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13 Trendy Baby Boy Haircuts That Are Too Adorable

All you mums out there are always searching for stylish and trendy baby boy haircuts for your little munchkins. Well, you no longer need to worry, for we have enlisted a few hairstyles that can help you choose the perfect one for your child.

Those days of the simple side-parts or comb-overs are in the past now. With changing times and trends, new styles are coming to the front. You can now get the most fashionable hairstyles just like the adults. And with the right cuts, your child can look even more adorable and sensational.


Awesome Baby Boy Haircuts for The Champs

Boys can also have some style and fun just like little girls. With these haircuts for baby boys, you can dress up your little champ to give him an adorable look he deserves!

Simple and Sober Wavy Look

long haircut for baby boys

It was observed that parents love their toddlers with long hair. They are so obsessed and in love with the kush hair of their child that they do not wish to say goodbye to it.

With this style, there is no need for it. Instead, keep the hair until the neck length and side part, giving your baby boy a simple yet sober haircut.


Afro Mohawk

black baby boy haircut

This is the perfect style for working parents who cannot spend much time styling their children.

This is a naturally amazing look that just needs you to cut the hair short, like a buzz cut with a little length on the top.


Curly Hair


baby boy with curly hair

If you have a baby boy who has curly hair, you can try out so many looks, outfits, etc. It needs no styling, but all you can do is air dry their curls a bit to give it a puffier look and make it look a little messy.


Short Asian Hairstyle

baby boy with short hair

This is more of a structured and organized look, especially for toddlers. This Asian baby boy hairstyle only requires you to cut the sides extremely short with a razor and keep the top a little longer.

Then keep the long hair swept to the side, creating a side part that looks adorable on little boys.


Haircut for 1-Year-Olds

1 year baby boy haircut

It is better to leave the hair of your one-year-olds just the way they are and let them grow. The natural look is more appropriate and looks pretty great as well.

All you can do is use light baby products to maintain your little angel’s lush and delicate hair.



Messy Curly Pixie

thin haircut for baby boys

It can be a little tricky to try out any baby boy haircut when your boy has thin hair, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot.

However, we would suggest letting those tresses grow and giving them a fuller look. But you can cut it a little to give it a more structured look and let the tresses fall just above their ears and eyebrows, framing the face perfectly.


Mixed Cuts

mixed baby boy haircut

You can even try out an amalgamation of different styles to give your baby an oy, a truly one-of-a-looks look that at the same time doesn’t look too outlandish.

You can always experiment with new styles and haircuts, such as styling curls with sides trimmed look.


Short Spikes

short mohawk for baby boys

If you are looking for a hairstyle for your adorable toddler, we strongly suggest a tiny Mohawk. It looks unbelievably cute so that people cannot help themselves from gushing over your baby’s looks.

Be prepared to neglect your work, for you won’t be able to take off your eye of your baby with this hairstyle.


Redness Overload

haircut for red headed baby boys

Well, red hair looks so unbelievably gorgeous that you can style them any way you want and end up with a beautiful look.

However, a haircut that is not too long and not too short, with tresses falling over the ears and on the forehead, can frame the face, and highlight can do wonders.


Razor Cut for Ginger Hair

haircut for red haired baby boys

This particular hair color looks tremendous, and if your baby boy has naturally ginger-colored hair, then you do not have to do much to make them look exciting.

Instead, you can simply give him a short haircut that is quite easy to manage and maintain. Just use the right products to maintain the texture and quality of hair.


Wonderful White Hair

blonde haircut for baby boys

Little boys with white can pull off any style quite amazingly. First of all, the color of their hair helps bring out the beauty of the eyes.

You can try out a simple haircut, such as a simple side part with hair swept to the side and covering a part of the forehead. Ut can further draw focus to the eyes and facial features.


Layered Black Hair

indian baby boy haircut

Black hair is quite alluring, and with a little effort, you can get a perfect look for your baby. First, cut the hair short enough to stay right above the ears and at the nape and long enough to fall on the forehead.

You can bring the hair to the front, and air dry it a bit to give it a more shabby look.


Faux Mohawk

haircut for baby boy s

This is one of the dapper looks you can choose for your little munchkin. Let the top hair be and trims the sides and the back. Your kid will look the coolest in this mohawk haircut.


Parents are always obsessed with styling their babies and opting for various baby boy haircuts. If you want your child to look like the stylish kid on the block, we suggest going for some heavy styles. But if you want your child to look simply stylish and nothing extravagant, you can also opt for simple cuts.