15 Best Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair

Just like any part of the body, our hair needs nutrients to look healthy. This is the reason hair experts encourage us to consume meals rich in nutrients. Lack of these nutrients, result into hair problems such as hair loss, change in hair color and slow hair growth, among others. Therefore, you should consume a healthy diet if you want to develop healthy hair. Remember people pay attention on the general outlook of your hair. Here are 15 best food You should eat for healthy hair: Click To Read More

14 Tips to Get Gorgeous Hair Fast

Everyone, especially women love long hair, isn’t it? This is the reason they use a lot of hair products to increase the rate their hair grows. Some of these products are effective, whereas others are not. Good news, you no longer have to spend a large fraction of money on hair products. Below are 14 efficient tips to get gorgeous hair, these tips will ensure you attain gorgeous hair within the shortest time possible: Click To Read More

Micro Braids – Learn How to Do, Care and Wash Micro Braids

If you are looking for new braided style, then micro braids are definitely that you should go for, micro braids hairstyle is most popular among African tribe but as it suits everyone and is perfect for everyone as they last long and require very minimal daily maintenance. In this micro braids hairstyle, the braids are either of synthetic extension or natural hair extension which are tightly braided into the hair, these braids are super stylish and suitable for all hair types and can be styled in multiple other ways. It is very easy to install and take care of them by following these steps: Click To Read More

Dreadlocks – How to Grow, Maintain and Clean Dreadlocks Hair

Dreadlocks have survived the fashion for decades. The reason is simple that this is the coolest ever hairstyle that a person can get. It was, it is, and it will keep trending for the next thousand years to come. But what are dreadlocks, you ask? Well, dreadlocks square measure rope-like clumps of hair shaped by your hair obtaining matted along. Dreadlocks have traditionally been found to be related to Aztec, Buddhist, Senegalese and youth subculture cultures. Though they are now mainly linked to African culture and identity, people from all races do sport their hair in dreadlocks. Click To Read More

25 Amazing Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

No women can hide this truth of how much they love their long hair. But because of all the care they need and styling them, many of us prefer not to keep long hair. With the available hair products in the market, now it has become a bit easy to take care of long hair tresses. But for many women, styling them is still an issue, as they feel that it’s not easy to do any style on long hair other than making the braids. Click To Read More

30 Different Shades of Grey Hair Colors for 2019

With so many colors in trend for this season, how can you forget about the grey hair colors? Though not much popular still once done looks great and outstanding. I simply love the grey color, it makes you stand out of the crowd making you look simply amazing. It compliments every skin tone and texture. The overall effect is laid back and very easy to wear. Before you go for the grey color, you can also think of the style which you want to carry with the color. Choose the style as well as the haircut to follow with the color. Click To Read More

Cornrow Braids – Learn How to Do, Clean and Care Cornrows

Cornrow braid is a traditional African hairstyle in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp to give a clean, sectioned and amazing look. Cornrow braids are a great way to style your hair especially when you have frizzy hair, and you are trying to protect your hair from pollution or any other hair styling products. Although, this hairstyle is time taking, it’s quite easy to make them and take care of them by following the steps given below. Click To Read More

25 Beautiful Long Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Women consider their hair as a part of their overall personality. There is nothing more attractive and appealing when it comes long hairstyles for thick hair. Whether it is a candlelight dinner, birthday party, or a wedding Long hairstyles are a big way to show the shine and glamour of natural hair. Long hair is a treasure of all women, though it is quite monotonous to keep. Some may have thin and straight hair, while others may have very thick and coarse hair, some could have wavy and soft hair. No matter how you style your hair, having long shiny hair itself means luxury and sophistication. That is why women love to have thick, long and textured hair. No one can resist turning their head when they see a lady with long shiny and healthy hair walk passed them. Long hairstyles for women are excellent for various occasions like dinner, wedding and. Women love this so they can update their look making it more appealing than ever. Click To Read More