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22 Best Kanekalon Braiding Hair Ideas for Natural Hair

Unless you’ve aced a variety of hairstyles or your braiding skill is restricted to the vintage numerous-strand weave, Kanekalon braid hair is unmistakable.

This patterned hairdo has flooded the internet with vibrant images of girls donning colorful and curly twists. It quickly became a popular choice among modern women who like to think outside the box.

It’s no surprise if you want to give it a shot; it appears remarkable. However, you should ensure that you understand plenty about styling products. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of beautifying your tresses with Kanekalon braiding hair techniques and examples.


An Incredible Guide to Kanekalon Braids Styling

With whatever facial structure or hair texture, these hairstyles will have a vibe for you. Continue to browse.

Long White Braids

long white kanekalon braids for black girl

If you frequently wear a twist, you’ll love deep, lengthy Kanekalon braids. It makes a bold statement and skinnies round cheeks while emphasizing disparity.

Ask your hairstylist to add stunning white tints to your weave pattern with the split to make it last longer on all occasions.


Stylish Kanekalon Weaves

kanekalon weave braids for short hair

If you have laid-back or Kanekalon hair and carry a short bob, you can quickly recreate it along with your favorite plaited appearance.

The vigilant look will make it easier for you to adorn the center-layer bob pattern. An excellent example of how you might not need various hues to attract a lot of attention.


Vibrant Twist Braids

red and yellow kanekalon with braids

We’re obsessing throughout these braids embellished with bright red and yellow colors that look great on black women.

You have to become a designer when layering moderate braiding hair. However, don’t hinder yourself. Well, you can now fully utilize their texturizing prospects.


Unicorn Vibes

rainbow kanekalon braids

The colorful rainbow-covered layers add a flirty touch to this appearance. Add a few hair pieces of jewelry to spruce it up.

This colorful small box braids would be ideal for a picnic event. And you’re invariably up for some killer braids whenever and wherever you want.


White Blonde Braids

white kanekalon braids

When it comes to long braids, experimenting with shades is incredibly simple. There are no concerns about coloring or chemical treatment.

Now is the time if you’ve always wanted to try out vibrant colors like natural blonde. Playful yet bold lips and flawless skin will instantly transform you from basic to elegant.


Half-Up Ponytail

braided ponytail with kanekalon hair

Thick Kanekalon braids can always be dressed in a variety of forms. A half-up down chignon is a wonderful addition to lengthy locks for more of a teenage styling.

Use a few front pink and blonde weaves to shape blunt bangs upon a cool swirl. It will facilitate you quickly shake the ’80s hair pattern.


Purple Bantu Knots

kanekalon braiding hair with space buns

When you can carry many braids as you choose, tribal loops should be no different. Roll braids into several buns for a fun style. It is preferable to style them lengthy and feathery.

To achieve the look subtly, put the sections under. The fresher your natural hair is, the effect it will appear with them in place.


Red Crown Braid

bright red kanekalon braids

Autumn has shown up, but don’t be afraid to play with vibrant colors and layered looks. It’s like intending a braided hairstyle and a hair craft at the same time. The result can be simply breathtaking.

Gives your hair a fashionable and personalized texture. It’s essentially an opportunity to express yourself and be creative.


Side Braids

kanekalon braids for brown hair

Blobby one-sided braids are prominent this fall, but who says you only need a pair? This look deserves all weave Oscars, thanks to its inventive and closely modeled braid hair.

Depending on your preferences, you can keep multiple Kanekalon braids in identical or distinctive colors.


Grayish-Teal Braids

kanekalon braids for white girls

Kanekalon braids can be fashioned in a range of methods. It gorgeously creates depth and soothes the daring elevated bun aesthetically.

Infusing your braids with ash hues with hair pieces is among the finest options to enhance the vintage design.


Lengthy Wine Twists

kanekalon hair with braids

A hairstyle is ideal for any woman of any era. There are so many possibilities to adjust and create on your own.

You won’t be disappointed with this durable hairstyle, which comes in a variety of colors and styles, including straggly braids. Long Kanekalon braid hair in the rich wine and brown hues look gorgeous.


Half Up Space Buns

kanekalon braiding hair color

The skinnier plaits can be tricked into a variety of Kanekalon half-up hairdos, allowing this the ideal alternative for adventurous women.

The tidy little buns add to the classy finish, while the magenta tint allows the hair to appear playful.


Vanilla Blonde Chains

long kanekalon braids

Add some long sultry layers with black and blonde shades for extra drama. Then, allow your hairdresser to stitch them skillfully.

This braiding hair makes it simple to add a contrasting shade to several face-framing braids.


Natural Brunette Braids

long red kanekalon braids with beads

Lovely Kanekalon braids hairdos aren’t dependent on widths. Instead, select a layered haircut and have the hairdresser grab the layers for extra volume.

It’s a new thing to style braids that look very classy. Attaching the ornaments implies that we aim for a marvelous look.


Dutch Braids

kanekalon braids

If you desire to spice up your look, try bright colors and a dutch plaiting sense of style. The center part enables lovely hair to bounce across both ends.

It is ideal for a laid-back girl who enjoys connecting with her young self and expressing her emotions.


Multicolored Barbie Locs

purple ombre kanekalon with braids

Braid trends are regaining popularity as the generation experiences an upsurge in haute couture.

These lengthy braids with vibrant pink and fuchsia accents are the easiest thing you might do. Make puffer to smaller plaits and add hues for a unique look.


Half Up Half Down 

pink kanekalon with braids

Kanekalon braid hair isn’t always functional but also of the top standard and aesthetic allure. Applying lengthy perms provides complete control over your hair type.

As a result, you can wear loose braids or go for a reddish half-up style, including a bun.


Brown Bob

short brown kanekalon with braids

Think about your natural hair color for a minute. Then, integrate color to enhance your image without jeopardizing your hair’s vitality. Brown hues are woven into separate fibers for a pop of color.


Chunky Double Knots

braided hairstyle with kanekalon hair

Massive knots are fascinating and have a vintage feel. However, keep in mind that huge twists can be weighty or might pull over all corners. You can add a multicolored rising bun or chignon to this flexible Kanekalon braid hair.


White Locs

black woman with kanekalon braiding hair

Do you want anything special? You can, however, move your fingertips into them and relish the quirkiness of such lighter layers.

However, you can change the look by searching for specific braid widths. This hairstyle also perfectly accentuates the beauty of the jawline.


Cobalt Blue Weaves

french braided pigtails with kanekalon hair

We can’t take our gaze off this dutch braid look with massive strands dropping. Snazzy turquoise makes an excellent intensity color for black hair.

A darkened, grayish blue that transitions to seafoam green are ideal for a textured finish. It is preferable to adorn them lengthy and tight.


Baby Pink MicroBraids

pastel pink kanekalon braids

Whenever it gets to braid designs, the possibilities are wholly limitless. This Kanekalon braid hairstyle allows you to adopt the fall’s hottest color trends without committing to an entire coloring work.

Add a pop of color to your original hair color with a contrast color, such as this pink and soulful black appearance.


Want to try something different without worrying about hair damage? Well, go for our stunning Kanekalon braid hairstyles.

Choose any color you like from dark to bright and experiment with various patterns. No need to chop your hair, simply choose the right style and rock the look.