10 Best Ear Trimmers To Get Rid of Nasty Hair

A well-groomed look is a mirror reflecting a smart personality and confidence. And that doesn’t confine to grooming beards and head hair.

Those nasty hair that pop out through the ears needed to get rid of. Otherwise, they are enough to make you embarrassed in public places.


Why Use Ear Hair Trimmer?

Tiny hair in the ear is necessary as they act as a filter for preventing the dust, debris, germ particles from entering into the body or inner ear through ear canals. They act in coordination with the ear wax to keep away those unwanted particles. So, having tiny hair in the ear is a good thing.

However, sometimes excessive growth of hair at such places occurs. This may be a sign of a person stepping into old age or can be due to some other reasons. This hair growth is prominent in men’s case, fortunately, less in the case of women.

Tools are available by which you can clip out that excessive hair, which is nothing but the ‘ear hair trimmers.’ They are specialized devices made for trimming hair present in the delicate skins of ears.

The ear trimmers are the best alternative to scissors or tweezers. Scissors don’t cut the hair from the proper length, and it is also difficult to use scissors in ears. It can also cut the skin if not used carefully. The tweezers pull the hair from its root. These can be extremely painful.

Since a small amount of hair is always necessary for natural filtration, the tweezers are not the good one to use for the ear as they pull the whole hair by roots.


Types of Ear Hair Trimmer

1. Manual Ear Hair Trimmer

These trimmers are operated by hand. It consists of two handles that need to be squeezed by hand to cut the hair. In this type of trimmers, you don’t need to worry about the power running out.

You can use them anytime and anywhere. However, it requires much effort by the hand, and it takes time to complete the process.


2. Battery-Powered Ear Hair Trimmer

These trimmers require a battery to operate. Once the batteries are put on the trimmer and with a button click on, you can start your trimming. They are time-saving and requires little or no effort by the user.


3. Working of Battery-Powered Ear Hair Trimmer

When you turn on the trimmer, the battery provides the energy to the motor to run. The motor will cause the blades to present inside the protective guard to follow the circular or rotary motion. Once the rotating trimmer is brought near the ear’s hair, the hair gets caught inside the guard through its slits, and then the blade trims the hair off.

Now a day’s foil guard and side action ear trimmers are also available, which is a bit different from the rotary head from its action but are rare in use.


Things To Consider Before Buying An Ear Hair Trimmers


The blade’s design and sharpness determine the efficiency and extent to which a trimmer can cut well. For quick trimming, dual-edged blades are the best blades to consider in a trimmer. As the name suggests, these blades have dual sharp edges that do the trimming of the hair.

These blades can ensure that the hair is cut from its top edge and both side’s edges. If you buy a trimmer with other conventional blades, it can cut hair only from the trimmer’s sides and miss out on those top portions.


Protective Guards

It’s obvious that the trimmer will use sharp steel blades to cut the hair. There always lies a chance that those sharp blades can contact the skin, which can cause cuts, nicks, or scratches. These cuts can worsen if it happens in areas where there are delicate skins such as of ear.

Hence a trimmer with a protective guard helps to maintain a distance between blades and skins. It acts as a shield to disallow the blade-skin contact and ensures that only hair is cut and leaves an optimal hair length for natural filtration.



When you have to trim off hair from areas such as the ear can be extremely annoying if the device is noisy. So to look for a noise-free device is always a better option to consider.



Every trimmer requires a handle that must have anti-slip properties. That, too, is the case with these ear hair trimmers. With a good grip, you can draw out the best performance by the trimmer.


Slim Design

If you are a travel lover, those compact and slim designs can help you keep the trimmer in bags or luggage and take it with you wherever you want to achieve the best-groomed look.

Besides, a lightweight trimmer can be handier to use. Heavier trimmers can tire your arms quickly when you are holding them up for trimming.



If you’re one of those who don’t like to invest much money to buy a single trimmer just for ear trimming, then you can go for those which come with additional attachments. This can prove to provide extra grooming benefits with a single trimmer body.

Here Is A List Of 10 Best Ear Hair Trimmers

1. FlePow Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


Multifunctional FlePow’s ear hair trimmer is a must thing to include in a personal grooming kit. The trimmer can be used for trimming hair from the ear, eyebrow, and even those tiny facial hair.

The best thing to say is that both men and women can use it. Battery operated; this trimmer consists of dual-edged stainless steel blades sharp enough to trim the hair without pulling it from the roots.

A protective cover surrounds the blades so that those sharp blades won’t nick or cut your skin. A painless experience and quick action can be achieved by the powerful motor that runs 5% faster with 6500 revolutions per minute.

You might be thinking of the noise coming from the robust motor. Good to say, the trimmer is pretty quiet with a noise level less than 50db.

With five minutes of usage, you can work it for 6 months, too, with a single AA battery. When it comes to cleaning, the trimmer body is entirely rubber made; hence it is waterproof. The removable head does the cleaning faster; you just need to rinse it under tap water. You can use a cover lid to protect the trimmer head from dust.


  • Powerful motor for quick trimming.
  • Whisper quiet trimmer.
  • 360-degree rotating dual-edge blades.
  • IPX7 waterproof design.
  • Low battery power consumption.


  • Has a huge body when compared to others on the list.


2. Wahl 5545-400 Ear Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


Wahl has always tried to maintain its consistency in producing top and professional grooming kits, including hair clippers and trimmers. Wahl’s 5545-400 ear trimmer is one of their best productions as per the reviews by its customers.

The trimming kit provides you an option to choose between three replaceable trimming heads. The main rotary head is exclusively for hygienic ear hair removal. You can also use it for trimming nose hair.

You can use the detailer head having a serrated blade on one side to trim the hair of areas such as sideburns, necklines, eyebrows, etc. These are the areas that require the machine to be highly skilled to do precise detailing without worsening the alignment of hair. This head is made to accomplish those perfect trimmed shapes.

The reciprocating head has a cutting side at its top. It smoothly glides over the skin for extra detailing and removal of hair in between the areas of the eyebrows.

Two guide combs are also included to customize the cutting lengths if you need them. Besides, the trimmer can be used in both wet and dry environments. All three heads are equipped with sharp stainless steel blades.


  • Multifunctional interchangeable three heads.
  • Battery operated cordless trimming experience.
  • Size is perfect for travel.
  • Lightweight and waterproof.
  • Long-lasting steel blades.


  • The body material seems fragile.


3. Panasonic ER-GN70-K Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


It’s always a mess for some people when it comes to clean up those small hair clippings that fall onto the sink. Taking this into consideration, Panasonic had come up with an extra featured ER-GN70-K ear hair trimmer with a built-in micro vacuum system.

This vacuum is built inside the trimmer, whose base is in the form of a wire mesh, where fine cut hair clippings would be collected whenever the hair draws into the trimmer. Once you’re over with your trimming, you can clean off and dispose of the clippings by removing the trimmer head.

However, it comes under additional pros of a trimmer. To judge a trimmer, the main feature to look for is always its cutting efficiency, and luckily, this trimmer satisfies that too.

The powerful motor with a high velocity of 9400 cuts per minute provides high performance to trim any hair type, including the coarser one. The trimmer is apt to use even in wet conditions, i.e., you can use it in showers.

Highly sealed battery slots and the trimmer’s body make it fully submerge it in water for cleaning without causing any damage to the device.

The outer protection cone prevents the direct blade contact with the skin. This versatile trimmer can be used for removing eyebrows and facial hair too. The trimmer body is slightly bent from its middle, forming a certain angle to provide a perfect hand grip. Furthermore, the black polished finish in the trimmer adds a special charm to its look.

Apart from this, the blades can trim the optimal length of ear hair to preserve the natural filtering system to act as a protective barrier from particles.


  • High-speed motor.
  • Micro vacuum to trap trimmer hair.
  • Hypoallergenic blades for sensitive skin.
  • Sleek and slim design for perfect travel use.
  • Cleaning brush in the kit for easy wiping of hair.


  • 2 AAA batteries are required for just 40 minutes of usage.


4. Liberex Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


Trimming that hair from the delicate skin of the ear can be difficult in dim lightroom. This struggle would increase when you have to reach those hard dark areas of your ears, which can’t be seen even in a bright room. Liberex ear hair trimmer is equipped with an LED light source.

The LED lights illuminate and guide you to clearly see and reach hair by looking from the mirror. The grooming part of the trimmer head rotates at a 360-degree angle to trim off the hair evenly from all sides of the ears.

Highly efficient dual-edge blade design helps catch the hair from its top and both sides to quickly trim the hair within a few minutes. Simple twisting towards the left side (anticlockwise) unlocks the trimmer head for its removal to wash or clean.

Similarly, the same can be put back by placing and twisting towards the right side (clockwise) to lock it safely on the trimmer body.

The head is small so that it can go even into the narrower ear without any struggle around.


  • Built-in LED light for illumination.
  • Removable trimmer head.
  • Dustproof lid for closing the trimmer.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Handy little tool.


  • Some users say that the cutting tip becomes hot.


5. Panasonic ER-GN30-K Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


Unlike the conventional blade that cuts off only from its one edge, the dual edges blade design cuts the hair from its side edges and top edges of the trimmer. Thus, it helps to get rid of more hair painlessly within a few spinning of blades. The trimmer quickly trims ear and nose hair, mustaches, beards, and eyebrow shaping without any hassle.

The blade is hypoallergenic, which means it can be used for sensitive skin areas/people without causing any irritation. The curved design of the trimmer head enclosing the blades from all its sides ensures a safe trimming experience.

For easy cleaning, the trimmer is featured with a Vortex Cleaning system. With this immersible cleaning system, you won’t require to remove the heads off for cleaning.

When you keep the head under the faucet with its power on, the water enters into the trimmer head from its topsides, and water gets spun inside the head, finally flushes out through the vents made at the base of the head.

A protective cap and a cleaning brush come along with the package. A single AA battery can run the trimmer up to 90 minutes. The device is travel friendly and can be kept in bags/ luggage.


  • Comfortable for a wet and dry shave.
  • Light in weight (2.2 ounces).
  • Quick and easy to trim.
  • Suitable for both men and women.


  • Not durable.


6. EKR Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


When you look at this trimmer, the first thing you’ll notice will be it’s nice polished and stylish black look. The trimmer is highly compact and slim. One press on the button, and you’re ready to go with your job.

The trimmer heads are intelligently designed to follow the contours of your ears and face to remove the hair quickly. Super power-saving technology can help you operate the trimmer with the same AA battery for 12 months if used 5 minutes at a time.

What gives them the courage to buy a trimmer is obvious to say will be its safety features, and without any doubt, the EKR trimmer wouldn’t disappoint you. The trimmer head is designed by slightly bending it to a 23-inch angle from its body along with its skin-safe technology, greatly reduces the risk of nicks, cuts, and gives a nice clean trim.

The water-resistant body allows it to water it down without any efforts. Like others, this trimmer too can be used in the shower. Top clean packaging and its presentation make this trimmer ideal for gifting to others.


  • Replaceable skin safe blade.
  • Maximum performance with its power-saving motor.
  • Intelligent contoured design.
  • Smart micro vacuum system for easy cleaning.
  • Suitable for ear, facial, beards, and eyebrow hair.


  • It doesn’t come with a battery.


7. Wahl 5643-300 Lithium Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


The Wahl Company claims itself to be the no 1 brand in personal trimmers. That may be because of the customer’s satisfaction, and the improvements it brings in every successive trimmer made them confident of claiming these words.

This Wahl’s lithium pen hair trimmer is almost similar to Wahl’s 5545-400 model but with some extra enhanced features and changes in its look.

If we talk about the heads, there are three interchangeable trimmer heads: detailer, reciprocating and rotary head made for special areas (similar to the 5545-400 model). The rotary head that does the job of ear hair trimming is made of stainless steel blades sharp to give out precision trimming.

They had added extra in this model trimmer using lithium batteries (included in the kit) by replacing the need for AA batteries. The advantage of using lithium batteries is that they are lighter. Hence, it doesn’t contribute to weight when it comes to portable devices. Such battery provides twice power and is ideal for years of usage.

The trimmer body is coated with blue anodized aluminum, giving it a classy metallic look when it comes to design. The blades are rinseable under the faucet. Since the blade is stainless, you don’t need to worry about stains forming when rinsed with water.

Battery-operated cordless trimmer is ideal for travel use. The slim and compact designed trimmer can be stored in a bag (unfortunately, the travel pouch is not included).


  • Multipurpose three replaceable heads.
  • Stainless sharp steel blades.
  • Metallic aluminum body.
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery for long usage.


  • Lithium batteries are expensive.


8. Philips Norelco Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


Philip’s ear hair trimmers are one of the best trimmers available in the market. The trimmer comes with two heads that are easy to snap as per the requirement. The dedicated ear hair trimmer head can gently pull out the hair without causing any pulling or snagging.

The blades are shielded from your skin to protect the skin from being cut. The thin head, along with a powerful lithium AA battery, would make your grooming much easier to obtain a decent look.

Another head is for eyebrow shaping and trimming, which will shape the hair precisely and quick action. The rubber handle is soft to touch and will give you a perfect grip for controlling the trimmer to reach the desired area.

It doesn’t have a button-based switch, which can trouble you by getting jammed inside after frequent uses. Just twisting the mid-unit can turn it on/off. Moreover, indicators are drawn to display whether the device is in on/off position.

Additionally, the trimmer has been designed in a perfectly angled way to reach those uneven surfaces inside your ear. Two guide combs with 3 mm and 5 mm can be attached with the eyebrow trimmer head to adjust the cutting length.


  • Can trim the hair from different angles.
  • Two heads; one for eyebrows and other for ear hair trimming.
  • Lithium battery powered trimmer for high performance.
  • Ultra-precise and sharp blades.
  • Guarded blades for skin safety.


  • Not recommended for use in the shower or during bathing (as per instruction manual).


9. ToiletTree Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


The apt caption for this ToiletTree ear hair trimmer is ‘no pain with all gain.’ The ergonomic design of the handle is there for you to provide a better-controlled grip over the trimmer. Comfortable grip means you’ve reached on the halfway for perfect trimming.

This trimmer is specially designed for ear hair and works well to detail other areas such as eyebrows, beard, goatees, etc. The trimmer body is made up of stainless steel, which adds durability to the product, unlike those plastic made fragile trimmers.

For easy cleaning, a waterproof body is a must, and the ToiletTree trimmer satisfies this too. Plus, you can use it anywhere, i.e., in showers, sinks, or bathrooms. The rotary motor rotates the blades in a circular motion that allows the trimmer to cut the hair from all sides with few passes over the required area.

The bright LED light would highlight those hard to see hair for better hair trimming.


  • Lifetime replacement guaranteed trimmer.
  • Heavy-duty trimmer.
  • Lightweight yet powerful.
  • Stainless steel body and blade design.
  • No pulling of hair.


  • Some users say about its switch button issues.


10. ConairMAN Ear Hair Trimmer

Best Ear Hair Trimmers


The ConairMAN’s ear hair trimmers can make your trimming a lot easier with its unique blade design. The trimmer comes with a diamond-shaped three blades that cut the ear hair from the top, middle, and bottom. Blades move fast to get the job done efficiently and painlessly.

Not only does this product do the trimming well, but the compact and durable design pushes it over the top into a must one to have in a grooming kit. The trimmer can work well, turn fast on uneven skins, and quick in all types of hair; adding, it is very gentle on the ears’ thickest hair.

For grooming other areas, a separate attachment is provided. The detailer attachment head and shaver attachment head can be put up on the trimmer body for fine detailing of beards, necklines, sideburns, eyebrows, and other facial hair.

Here again, the blades can rotate at a 360-degree angle for effective hair removal. A travel pouch helps to store all the accessories and trimmer in one place. The lid can be used to cover the head when not in use.


  • Unique diamond-shaped 3 blades.
  • Detailer and shaving attachments are included.
  • Battery-powered, portable, and powerful.
  • Quick and easy hair removal.
  • Precise and effective cutting.


  • Shower use is not recommended.


How To Use A Ear, Hair Trimmer?

Step 1: Before using an ear trimmer, the first thing that one must do is read the manual and instructions carefully, like how to turn it on/off. How to use its switch buttons, or it has any other options to turn it on.

For example, some trimmers do not have switch buttons; it needs to get twisted or rotated from its body to turn it on. So you must be clear about all its instructions.

Step 2: Try to test the trimmer in hand to check whether it’s working properly. By doing this, you can also understand how close you’ll need to bring the trimmer to trim the ear hair.

Step 3: The next step is to choose a bright room. Even though some trimmers come with built-in LED lights, they are only to illuminate the deep inside hair. You can’t rely upon those LED’s to show lights. So make sure that you’re in a well-lit room.

Step 4: Before proceeding to the trimming process, you must clean your ears well to get rid of the dirt that may hinder the trimming process. Arrange a proper mirror by which you can look at the areas and trim it accordingly.

Step 5: Now, turn on the trimmer, start from the sides and proceed towards the top. Do it in a circular motion along all four sides of a trimmer.

Never try to insert the trimmer too deep into the ear canal. This can damage your sense of organ. Don’t try to remove all the hair by passing over the same area many times.

Step 6: Once you’re over with the trimming, clean it.


How To Clean The Ear Hair Trimmer?

Cleaning is very important in the case of ear trimmer. If you use it next time without cleaning, then the hair present already in the trimmer head along with dust, debris would enter your ear.

Step 1: Cleaning is very easy and straight forward in the case of ear trimmers. Make sure that your trimmer is waterproof before proceeding to clean it underwater.

Step 2: You need to first remove the head from the body by twisting.

Step 3: Then, you can either blow off the stubbles from the head or rinse the water under a faucet.

Step 4: Once cleaning is over, you can dry it using a towel and store them in a storage pouch or a proper place.


Some Do’s And Don’ts With An Ear Hair Trimmer

  • To maintain hygiene, never share the trimmer with another person.
  • Don’t use those trimmers in showers/ baths, which are not meant to be.
  • Do check the trimmer on light areas such as hands before putting it into the ear.
  • If you don’t use the trimmer regularly, then you can remove the battery to prevent any chemical damage.
  • Never use any hard materials to clean the trimmer blade; this can make the blades dull. You can use a soft cleaning brush or rinse with water.
  • Keep the trimmers in safe places, so that they won’t fall off and break.
  • Don’t insert the trimmer in deep areas of the ear.
  • Discontinue the use if any irritation occurs.