20 Curly Hairstyles For Kids To Make Them Look Cool

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Maintaining different hairstyles for little girls may seem like a task to all the mothers out there. Sure, every mother wants their child to look their best and will end up trying out each and every hairstyle that they find adorable. This will only exhaust some people and make them totally give up on the idea of even trying out any hairstyle. And if your child has really curly hair, it only proves to be more of a task. Well, we have listed here 20 different curly hairstyles for kids. They have been selected with enough care also so that we bring to you only the simplest and stylish hairstyles instead of bringing anything that we found may look good. But before we get into these, here is a simple tip. The hair structure of kids may be more gentle and finer than those of adults. So it important that you handle it with care. Children are at a growing phase always and while we must present them beautifully with stylish hairstyles, make sure that you don’t damage their hair by applying heat, dying or coloring it at a very young age, etc.

Don’t apply too much pressure on their fine hair strand also, while trying out different hairstyles. Be as gentle with your child’s hair as you would be with them. With that being said, let us move on to these 20 super cute hairstyles that we have curated.

1. Curly Waves For Long Hair

This curly style is best for those little girls who have really long hair. It just includes tucking up your hair on the front with enough pins so that it stays secure enough. It keeps the messy look of the hair very intact while also being quite manageable at the same time. Try adding in hairpins of many different colors to get a cooler look.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

2. Side Tucked Hairstyle

A side tuck style manages your child’s hair comfortably and stylishly. Your little girl can look very playful with this hairstyle. It is best suited when you have medium length hair or even long hair. A section of the hair has been parted to the sides and tucked in with hairpins while the rest of the hair has simply been let out hanging in the form of a side ponytail.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

3. Short Curly Bob Style

Some kids may not like having long hair and it always seems to be a task for their parents. Let your kid breathe and have fun so do not force long hair on them if they are extremely uncomfortable with it. Instead, you can try out a short bobbed curly hairstyle, as you can see here. The length of the hair has been cropped to the length of the ears and this is a manageable hairstyle, especially on very young kids.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

4. Long Natural Hair

The kind of hair that you see on dolls and toys, this might be a dream look for little girls out there. Just maintain the hair at a medium length and let it be. Additional layering or anything else is not required here as the hair is naturally beautiful even without much styling. So this is good for those girls who want to keep their hair long, and their mothers don’t need to go on worrying about all the extra stuff when you have a hairstyle like this.

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Curly Hairstyles for Kids

5. Curly Ringlets

The best way to style your curly hair is not by tying it up but by letting it breathe. Show off your hair in its natural state, be it straight hair or curly hair. In this picture, this little girl has many coil-like ringlets and the hair has been entirely let down in an attempt to bring out the beauty of the curls. If your hair has too much frizz or anything, then you can try out this hairstyle by using a setting spray. It will keep your hair intact while you go and flaunt those gorgeous ringlets.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

6. A Braided Style For Long Hair

Does your little girl have really long and really curly afro style hair? Well, then check out this hairstyle that features cornrow braids on the top and a ponytail for the bottom section of the hair. Just like the many braided hairstyles that are present for adults, this can also be used by little kids also. Such long hair may seem too daunting a task to manage for little girls so a protective and stylish hairstyle will do the work for you.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

7. Short Princess Hair

Want to get that princess style haircut for your little princess? Then give this one a try. The hairstyle is very creative and can be used on hair of all lengths, be it short, small or long. Simply tie the hair up into a high ponytail. The hair that falls below the ponytail can then be styled by curling it into medium-sized waves. The waves help to add volume to the look without looking too dramatic for a child.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

8. Messy Up-Do

This messy combination of curly golden blonde hair simply looks adorable. It will surely make your girl look like a little princess. This hairstyle also looks very natural, and that’s what makes everyone be attracted to it. Much styling is not required here since the hair has been maintained as messy as it can get, while also looking good at the same time. It’s a relaxed and effortless hairstyle for young girls

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

9. Soft Curls On Golden Hair

The golden blonde hairstyle is one that looks exceptionally good on anyone, no matter what their age is. This little girl here looks absolutely cute in this curly blonde hairstyle where the hair has been maintained in short and soft curls.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

10. Curly Hair With Bangs

This is another hairstyle that you can try out if your little girls have long layers of hair. On the front, that is the forehead; the hair can be cropped short so that it can be done in the style of long and curly bangs. The rest of the hair has then been maintained in its curly texture itself.

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Curly Hairstyles for Kids

11. Simple Curly Hairstyle

This simple hairstyle is good enough for all those people who do not want to go all extravagant on their hairstyle and would like to keep it as low-key as possible. Just take the hair and middle part it to both sides very neatly. You can use a hairpin if you need to tuck the hair in and make it stay in place.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

12. Soft Wavy Hair

Golden hair making this girl look really golden and shining. The hair is maintained at shoulder length and has been cut in many layers. This makes the fine strands of hair to appear more full of volume and structure. Simply part the hair to the side or leave it as it is. This hairstyle won’t create too much of a mess since the hair strands are thin.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

13. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

In this half up half down style, which is best suitable for those little girls with long hair, we can see that the upper part of the hair has been tied up into a high bun, while the rest of the hair has simply been let down as it is. This hairstyle is perfect for curly hair, especially since it will help to manage the frizz quite smoothly.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

14. Curly Medium Length Hair

Here is another curly hairstyle where the hair has been maintained in its natural texture itself. The only styling that has been done would include parting the hair onto both sides and twisting and tying up the hair on the longer side. A cool and fun way to add a little twist to your hairstyle with the help of a few twists and turns. Use a hairpin to tuck the hair properly, if required.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

15. Dark Brown Hair And Golden Highlights

Hair coloring is not something that is limited only to elderly women. Even little children can have their hair colored and have fun with it. This little girl here has dark brown roots and the hair has been highlighted all over in a golden shade, thus making it a beautiful contrast against the brown hue. Surely an adult inspired hairstyle, it will look amazing on little kids also. Give this hairstyle a try and see for yourself how beautiful it can actually look.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

16. Cute And Messy Bun Up-Do

A properly tied bun hairstyle can make you look gorgeous and classy, while a messy bun style will make you look very playful. This is exactly why a bun hairstyle will look absolutely lovely on little girls with curly hair. Just pull back all of the hair and tie into a little bun. After that, pull out a few strands of hair to create that messy look. It is also a super comfortable hairstyle for little children with long hair since they do not need to worry about always pulling back your hair so that it doesn’t fall to the face.

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Curly Hairstyles for Kids

17. Curly Ringlet Hair

You might be reminded of those noodle packs you have when you see this style. But that’s okay , it’s nothing ugly. In fact this style is something that is quite an innovative one to say the least. The hair is in the form of very tiny and curly ringlets that only add beauty to this look. Just tuck in some hair with few pins and the rest of the hair is good to go. Curly hair like this is not easily achievable no matter how much curls you add to your hair by styling so make sure to make the most out of it.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

18. Bun Ponytail Style

A cute and adorable hairstyle for curly haired girls out there, this bun styled high ponytail style is good for managing all that frizz and thickness of the hair. It has simple been tied up into a very high ponytail on the top itself and then left hanging to both the sides. Which makes this style manageable as well as stylish. The bun ensures that the hair is protected and that it also stays in place.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

19. Cute Headband Style

All you need is a hairband to create this simple look. The hair has been pulled back and let down flowing freely, while on the front it has been adjusted and placed in neatly with the help of a hairband. This hairstyle is great when you have no time for tying up the hair and all that stuff and yet you want the hair to be in place. It takes the hair off the face of your child and restricts any movement strictly to the area behind the hair band.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

20. Classy Headband Up-Do

This is also another hairstyle in which the headband is put into use. Instead of the plastic hair band, here you can notice that a cloth headband is used here. A cloth headband also looks more elegant and sophisticated than the one which is made of plastic. The hair has been messily pulled back and tied up in a shaggy style. Only the hair on the front seems to be lying in some neatness thanks to the headband. This simple up-do is a great hairstyle that you can try out when you are sending your little girl out for birthday parties, school events, etc.

Curly Hairstyles for Kids

And with that, we have come the end of this list of 20 different hairstyle for kids with curly hair. Almost all of the hairstyles listed above are very simple ones too , so mothers will find that it isn’t much of a task, maintaining these little girls’ curly hair. You can also try switching up between these hairstyles every other day so that your little princess will have a new look on each day.

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