whole head, tresses are shaded from the bottom up and vanish into your natural hair color. Let’s take a peek at some of the eye-catching geode hair coloring suggestions.


Fascinating Geode Hair Colors for Women

Here are a few gloriously distinct approaches to shade soft hair colors and to guide you to get on board with the fashion.

Multi Colored Fluorite

rainbow fluorite geode hair color

Fluorite geode hair colors with their spiritual turquoise and lilac hues appear to be the miniature hubs to earth orbit.

You can create innovative mauves, turquoise, and taupe hair colors for a bold look. But this can be very destructive if not implemented right.


Amethyst Purple

amethyst purple geode hair

The elegance of amethyst will smite people who are fans of the purple hair pattern. This incredible stone combines dark, mild, and light purple hues.

Acquiring a balayage that starts dark and ends faintly will highlight your strand and could be the finest alternative for transformation.


Tiger Eye Hair

tiger eye geode hair color

Compared to other geode hair colors, this tiger eye shade has a relaxing, profound effect on your aura. It enables you to enjoy the moment, release, and center yourself.

It’s also a great color choice for brown hair. Natural copper features will look fantastic if you wish to refresh your dark brunette manes.


Garnishing Garnet Hair

garnet red geode hair color

Due to the intense chilly shades in this dark red color, it looks great on soft brown hair.

The idea of keeping this deep color is to wash as little as your hair roots will permit. So, to avoid sticky roots, incorporate dry hair products into your schedule.


Pastel Opal

peekaboo geode hair

Preventing the roots is essential for this approach such that your mane can evolve from pale to richer and reap the benefits of the dramatic contrast.

Furthermore, a geode hair color like that is hard to overlook. As a result, you will have the control to turn heads.


Crystal Ocean Jasper

short moonstone geode hair

Blonde hair and crystal quartz have a plethora of similarities. First, they’re both one-color with a slightly bolder or darker appearance.

Introducing a few brighter or toffee features to your moderate blond hair root will not go wrong. But, in actuality, ombre hair is a smart option as well.


Marble Agate

updo with geode hair

You probably didn’t expect quite an unexpected fusion. But it is genuine, and it can be known as marble agate.

This geode hair allows you to experiment with varying colors without harming your tresses. In addition, it creates a completely distinctive appearance.


Titanium Bismuth

layered hair style with geode hair color

This look will appear favorably on everybody, relying on their natural hair color, similar to the lining of each geode is distinctive.

A gorgeous combination of bright colors, taupes, gray, as well as an orange slide, can be found here.


Emerald Green 

emerald green geode hair

Without a doubt, Emerald is among the most famous gems. You could even wear this hair color with darker or paler locks to make a colorful assertion.

It not only looks great on dark brunettes, but it often looks great on blondes of all shades. This green color will look like a precious stone on darkened manes.


Labradorite Messy Updo

messy updo with geode hair

Labradorite urges you to retain it mystical with its sparkly shades that glow in a spectrum of shimmering blues and greens.

It connects us to the spiritual realm with an aspect where everything is feasible. All of it goes smoothly whenever it arrives at color fusion.


Sunshine Aura Quartz

geode balayage hair

We can’t resist but be infatuated with this pleasant brown and sparkly pastel pink color that complements each other.

To initiate, begin with dark hair, removing your natural color. Then, switch to just about any color you desire. You would always be capable of restoring your hair if your origins are left alone.


Aquamarine Zircon Curls

agate blue geode hair

Blue hair is popular at the moment now in a variety of styles, from turquoise ombré to blue-black hair to shiny color strands.

Unless you’re not prepared to dedicate to a full blue hair promise, experiment with transitory hair color to see whether blue is fully your ambiance.


Opal Hues 

thick geode hair

Among the most beautiful precious gems, Opal has inspired women to experiment with hair colors.

To achieve an opal-inspired geode hairstyle, use pale colors, gentle lavenders, pastel fuchsia, and a faint light denim tint. As this color has several tones, we suggest using lowlights to bring out the color.


Coral Chrysocolla

wavy geode hair

This is influenced by the multicolored effect and has a gloomy coral pink base with vibrant flecks for bold colors. 

Ladies, here is another enticing geode hair color to get a rocking look. It is especially effective with fictional colors like pastels, turquoise, greens, and lavenders.


Eudialyte Pixie

pixie cut with geode hair

This hairstyle begins with the most spectacular deep violet at the root and fizzles to pale pink at the edges for a softer grab on the luscious fad.

Add vibrant colors from your root hair to your tips to your basic short pixie to achieve a more delicate color that really holds out.


Straight Long Locs

straight geode hair

This distinct pattern is named after sandstones found in certain rock layers. 

This subset of violet and blue hues, as well as bright green ones such as teal, quickly elevates darkened tresses, and the crispness results are favorably breathtaking.


Blue Moonstone Look

opal geode hair color

This is another concept that works incredibly well for blondes and dark-haired, with pale blue and icy hues. For these kinds of trials, it’s best to start with a softer bottom.

Nothing beats a lateral balayage of white, dark blue, and pale violet for color layout.


Loose Curls

loose curls with geode hair

This curly geode hair color enhances deep dark hair better than lighter tones. The fusion of purple, brown, and crimson quickly elevates darker hair, and the comparison is strongly gorgeous.

While your root hairs will remain real, attaining such a lively hue of color will almost certainly necessitate bleaching your layers.


Fiery Opal Sleek Look

geode hair

Such hair color dynamically fits beautifully into black roots, creating an elegant and quirky glimpse.

The transformation is daring but also fascinating and difficult to look away from. The emotions will be identical if a deep desire possesses you.


Asymmetric Bob

geode hair highlights
Instagram/@ hair_candy_angie

When you correctly merge the stylish and daring neon colors with the proper hues, they will look like magnificent aura quartz crystals.

Although quartz innately reflects a wide range of colors, you could also add anything from blue color to deep violet. A pale golden yellow tone must be added to achieve that spatial sparkle effect.


Rainbow Hairdo

half updo with geode hair

Vibrant rainbow hair appears to be the greatest in hair targets, ranging from mauve fuchsia and magenta to bright green and grays.

It’s a vibrant panel of color surrounded by a natural-toned border. A cool geode hair color that aids in creating compact dyed hair that can be styled to blend in.


Layered Hairstyle

layered hair style with geode hair color

Lepidolite represents a fresh start and optimistic changes. It appears to be one of the most stunning geode hair colors.

Nature has proven that its magenta and silver hues complement each other nicely. You should undoubtedly try this purplish balayage on warm blonde highlights.


Geode hair color will suit almost any woman, regardless of her primal hair color. You can always merge multiple or more gemstone colors to create a completely distinctive appearance.

If you want geode hair, you may require multiple decolorization sessions to achieve the desired look.  Since this is the latest craze, not all hair stylists are acquainted with it. Take a few pictures to ensure you have the correct shade in your hairstyle.