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Trending Melania Trump New Hairstyles To Copy In 2024

Melania Trump, the First Lady of the USA, is one of the most important celebrities. Melania Trump always looks attractive, elegant, and sophisticated. According to her hairdresser and hairstylist, Mordechai Alvohas, Melania Trump’s hair is naturally healthy.

Hence, Melania Trump can wear her hair in different styles including her hair straight and/or curly. Melania Trump colors her hair with different base hues such as dark brown and/or black. At times, Melania highlights her hair.

She uses lighter shades from the base color. These include cream, honey, and golden colors. Depending on the functions and events she attends, Melania Trump wears her hair up or down.


Most Popular Melania Trump Hairstyles

Below are some of the latest Melania Trump’s New Hairstyles:

Dual Toned Classic Curls:

Melania Trump middle part hairstyle with highlights

Melania showcased softer pale-skinned strands across her hair on top, which were undoubtedly defined while using the balayage procedure.

The blonde’s alignment offers her a smoother, more amiable appearance. She looked stunning in a white gown, with multi-toned waves in her classic brown tones.


Hazelwood Curly:

Melania Trump brown wavy hairstyle

Her dramatic fringes crafted Melania’s flawless beauty rolled up apart from her forehead.

She wore a black column dress and kept her makeup simple, with glowy bronzed skin and a shiny lip adorned with a diamond pendant. Her mid-swept side part with neutral shades and curly hair was stunning.


Side Swept Highlights:

Melania Trump side part hairstyle

FLOTUS’s long layers were mildly side-parted, allowing her mane to speak for itself. She chose a sharper look with a middle splitting.

Melania’s lengthy, swift fade outlined her gorgeously highlighted hair. Her makeup was more subtle than usual, with a pink lip lined and cheekbones defined.


Young and Attractive Appearance:

Melania Trump New Hairstyles
Melania Trump always looked years younger especially because she wears her hair shoulder-length. She maintains her hair cut in neat layers. She uses different base colors. The base colors may differ from dark brown to black. Additionally, she uses light honey or golden color as highlights.


Best ever hair-do:

Melania Trump New Hairstyles
Melania Trump had her best hair-do when she wore her brown colored hair down. Her hair was cut neatly in several layers and she had it styled in curled side-swept.


Met Gala (2005):

Melania Trump New Hairstyles
On the event of Met Gala, Melania Trump appeared along with her husband. She appeared wearing her hair up in the form of a French knot. Along with her knot, she wore a side fringe that started from the top of her head.


Ponytail ending in curls:

Melania Trump New Hairstyles
When Melania Trump has a fringe, she pulls back her hair in a ponytail. The ends of the ponytail end in curls. She also sports a fringe that begins from the crown. This hairstyle makes her cheeks more prominent.


Wearing hair up:

Melania Trump New Hairstyles
First Melania curls her hair and then wears it on her crown with the help of hair-pins. Some of the strands of her hair she leaves dangling make her look more attractive. On swear-in day, Melania Trump wore her dark chestnut hair up along with a deep side-parting.


Latest hair-do:

Melania Trump New Hairstyles
Melania Trump wears her latest hair-do coloring in solid bleached golden color with streaks of dark brown/black. Her hair is cut is in neat layers that frame her face.


Here are some of the best Melania Trump Hairstyles, These are the hairstyles she did in past few years. To look charming and beautiful these are the hairstyles you can copy in 2024.

Glossy Balayage:

Melania Trump Hairstyles

Her all-white ensemble perfectly accentuates Melania’s bronzed and glowing skin. Her tresses are slightly coiled back from her cheeks and parted softly off-center.

Her makeup looked perfectly highlighted and contoured. This is probably one of Mrs. Melania Trump’s finest looks.


Honey Highlighted Updo:

Melania Trump Hairstyles

Mrs. Trump dressed her tresses in a graceful topknot. Her mane was bounced back into an 80s-style dome, and her curls were adorned.

She structured her facial expression with flares and flaunted her diamond studs. The side-swept bangs softened her look and highlighted the soft honey highlights.


Melania Trump Hairstyles


Layered Brunette

Melania Trump Hairstyles

Melania Trump managed to keep her tresses frizz-free with a slightly different version of her customary finishing touch and a middle splitting that structured her beautiful face.

Melania’s suntanned complexion contrasts nicely with her babylights. She went with a blush pastel lip and flawlessly bronzed, molded complexion.


Sleeky Waves

Melania Trump Hairstyles

Melania’s makeup appears authentic and comforted, with a smoother version of the timeless peach lips, in a shift from her ordinary afternoon makeup look.

Her effortless sleek, and parted styling keeps all the gazes on her. It’s one of the best Melania trump hairstyles, which you can even try to look like a diva.


Melania Trump Hairstyles


Casual Blonde Hairstyle

Melania Trump Hairstyles

Melania’s hair was slowly and carefully tucked into a comfy, effortless look that went well with her fair and balanced makeup.

Her honey blonde illustrated tresses are groomed in an instinctual push, which she matched with simple shiny cosmetics to appear flawless and glamorous.


Melania Trump Hairstyles


Sunshine Hues

Melania Trump Hairstyles

Melania’s sparkly, brownish crème hair was excellently accompanied by striking smokey eyes and delicate pinkish lips.

Melania Trump Hairstyles are maintained with her quintessential delicate styling. Her bangs slicked back from her cheeks, trying to frame her tanned bone structure and highlighting her hair’s polished intonations.


Melania Trump Hairstyles


Melania Trump Hairstyles


Melania Trump Hairstyles


Mid-Parted Tresses

Melania Trump Hairstyles

Melania attempted to look absolutely gorgeous in a black statement gown. Her hair was crafted all over her back, with the edges mildly wrapped under.

Her tresses were parted in the middle with a fade pushed aside from her face.


Messy Blunt Bob

Melania Trump Hairstyles

Melania chose to lengthen out her tapered bob and revert to a center splitting.

The First Lady’s tresses were wonderfully modeled in a delicate blow dry with the sides delicately tucked haircut, with layered ringlets twisted into a brunette tune of polished elegance.


Melania Trump Hairstyles


According to Melania Trump’s hairstylist and hairdresser, the texture of her hair is silky, bouncy, and full. This special hair texture enables Melania Trump to sport any hairstyle to match with her fashionable clothes.