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Expert Tips for Fading Purple Hair to Silver at Home

Getting tired of your purple hair? Want to try something new? Dyeing your hair silver will turn heads and give you a drastic change in your look. But how do you transition your hair from purple to silver? 

We’ll walk you through how to fade purple to silver guide and provide helpful advice for getting the desired results. 

Can I Put Silver Dye on Purple Hair? 

Is it Possible Put Silver Dye on Purple Hair? 

Yes, you can put silver dye on purple hair. Nevertheless, it is essential to differentiate between semi-permanent and permanent dyes when trying to obtain a silver color from purple hair. 

Semi-permanent dyes are easier to work with when attempting to achieve a silver color from a previously dyed purple shade. Permanent dyes require more skill and knowledge of chemistry behind the process to get the desired result without damaging your hair.

When you are fading purple hair into a silver shade, it is best to start with a semi-permanent dye that has been formulated specifically for this purpose. The key is using multiple applications of lightning products over time until you reach your desired level of lightness or grey tone

If your purple hair was created using permanent dyes and/or bleaching agents, then applying a new color over it could cause damage due to the chemical reactions between them. 

So you must ensure that the shade of silver you are using will actually show up against your current hue; otherwise, all that work may not pay off.

You should also use heat styling tools like curling irons or flat irons during each application for the product to penetrate deeper into your strands and allow for better results.

How To Fade Purple Hair to Silver?

Having silver hair is an edgy style that will make you stand out from the crowd. To successfully fade your purple hair to silver, there are several steps you should take.

First, it’s important to understand that fading purple hair requires more than one session at the salon. It may take multiple rounds of bleaching and toning to achieve the silver hue you aim for, depending on how dark your existing color is.

Next, use semi-permanent dyes or toners when transitioning from purple to silver.

Semi-permanent dyes contain fewer harsh chemicals than permanent ones and won’t damage your hair as much over time. They also don’t last as long, so they’re ideal for achieving gradual results while protecting the integrity of your strands.

Once you’ve applied the dye or toner, follow up with regular deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair healthy during this process. 

Deep conditioning helps maintain moisture levels in colored hair and prevents breakage caused by chemical treatments like bleaching or coloring agents used for fading purposes.

If everything else fails and you still can’t get rid of stubborn hues like purples and blues without damaging too much of the natural pigment in your strands, consider investing in professional color removers such as Color Oops.

When applying silver dye onto purple hair at home, start slowly – gradually building up the intensity over several applications rather than trying to achieve the desired look all at once; this will allow you better control over the outcome. 

Additionally, remember that lighter shades tend to blend easier, so if unsure, start using less product first and then increase the amount accordingly, depending on the desired effect. 

Finally, don’t forget about deep conditioning treatments after each application, which help maintain healthy-looking locks despite frequent coloring sessions.

Putting silver dye on purple hair is possible, but it can be difficult. You must take certain steps and use specific products to achieve the desired result of fading your purple hair to silver.

These products break down artificial pigments without affecting natural tones, making them perfect if you are looking for an easy solution when transitioning from darker shades like purple into lighter colors like silver.

Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Color To Silver 

Going Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Color To Silver

Semi-permanent purple hair color to silver is a process that requires patience and skill. 

1. You should remove your existing purple color using a professional-grade hair dye remover or bleach for an even canvas. This will help ensure that you have an even canvas for the next steps of the transformation. 

2. Apply your new semi-permanent silver hue once all the old colors have been removed. When selecting your product, be sure to choose one specifically designed for dark-colored hair since this will make achieving optimal results much easier.

3. Apply your silver dye. Allow it to sit on your head according to package instructions before rinsing with cool water. 

4. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner formulated for colored hair after some time to keep its vibrancy intact as long as possible. If necessary, repeat this step every four weeks until you achieve desired results. 

By following the steps outlined in this article, you will have no trouble transitioning from purple hair color back into silver tones.

Permanent Purple Hair Color to Silver

Getting Permanent Purple Hair Color to Silver

When it comes to permanently dyeing purple hair silver, the pre-lightening process is key. 

1. You should begin by pre-lightening your existing purple hair as much as possible without damaging it. You can do it with professional bleach or by using a store-bought product, or you can simply wait for your color to fade naturally. 

2. Tone and neutralize any remaining yellow or orange tones to create an even base for the silver color.

3. Select a shade that matches the natural undertone of your skin; if you have warm undertones opt for warmer shades such as “smokey ash,” while those with cool undertones should choose cooler shades like “platinum blonde” or “silver grey.

4. Once your hair has been pre-lightened and toned, it’s time for dye application. When choosing a permanent silver dye, look for one that contains both ammonia and peroxide so that it can penetrate deep into the cuticle of each strand. 

5. Now that you have successfully dyed your purple hair silver, make sure not to wash too often (no more than once every three days) as this could strip away some of the pigment from your strands – instead, opt for dry shampoo on off days. 

6. Invest in quality haircare products specifically designed for colored tresses; these contain ingredients that nourish and protect against fading due to environmental factors such as UV rays from sunlight etc. 

7. Keep up regular trims (every six weeks) so split ends don’t ruin all your hard work.

You should tone and neutralize any remaining yellow or orange tones to create an even base for the silver color and select a shade that matches the natural undertone of your skin.

When choosing a permanent silver dye, you should be careful, do not wash your hair often, invest in quality hair care products, and keep up regular trims.

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