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18 Beautiful Purple Balayage Hairstyles to Stand Out

Purple balayage hairstyles are a great choice for a bold yet graceful look. It freshens your whole outlook, suits any complexion, and makes you look younger.

Basically, balayage is a technique where hair is dyed to create a natural effect. To give your hair a magical effect, there are umpteen shades of purple, including lavender, pastel plum, or violet.

We have listed some unique styling ideas for a natural and subtle look. Whether you have long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly hair, you can try them. So, Get ready to be inspired for your next bold look.


Glamorous Purple Balayage Hair Color

Scroll through various ideas below and pick the most enticing purple shade that best fits your overall look.

Dark Purple Balayage

dark purple balayage hair

If you are obsessed with shades of purple and blue, why don’t you combine both to create a beautiful fusion in your hair? Try out this blue-purple hair color to make your dull and boring look more happening.


Fairy Faded Curls

purple balayage on blonde curls

Be ready to make a style statement with mind-blowing hair looks. This light to dark balayage begins in a deeper purple before fading to a silvery lilac for a super pretty look.

Then, combine blondes with fairy pink and violet to get yourself a hair masterpiece.


Electric Purple Tresses

purple balayage hair with loose waves

Blending pink and purple tones with each other will give your hair a contrasting eye-catching look.

Moreover, it’s a casual way to add funk to your look without being too extreme to your comfort line. This silky and attractive hairdo– paired perfectly with accessories and bold lip shade, will turn heads.


Ash Brown Bob

short purple balayage hair

For blonde or light brown hair, this purple balayage hairstyle is suitably best to slay your look.

This short bob style is effortlessly gorgeous, especially if you have a square face shape, as this color blend will enhance your facial edges.


Dark Lilac Afro Style

purple balayage hair on natural hair

This purple balayage hairstyle is a beautiful way to give your curly hair a stunning transformation.

These shades are often paired with hints of white or silver to give texture to your manes. To keep this hair color long-lasting, prefer good quality hair products and shampoos.


Lavender Pink Waves

pastel purple balayage hair

These pure cool-toned colors, when combined together, create a gorgeous ombre effect on your hair ends.

These bright shades will fade super quickly if you do not use high-maintenance products. It is a pretty shade that will make you feel young in your attire and keep you confident.


Caramel Violet Streaks

purple balayage hair with bangs

Simply wow! Brown and purple hair never looked so good, right? For this purple balayage hairstyle, combine light brown and ashy purple highlights within your black hair.

And voila, enjoy the artistic look. Then, add more dimensions by giving your locks a vibrant look.


Sassy Mauve Highlights

faded purple balayage bob

This icy mauve balayage is one of the prettiest hairstyles for your purple obsession. This color adds a feminine touch to enhance your bold personality.

Transform your nerdy style with this antique, retro hair color choice that doesn’t require much effort to care for.


Rocking Magenta Lob

Dyeing your hair with a magenta and midnight blue color is perfect for a bold and daring style.

Though it needs special care and the right amount of hair care routine, it is one of the most impressive hair shades to bring some versatility to your locks.


Fairy Lights Updo

curly updo with purple balayage hair

Fascinated with the colors of a unicorn? How about creating a bright color palette for your hair? These purple, pink, and indigo hues create a bright 3-D effect and give an extra pop to the ringlets of your updo.

Then, for a more beautiful textured look, spread out your flairs untidily and let that mess do the magic.


Bright Purple Swirls

curly purple balayage hair

Looking for some playful purple balayage hairstyle inspiration? This bright shade is for every skin tone and gives you enticing freedom to express your style.

So keep your curls two-toned with subtle brown and deep purple and prep yourself for the center of attraction. It will surely turn several heads towards you.


Munsell Purple Hair

middle part purple balayage hair

Mixing some purple and pink for a surreal transformation makes your hair waves seem more natural.

As it is a combination of electric pink and violet base colors, it could create a balance for your undertones and brighten your face structure.


Unicorn Streaks

peekaboo purple balayage hair

If you are looking for a subtle pastel color vibe, this unicorn purple balayage hairstyle shines best. Pink and purple blended nicely with baby blue enhance your loose curls, mesmerizing.

Don’t use heat stylers and blow-drying techniques to make your unicorn hair long-lasting and healthy.


Icy Purple Hues

long purple balayage hair

Play romantic with a modern purple twist. This light and cool purple shade has a longer life and can remain fresh throughout all the seasons.

It is most suitable for medium-length haircuts with textured waves. This pastel purple shade is appropriate for all types of skin tones and looks great overall.


Purpink Tousles

braided hairstyle with purple balayage hair

Subtle highlights are easy to blend with your natural manes. With a dark magenta tone at the top and a baby pink hue at the bottom, you can flaunt a classy multi-hued look.

Make a loose braid with the front tresses to get a fairy look. You can also use beautiful hair accessories or colorful glasses to outshine your look.


Raspberry Swirls

wavy purple balayage bob

This shade offers a vampire look that starts with burgundy roots and creates a blend of subtle blue through the center. As a result, you’ll be left with a rich purple-red hue.

Use premium quality shampoo and conditioner in your routine to lock your hair color for a durable time.


Vibrant Fuschia Layers

hairstyle with purple balayage hair

The multilayered brown and purple balayage hairstyle will give your natural swirls a creative spunk. Blonde hair blends well with purple tones and gives a funky fusional style.

If you want to try this shade, a shade of purple similar to your blonde will suits you best.


Bubblegum Splash

purple balayage hair with highlights

This multicolored shade with hues of blue, pink, and lilac is refreshing for spring. It casually adds some warmth to your personality.

Get ready to try out some pastel highlights or go for a funky pastel rainbow look. Schedule your hair care routines for long-lasting color pop.


Embracing variations of purple balayage hairstyles is not at all limited to one or two hair techniques but numerous. You can completely transform or just add highlights to your dull and boring hairstyle to make it look more fashionable and dazzling.

However, these subtle shades need more care and maintenance to remain durable throughout the seasons. These shades will undoubtedly transform your whole look.

Anyways, while choosing any hair color, don’t forget to keep your skin, eye color, and dressing sense in your mind. Try out the best suitable purple hair color ideas from the above list and flaunt your newly transformed waves cheerfully.