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12 Hottest Hair Colors For Blue Eyes To Try Now

Your hair color can do wonders for your whole look. You can coordinate it with your clothes, your makeup, and even your eye color. If you want the best hair color for blue eyes, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Whether it’s light, dark, or something unique and unnatural, you can easily find a shade that’ll draw all the right attention to you. The styles that go well with the colors will also help you to look more beautiful.

So, let’s get into this list, and you can pick the hair color that you like best. You can also experiment with these colors over the course of your life. There are so many that you’re sure to want to try out more than one of them.


Fun Facts You Need to Know About Blue Eyes

thick wavy black hair with blue eyes

We admire black hair and blue eyes so much that we want to share with you some of the interesting facts about them:

Blue eyes aren’t blue

If they’re not blue, what are they? It’s brown eyes with the least amount of melanin.

Fun fact: Our eyes only have brown pigments—no blue or green pigments. Blue and green eyes just look a certain way because of how the light strikes the eyes.


If you have blue eyes as a baby

It doesn’t mean that you can have blue eyes for life, because babies didn’t have the full amount of melanin pigment when they were born. So as they grow old, their irises may develop more melanin which causes their eyes to become brown eventually.


Women with blue eyes are all related

The first human to ever have blue eyes was a baby born 6000 to 10000 years ago. Blue eyes are considered a genetic mutation, and as researchers found out, everyone who has blue eyes today is related to that person.


Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes to Make You Thrive

Take a look at the hair colors and styles below that are ideal for women with blue eyes. There’s definitely something on this list that’ll make you want to change your style immediately.

1. Vibrant Red With Curls

auburn hair for blue eyes

Vibrant hair color is a fantastic hair color for blue eyes, and red is one of the most vibrant of them all. It’s a very natural style that has a richness to it that goes well with a sharp, light blue hair color. The curls add softness to the look.


2. Perfect Natural Blonde Hair

caramel blonde hair for blue eyes

Light hair and light eyes pair well together, so this hair color is truly incredible. Go for a medium golden blonde shade that will look perfectly natural, and if you have naturally blonde hair, then you don’t need to change a thing!


3. Pale Platinum Blonde

white blonde hair for blue eyes

This is another blonde hair color for blue eyes which is extremely light and uniform shade makes them stand out, as does light makeup with neutral tones. You’ll create an incredibly outstanding look with this hair color.


4. Long Brown Hair

long brown hair for blue eyes

A deep brown that’s in a medium tone but has light undertones is incredible for making dark blue eyes pop. People won’t be able to look away from how your eyes dazzle them. However, the effect is subtle, because the hairstyle is very natural and toned down.


5. Sleek Vibrant Red

red hair for blue eyes

As shown earlier, the red hair color does wonder with blue eyes. However, this red color is far more vivid, brighter, and richer. It looks natural even though it’s a rare color to be born with, and it emphasizes subtly blue eyes so they look brighter than they are.


6. Copper Blonde Beach Waves

copper blonde hair for blue eyes

Some people will think this hair color is a very dark blonde, others will call it a light brown. Some people will notice how it seems to be a very, very muted brown tone. You’ll mystify people with this one.


7. Brown to Blonde Look

curly blonde hair for blue eyes

This curly hairstyle starts off with dark roots and blossoms into having some lighter brown towards the top. The bottom of the hair, however, has a blonder shade of brown in it. The mixture of colors works together well to accentuate light blue eyes in the best way.


8. Dark Espresso Brown Hair

espresso brown hair for blue eyes

If you have super light, almost greyish blue eyes, then you need the best dark hair color to balance them out, and framing them with dark makeup helps. This brown shade is supernatural and beautiful, and there’s some honey blonde towards the end to make it more interesting and vibrant.


8. Subtle Brown Blonde Ombre

long ombre hair for blue eyes

Like above, this brown helps make light blue eyes pop. The hair starts with a very mousy brown color that turns into a warm honey blonde midway down the face. It’s the perfect way to keep your eyes popping without making your hair too dull, either.


9. Pastel Pink Shade With Dark Roots

pastel pink hair for blue eyes

Do you prefer unnatural hair colors? This is perfect. Dark roots add a pop of contrast, then the pastel pink is vibrant towards the top and becomes a subtler pastel shade as it goes down, the lightness matching the lightness of the eyes well.


10. Short Blonde Bob

short patinum blonde bob for blue eyes

If you want an understated look, this one is for you. People will be drawn to your hairstyle because their color stands out yet the actual hue is subtle, as the blonde helps create a neutral tone all over the face and head. The short bob style helps keep all the attention on your face, helping dazzle people with your look.


11. Pleasant Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair for blue eyes

This look is a strawberry blonde that can also be described as light blonde, and it’s great hair color for those blue eyes that look a little grey. It’s light enough to make sure the blue in your eyes shines through even when it’s most subtle, and the color itself is very interesting. It gets darker towards the ends of the curls, adding more depth to the look.


These hair colors and styles are truly fantastic for making your blue eyes become the highlight of your face. You’ll never look better than you will with one of these styles emphasizing your beautiful eyes.

There are many hair colors for blue eyes to choose from, so you’ll definitely end up with something that you love. Maybe your incredible hair color and your sparkling blue eyes will become your signature look, and everyone will come to you for hair and beauty tips from now on.

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