15 Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles for Classy & Elegant Look

One of the prime reasons for the popularity of short hair is it needs minimum amounts of time and energy to get it into place. The second thing is that short hair can be styled in a number of ways and the earlier notion of limited hairstyles with short hair no longer exists among women.

The best way to go regarding short hair is going for Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles. The shoulder length means that the hair is still short and low on maintenance but not too short to look odd on you. Finally, the perk of shoulder-length hair is that you can curl it up or keep it straight- it looks great both ways.

You will need to take proper care to maintain that silky shine on it. Any style will fall flat if the hair does not look healthy from within. Here is a list of the top fifteen hairstyles that women with shoulder-length hair can give a try.

Shoulder Length Blonde Hair

The pop star Miley Cyrus looked like a million bucks with this hairstyle, and you will look great too. This is the right hairstyle to pick for the girls who have beautiful oval-shaped faces.

The front of the hair is cut in layers that reach up to your chin while the rest of the hair is kept at shoulder length. You can try some deep brown highlights on your hair. This style will only work if you have really straight hair or are planning to straighten your hair.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Layered Hair

Layers look great if you have shoulder-length hair that has a fine texture. The fine texture is well hidden by the layers, and the hair looks more voluminous than it actually is. Make a center parting and then comb the hair well.

That is it for this look, and your eye-catching style is ready to be flaunted to the world. The dark and brunette-haired girls must give this hairstyle a try. You do not even need to put any highlights for this style.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Wavy Bob 

This is the modern spin on the traditional bob hairstyle. The length of the bob should end just at the shoulders. After you have made the parting and combed the hair well, the final step is adding the waves to the hair.

Pick up your hair curler and make light curls in your hair to make the curls look like natural waves in your hair. That is all you need to do to get the look of this particular style. To give it more oomph, add contrasting highlights at the ends.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Center Part Layered Hairstyle

This is the regular kind of center-parted hairstyle that looks amazing on shoulder-length hair. But the twist that sets it apart from being boring is the way waves have been made in the hair.

You do not need to make the entire hair wavy. Just take the help of your hairstylist to add two or three nice kinks in the hair. The look has a cool party vibe that looks perfect for all kinds of summer dresses and casual tee shirts.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Dark Wavy Hairstyle

The dark-haired beauties can be assured that they have one perfect look to try out on their shoulder-length hair. Just make a parting on any one side of the head and then pick up the curler to curl up the hair on both sides.

This look wins with its versatility. It looks as great with a dress at a formal party as it does with jeans while hanging out with your friends. You can even try the hairstyle with your off-shoulder dresses.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Side Swept Bangs 

It is a lovely hairstyle that adds a flirty, feminine vibe to your look. The best part of this style is that it looks good on all kinds of facial shapes. Bangs are one of those styles that are always in when it comes to women’s hairstyles.

This look is ideal as it combines both of the trends of shoulder-length hair and bangs into one rocking hairstyle. The bangs must be cut in layers and swept across your forehead to bring out the look.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Blonde Straight Hair

The blonde-haired pretty women would love to try out this look on themselves to stand out. The parting is done in the middle of the hair, and then the hair is made poker-straight. There should be no kinks in the hair if you want to go for this style.

This is one of the coolest hairstyles to attempt during this season. This style will look amazing on the ladies who have platinum blonde hair. If they want a variation of the style, add some dark-colored highlights on the top.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Shoulder Length Thick Hair

Thick hair is a rare gift that only some of the girls have. But managing thick hair is quite tricky, and you need to have the right haircut to handle the thickness of your hair.

This hairstyle is the answer to the question of how to manage your thick mane of hair. You need not make a prominent parting to carry off this look. Just make an asymmetrical parting on any one side that you feel suits you and then brush the hair nicely.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Shaggy Medium Waves

The tousled and messy looks of the hair always bang on trend, and this hairstyle right here proves it again. This is another one of the popular hairstyles tried by our favorite pop star Miley Cyrus. It is great if you have natural waves in your hair as in that case you only need to mess up the hair.

If you do not have curls, the hair curler and other styling products can always come to your rescue. Just make sure that your waves do not look too properly set.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Shoulder Length Straight Hair

The girls with a pretty brown mane are the right fit for this hairstyle. This one is also great if you have a round face as the hair that falls on both sides of your cheeks hides the roundness of your face rather well.

The chin looks more prominent, and that gives an edge to your features. All you need to flaunt the style is silky straight hair. Do not worry about the shine as with the right hair styling products that can be achieved in no time.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

The waves get more defined and spread all over the hair for this hairstyle. The best candidates for this hairstyle are the ones with naturally wavy hair. The others will need the help of styling equipment and a really good hairstylist.

The fact that bangs look great with curls too is effectively proven by this one. Let the long bangs reach just a little over your chin. It is ideal for women with oval or heart-shaped faces.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Side Part Hairstyle

The two of the very popular hair colors of light blonde and dark brown come together to create the ideal hair makeover for you in this style. After you are all set with the hair color, make the parting on the left side of the hair.

Now take some of the hair from both sides of the parting and pin it in the back. Let a few strands of hair fall on the forehead like a bang. There is no better hairstyle to show off your sharp features than this one.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Shoulder Length Curly Hair

The multiple highlights but all with balayage style are the main attraction for this look. The popularity of this classic hairstyle can be gauged from the fact that women of all ages have tried and loved it for themselves.

There is no reason why you would not too. You just need to give it a try to realize how good it can look on you. Start off with a central parting and then curl up the rest of the hair. This hairstyle is the easiest to carry off for any occasion.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

This style is known as the inverted bob as it has the new-age spin put on an all-time favorite hairstyle. The length of the hair is kept longer in the front and shorter as one moves towards the back.

While brushing makes sure, you do it with a round brush so that the hair is combed inwards and not outwards. The final thing to know about getting this look is about the bangs. The bangs must be short and only cover half of the forehead.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


French Braid 

If you are in the mood to go dressy with your hairstyle, then this is what you should go for. The French braid is one of the easiest kinds of braids to make, but it is something that looks really classy with any hairstyle.

Just make the French braid in front of the hair and pin it back behind your ears with bobby pins. The rest of the hair needs to be curled up and left as it is. Your perfect day to evening look is ready.

Shoulder Length Short Hairstyles


If you are still indecisive about which one to choose, just pick a different one every month!