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What Should I Do If My Keratin Treatment Only Lasted a Month?

Typically, a keratin treatment lasts three to six months. However, the frizz can come back much sooner. If your keratin treatment only lasted for a month, it could be due to several reasons, including poor application, using low-quality keratin treatment kits, or inappropriate post-care.

What Should I Do If My Keratin Treatment Only Lasted a Month?

If your keratin only lasts a month, you can opt to reapply it immediately, reverse it, or find ways to manage the frizz as you wait for the keratin treatment to clear from your hair strands naturally.

If you want straight hair, speak to your hairstylist about reapplying the keratin treatment. On the other hand, you can wash out and exfoliate keratin from your hair. Or, wait for the keratin to gradually clear from your hair. It will take six weeks to six months for your hair to resume its natural curl pattern.

Reapplying Keratin Treatment

reapplying keratin treatment

It is safe to reapply for a keratin treatment after one month. However, keep in mind that the hair is quite fragile, and reapplication may cause it to fall.

The key to a successful reapplication is using the right keratin treatment formula and following the required application steps. An experienced stylist should do the reapplication to prevent damage to the hair and ensure that the treatment works.

How to Reverse a Keratin Treatment

If you would rather wash the keratin treatment from your hair, there are several ways to go about it. Each method entails exfoliating the hair and then moisturizing it. You can wash out the keratin yourself or have your hair stylist do it.

Below are some of the top options for washing out keratin treatment from your hair:

Yogurt and Sea Salt or Coconut Oil and Sea Salt

The first option is to make a hair mask using yogurt, sea salt, coconut oil, and sea salt. You then wet your hair sparingly and apply a generous amount of the mask. Massage it into the hair and scalp and leave it on the hair for 45 minutes. Then, rinse the hair thoroughly, pat it dry with a soft towel, and leave it to air dry.

Sea salts or sodium chloride salts have a gritty texture that exfoliates the hair strands.

Yogurt and coconut oil then come in to moisturize the hair. Coconut is alkaline and opens up the cuticles to loosen any residual keratin, enabling it to wash away. On the other hand, yogurt provides lubrication for the sea salt particles for effective scrubbing.

Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

bentonite clay hair mask

A bentonite clay hair mask serves as a deep hair cleanser. It removes dirt build-up in the hair. When applied to keratin-treated hair, it removes keratin from the cuticles and hair strands.

Clarifying Shampoo

A clarifying shampoo is one of the easiest ways to wash out keratin from your hair. It cleanses the hair deeply, causing the keratin treatment to wear off. However, if it has a high pH, a low pH conditioner should be followed up to restore the hair’s hydration level. For the best result, use it for two to three days consecutively.

Sulfate Shampoo

using sulfate shampoo for keratin treated hair

One of the aftercare recommendations for keratin-treated hair is to avoid using sulfate shampoo as it will strip off the hair of keratin. So, to reverse your keratin treatment, wash your hair with a sulfate shampoo. You can add sodium chloride to the shampoo for an exfoliating effect.

Follow up with a deep moisturizing shampoo. Wash your hair with sulfate shampoo two to three times a week for the best results.

Tips for Managing Frizz

applying oil for frizzy keratin treated hair

If you allow the keratin treatment to clear up naturally, you will need to find ways of managing the frizz. First, wash your hair regularly, at least once every week, to wash out the keratin.

You can use a clarifying shampoo or a PH-balanced shampoo. Then, keep your hair hydrated. Follow up the weekly washes with a deep hydrating conditioner or treatment. Air dry the hair or use the blow drier in a low-temperature setting.

Also, massage some argan or extra virgin olive oil on the scalp, hair strands, and ends to nourish and moisturize the hair. Sleep in a silk bonnet or on a silk pillowcase to prevent the hair from tangling.

If your keratin-treated hair starts to become frizzy after a month, you can opt to reapply the treatment, wash it out completely, or let the treatment clear up from your hair naturally.

Choose an option that works best for you without causing further damage to your hair. Keep your hair hydrated and nourished to promote healthy hair.

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