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25 Cute Hairstyles for Black Teenage Girls to Play With

Hey, are you looking for a variety of lovely hairstyles for black teenage girls? It sure can be a struggle to find something that seems to fit you. We know exactly what kind of cute, stylish, and super on-trend looks you’re searching for, and there’s no shortage of excellent options for you!

We can help you work with your natural hair to keep your look sharp and snazzy all day long. You’re going to see examples of lots of different hairdos you can try out to see which fits you best.

With all this variety, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one style! There are lots of very natural looks in here too if that’s something you like.


Pretty Hairstyles for Black Teenage Girls 

Take a look at the 25 styles below and see what you think!

1. Bleached and Natural Pushed Back

black teenage girl with bleached afro hair

Bleaching your natural hair always looks fantastic, as it creates a nice yellow-brown color that’s quite unique.

Adding a toner will help you get the shade you desire. Here the hair is pushed back and left naturally curly, and there’s a braid circling the hairline.


2. Loose Curls

black teenage girl with loose curly hair

If your hair naturally forms lots of spiraling curls, then this is a look you’ll want to experiment with. The hair is thick and bouncy with a center parting.

It’s a nice everyday hairstyle for a black teenage girl. It falls to the shoulders and there are some light bangs, too.


3. Red Space Buns

black teenage girl with curly pigtails

Reddish-brown looks great with darker skin tones, so this is a great example of a hairstyle with that shade.

The hair is then styled into large space buns right on the side of the head. The buns are large and in charge, letting the hair stand out.


4.  Sweeping Box Braids

black teenage girl with long braids hairstyle

Box braids are a classic look. This hairdo has them sleek and sweeping down over the shoulder, very long and beautiful as they start at the center of the head. It’s an overall simple look that also has a lot of elegance to it. 


5. Light Bown Looser Curls

black teenage girl with curly brown hair

Light brown hairstyle looks so good on black teenage girls with dark skin tones, as you can see here. Loose curls help emphasize the shade.

There are lots of small curls towards the end of this hair but the top section has mostly been straightened to add length.


6.  Long Spiral Curls with Ombre

black teenage girl with long curly hair

Having a lot of length in your hair is great because it allows you to style and plays with it in many different ways.

Here the hair forms lots of spirals that fall in perfect strands midway down the torso. The bottom of the hair has a blonde ombre.


7. Curly Ginger Hair

black teenage girl with curly ginger hair

Gentle, thin curls look delightful for everyday looks, so here the hair has been chemically straightened then re-curled with heat into a pattern that’s different from the natural, smaller, kinkier curls you can see along the hairline. The hair has been dyed a nice ginger shade.


8. Short Volumized Top Look

black teenage girl with short brown afro hair

Crop short hairstyle is great for black teenage girls who are busy. You may not have a lot of time to put into your hair, so having it nice and short is easiest for you.

The afro hair is squared at the sides and there’s some extra volume on top to give the look some shape.


9. Thick Shoulder Length Locks

black teenage girl with thick curly hair

A nice center parting looks very elegant and fun. The thick curls here fall down to the shoulders and are let do their own thing. The front parts of the hair are slightly shorter to form bangs surrounding the face.


10. Chic Pixie Bob

black teenage girl with short pixie bob cut

Here’s another short look for you, but this one is a pixie bob. The hair forms a bob shape at the front and sides, but it’s pixie-cut length.

The back goes down to the nape of the neck. The hair has been chemically straightened to help add length.


11. Natural Hair with Headband

black teenage girl with thick afro hair

This natural look is stunning and takes a lot of effort to do each day. It’s been made a more stylish hairstyle for a black teenage girl by adding a headband.

The headband pushes some of the hair back to expose your features. The hair is light brown with touches of blonde.


12.  Box Braid Ponytail

braided hairstyle for black teenage girl

Box braids make another appearance here, showing how classic and versatile they are. They’re pulled back into a ponytail and they suit a sporty girl very well. It helps keep the hair out of your face and easy to work with.


13.  Short Cornrows

cornrow for black teenage girl

Cornrows are another very classic hairstyle. Here they’re nice and short and don’t extend much past the nape of the neck. The rows start from the hairline and go towards the back of the head.


14. Side Parted Bob

curly bob with side part for black teenage girl

Here’s a look that’s very slightly side parted. The parting is very close to the middle, but it’s not quite there. The hair forms a very curly bob that’s slightly thicker on one side. It’s a nice go-to everyday style.


15. Braided Updo

half up half down braided hairstyle for black teenage girl

Long box braids sweep down over the torso and back here, and then some are scooped up into a large, twisted bun.

The bun sits right on the crown of the head with a lot of volume and elegance. This half-up braided hairstyle looks so adorable on black teenage girls.


16. Short Layered Curls

short afro hair with highlights for black teenage girl

Layers help form a very unique shape in thick, curly hair like this. The hair sits around the head like a large, stylish helmed of dazzling spirals.

They help frame the face, but the hair is short enough so it doesn’t obscure any of the features.


17. Blown Back and Headband

short hairstyle for black teenage girl

Hair that’s been blown back has such a beautiful shape. This hair has been partially straightened, but there’s still a lot of volume in it.

It forms a large round shape at the back of the head. The hair at the front is sleek and held back with a headband.


18. Ombre Box Braids

ombre braids for black teenage girl

Ombre looks wonderful on sleek hair, and box braids form a look that’s very sleek. This hairstyle for black teenage girls is one of the trendiest so far.

The hair stems from the center of the head and is very long as it falls down the front.


19. Straight Space Buns and Braids

space buns for black teenage girl

Hairstyles that have lots of texture like this are great. Most of the hair has a braided texture, but it’s pulled into space buns that are straight. It’s a very interesting clash between looks and it works very well.


20. Top Bun

curly half up half down hairstyle for black teenage girl

Leaving your hair natural is a great way to show pride in your appearance. You can make it look even better by creating a fashionable bun right on top of the head.

This bun is created using the hair from the sides of the head. The rest of the hair is left free, and it falls in layered curls down the back of the head.


21. Ultra Thick Wavy Look

hairstyles for black teenage girl with natural hair

A style like this is very retro as the hair is thick and wavy, a lot like many 1980s hairstyles. The hair is parted at the side and sweeps over to one side. The hair has been straightened and then waved to create a fun texture.


22. Chic Afro

curly hairstyle for black teenage girl with glasses

An afro is a totally classic style, and here’s a great example of one. This black teenage girl hairstyle has been around for decades and isn’t leaving any time soon. The afro is long and sits on the shoulders. It’s teased to perfection.


23. Small Side Space Buns

space buns with short hair for black teenage girl

Small space buns like this have a subtle playfulness that’s great. These buns sit on the side of the head, and the hair has a very natural texture. There are lots of flyaways to make this a wonderful casual hairstyle.


24. Textured Updo

short messy hairstyle for black teenage girl

Updos are such beautiful styles for formal occasions. there the hair is drawn back and pinned at the back of the head. Some hair is left on top to form a copy texture, and the side of the head is decorated with a flower.


25. Wavy and Straight Bun

updo hairstyle for black teenage girl

This hairstyle combines small and large curls so flawlessly. The hair that’s pulled is curly with small curls, and then it forms a bun on the crown of the head.

The hair in the bun is made of larger curls that have a slightly different curl pattern to those on the side and top of the head. The hair in the bun is a little sleeker than the rest of the hair.


With so many styles to choose from, you’ll never run out of variety. Scroll through these and pick and choose the black teenage girl hairstyle you’d like to wear best. With some of them, you can have a different hairstyle every day. 

You could leave the hair down one day, then you could put your styled hair into a ponytail. There’s so much fun you can have!

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