30 Cool and Carefree Butch Haircuts for Men

The Butch style is the one where the hair length is kept very short and is one of the most comfortable, easy and carefree hairstyles to carry by men. The butch influences minimalism and shows how stylish the men can look every time with such short hair. The cut keeps hair length short, and uniform and thereby doesn’t allow hair to twirl, wave or lie lifeless over your forehead. It saves your time managing your hair and settles your locks. Also, this is the hairstyle that goes perfectly for professionals, sportsman, teenagers and college goers. All the men who want to look great and stylish all the time with low maintenance, ado free and easy hairstyle; Butch Haircuts for Men are best-recommended style for you that comes with lots of variations and varieties.


The shallow hair butch cut with brown shade

The shorter and the simpler is what butch cut is all about. The style demands for very short trimmed hair with a brown shade. It is the best style to keep as it does not require any maintenance and yet look very cool and sophisticated. Men’s can carry this style with any kind of outfits, be it casual or formal and can grace the occasion with keeping a simple and sober style. The style makes your features look more prominent and focused.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The permed jet black butch hair cut

The very short permed butch cut looks so elegant and decent. It is best suited for oval shape and square-shaped faces. The short permed hair brings a nice texture and the front half rectangular cut followed by a curved end to the ears frames the face perfectly with a neat and clean look. It makes the forehead illustrious and prominent. This type of hairstyle can be best paired with formal blazers and waistcoats or formal shirts.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The velvety radiant butch with bald fade out sides

The hair is kept slightly longer to create a velvety texture. However, to attain this perfect velvety texture, a good quality hair with a soft, smooth texture is preferred. The growth of front hair with v-shape looks actually very attractive. The side hair is cut very short with a bald fade out effect. This style looks best on the guys with triangular shape face and oblong-shaped face. It can be carried off nicely in all occasions and at all places.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The very short velvety cut with bald side locks

The shallow density with very short trimmed hair is what the cut is all about. In this hairstyle, you can see the glossy and lustrous, smooth texture of hair with a shallow appearance of hair. This way of hairstyling makes your features look very attractive and catchy. The side hair is kept very short; in fact, you cut down with bald effect. The style brings a macho appearance and athletic look to the person.

Butch Haircuts for Men


Half moon with an arrow drawn at the front with butch

The hair is kept extremely short, just to bring a darker platform to make a perfect drawing. The half moon is drawn with an arrow at the very front top. It has sharpened the look and the hairstyle too. The color of the hair is kept black to make the cut at the front look more effective, attractive and dashing. It gives a huge forehead and brings a handsome personality and charm with its unique and creative style.

Butch Haircuts for Men


Symmetric cut with very short trimmed butch

The completely black hair cut evenly all around the head using clippers looks very neat and clean. This hairstyle is primarily for the guys who like to have no fuss. The guys who like to keep their styling short and simple and do not want to spend their time on these things should opt this style and look handsome every time. This kind of styling is best paired with all types of attires be it casual, semi formals or formals.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The burgundy and ashy black butch cut

Here, in this style the color of hair is two-toned. The color of top hair is burgundy brown whereas side hair is ashy black. Also, the side hair is trimmed to very short, hair of both sides kept uneven and indifferent from the top. The top hair is reasonably longer than the side hair. Side hair appears to very shallow with bald fading out effect. The longer top hair is giving a radiant and soft texture with a brown hue, and the black ashy side hair with shallow density are complimenting the butch hairstyle.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The mess-free pepper look butch

The butch cut is the easiest haircuts to go for. It is effortless to maintain, and you can even get the desired butch look at home by yourself. In other hairstyles, a lot of maintenance and time is required to manage the hair perfectly, but the butch cut is hard to mess up. In this styling, the hair is cut very short equally and evenly in all dimensions to create the pepper look. This style does not require even combing up. You are always ready with this style.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The forehead defining butch with highlighting the front hairline

A butch cut is a kind of hairstyle that allows you to just get up and go as it does not need any styling further. Yeah, but it does make you bound to just one look. You can try anything different when you are carrying this hairstyle. This hairstyle is mainly for those men who like to be free and do not want any fuss. Clippers can give you perfect butch style. This style is highlighting the hairline of the forehead and making the features look attractive.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The simple and classy butch with black hair

This is the better look. Keeping the hair length around half an inches makes the head look filled up and complete. Extremely short hair brings a smooth appearance. A slightly less skinhead contrast on the top, this kind of butch involves cutting of the hair with the same hair length on all around the head with the help of clippers by setting it on 1, 2 or 3 guard. This is the most unadorned style to go for with no barber fees.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The ashy grey and brown butch cut with a buzz

Clippers are the important hair instrument to achieve this kind of butch look with perfection. With clippers, you just have to decide on what type of look you want and make proper settings to get that look. Any guard number from 3 to 5 will give you this kind of neat and tidy butch with longer hair. The use of hair color can bring a huge difference in your hair styling. Here, the two-tone of color making the style look so unique and artistic.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The buzzed up top with shorter side hair

The clipper is set on 5 to get the top hair look, and for the side hair, guard number 2 or 3 is perfect to get this look. The shorter side is complimenting the top hair perfectly and enhancing their look. The hairline is looking so detailed and defining with all the geometrical appearance looking illustrious. The tattoos are helping in improving the features even more and make the guy look very attractive and dashing.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The black butch with longer and defined side locks

In this hairstyle, the styling is done from head to the cheeks portion. The hair is trimmed by keeping the guard number at 4 or 5 of the clipper, and the side locks are kept wide and longer. This is the unique and creative style. Though, it needs proper maintenance and time to time trimming. This type of butch cut can be carried off with style in all occasions and with all types of outfits.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The blended black, brown-hued butch

These types of hairstyles are mostly seen on the heads of men who are into a job or duty where they need to do rigorous work. Butch cut allows you to stay fuss-free and makes you look presentable and stylish without requiring any routine styling up. That is why butch cut hairstyle is also known as uniform cut and is a part of buzz cut family. This hairstyle brings perfect velvety texture with a double toned hue of black and brown. The man in this cut is looking very charming and stylish.

Butch Haircuts for Men


High and tight butch cut hairstyle

In this style; the professionals keep around an inch long hair at the top. High and tight hair cut is attained perfectly by trimming the rest of the back and side hair of the head using a 1 or 2 guard number of the clipper and preferably increases up the number of guard by two sizes on the top of the head to make the top look prominent, focused and brings a great contrast.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The grey and shallow induction cut

The induction cut is the style where the hair is kept shortest of all buzz cuts. Usually, military persons are the ones who started to keep this hairstyle as they have to carry out a hectic job and do not have time for styling. But now a day, it has become trendy among celebrities and younger generations. They are also going for induction cut with applying different variations.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The buzzed up butch

The super cool style with defining front arrow line is terrific. The hair is kept at guard number 4 to 5 to get this texture. The hair is cut equally all around the head to bring the symmetry in style. The color of hair is kept black with the touch of brown shade. It is hard to count the number of variations that we can get in this butch hair cut. Any person can get the butch cut customized to suits his own personality and look. Butch hairstyles can be worn differently with different lengths, colors, and cuts.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The low dense, high tight butch

This style is influenced from high tight butch hairstyle only, but in this style, the top hair is kept reasonably short, and the side hair is kept much shorter than the top hair. The guard number of the clipper is kept at 3 0r 4 to cut the top hair whereas the guard number is kept 1 to cut the side hair and top hair. These hairstyles can be personalized depending on your work, a way of living and sense of styling.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The sharp front butch with fading out bald

The style is really amazing and very apt for teenagers, college goers, and sportsman. It is simply very stylish and at the same time leave you fuss-free. The hair is kept around an inch long on the top and around the top. The end hair of the side and back of the head is cut by creating the effect of fading out bald. The front hairline is cut in a way to make a rectangular appearance of the forehead.

Butch Haircuts for Men


The peppered induction look

This induction cut comes into many variations and gives you many ways of styling in its simplest and easy way. The hair is simply trimmed extremely short by setting the guard number at 1 of the clipper. The texture is very nice and looks like sprinkled pepper. It gives a nice appearance and brings a great style. This style is apt for athletes to carry.

Butch Haircuts for Men

These are the 20 best-sorted butches cut hairstyles for men that you can think about to look stylish and stay worry-free and fuss-free. The style was actually originated for athletes and military persons but the dashing macho like appearance created by the style has made it so much trendy and fashionable.


Hard parting and skin fade

This hair has a hard side parting, even though the hair isn’t long enough to have a real part. This makes it a very interesting style. There’s a skin fade on one side that makes this one of many very butch haircuts for men.

butch haircut with line


Easy bristle style

This hairstyle is very easy to create. It’s about a number one buzz cut, and it’s not any thicker than the prickly full beard that the style has. There’s no styling, no parting in the hair, just an easy buzz cut style.

short butch haircut


Blunt hairline bristle look

This is another even style look among butch haircuts for men. The hair is all the same length and  very short, number two haircut. The hairline is very square which gives a macho and butch appearance. It works well with a masculine and angular face.

butch haircut with short brown hair


Slightly longer on top

This hair looks to be almost like a buzz cut, but the hair is slightly longer on top while the sides of the hair are most stubbly. It adds something interesting about the look, but it’s still very butch and won’t take any styling at all to maintain.

butch haircuts for men


Platinum blonde bristles

If you want a look that will turn heads but remain butch, then here is one that you might like. It is short and bristly, but it’s also a platinum blonde color that will get you a few impressive looks. It’s a great look for younger men who want to stand out.

butch haircut with blonde hair


Minty green shade

This hair has a minty green color that makes it unique, but the cut is still very much butch. It’s shaved down to the tiniest bristles on the sides, and it’s only slightly longer on top with some that’s just long enough to push to one side.

butch haircut with short green hair


Buzzed curls and shaved patterns

This cut is great for men with tightly curled hair. There’s a skin fade on the sides and the top of the hair is buzzed down so it looks like a highly textured buzz cut. There are several sharp stripes buzzed into the hair on one side to make the look more interesting.

black guy with butch haircut


Hard fade bristle

This looks like it’s the same length all around, but it’s not. The top is slightly longer and thicker than the sides. You can see that as there is a very hard line where the thickness starts to thin out to create the side parts of the hair.

butch haircut with fade


Gray and coarse

This hair is grey and very simple. It’s textured hair, but no effort was made to style the texture out. The hair is cut in the same length all over the head, and it’s so short that you can’t even run your fingers through it. It’s about the same thickness as most eyebrow hair.

older man with butch haircut


Platinum cut with darker beard

This platinum cut has a skin fade and it’s extremely short. The heard is slightly darker and longer and suits a masculine and squared jawline. You’ll look really fantastic.

butch haircut with ash blonde hair