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Rising Star Yella Beezy Hairstyles and Haircuts

If you love rapping, then you must have heard about the famous rapper, Yella Beezy who is very known for his new hairstyle named, The Booty. His booty cut has made him a sensation among the public. This hairstyle isn’t new but it was a traditional hairstyle around 1980. At that time, this hairstyle was known as a shaggy hairstyle. He has been earning a nice amount of money with his music videos.

He is a famous hip-hop artist who has released a wide range of popular songs and these songs are loved by youngsters. On 14th October in the year 2018, he was shot a total of eight times and he has been able to survive this attack.


Popular Yella Beezy Hairstyles

He is a handsome rapper with black hair and a tattooed body. Same to his unique hairstyle, he has got many versatile tattoos on his body.

His hairstyle is quite simple and can be adopted by men with rough hair easily. Here are some top hairstyles inspired by Yella Beezy booty haircut look:

Braided Afro Tail Pieces

Yella Beezy Haircuts are as versatile and trendy as his tattoos. This low-maintenance style was created with two skin-tight Braids on each side of his afro hair.

The sides are faded, and the hairline is trimmed with designs to highlight the Braided afro tails. Going with a fade will give you a more balanced appearance than shaving the sides.

Yella Beezy braided hairstyle


Boxed Afro with Curvy Edges

Boxed afro cut is the best among the afro cuts and the most famous amongst rappers. The edges are slightly curved to make a difference.

This boxed style fits all face shapes and can be customized depending on your hair length needed. Keep the hair dry to have the boxed finish all the time.

Yella Beezy twist hairstyle


Yella Beezy Booty Cut

The hairstyle is achieved with a cut at the side and shorter hair length leaving a clean look on the forehead. The cut on the right side of the head makes this haircut stand out and that’s why it was named as booty cut. The waves on the middle of the head create a perfect style trend.

Yella Beezy Hairstyles


Here are a few other Yella Beezy haircuts

Buzzed  Style with Designs

This Yella Beezy Hairstyle is another popular and masculine style. The hair is chopped so close to the skin, which requires low maintenance.

Hair design is a great way to express yourself and adds more fun and hotness to your hairstyles too! Buzzed styles are excellent for black men to look stylish and decent.

Yella Beezy Hairstyles


Ripples on Shaved Head

There are so many styles that give you a statement appearance; this style here could scream loud too—shaved hairline with hair ripples on the top.

The ripples create a wavy illusion and look geometrically interesting. The side fade gives you a productive style. The curl pattern will make your scalp visible, giving it a bright look.

Yella Beezy Hairstyles


Grown Out Ripple Style

This style is a grown-out look of his previous style. The side fade now has a little fill-up with hair, and the hairline is still kept trimmed.

The wavy ripples stepped up in size too. Yet this is still low maintenance and the pro’s style choice to the bulkiness of the afro hair.

Yella Beezy Hairstyles