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25 Most Attractive Teenage Guy Hairstyles to Wear In 2024

It can be hard for teen boys to find haircuts they like and that looks cool. However, in more recent times, teenage guy hairstyles have become more varied and fun. There are lots of trendy looks you can wear these days.

Your face shape, hair texture, time constraints, curl pattern, and more will all play into how you select a look that’s right for you. However, you don’t need to worry. We have lots of options for you to consider trying out.


Trendiest Teen Guy Hairstyles

You need to look no further than right here. Below you’ll find a vast array of looks you can consider when shaking up your look.

Curls with Short Sides

curly hairstyle for teenage boys

A lot of hairstyles for teen boys have short sides with thick hair on top. If you have naturally curly hair, then this is easy to achieve. Style your curls into their natural pattern, then ask your barber to keep the sides nice and short.


Long Bangs

teen boy haircut with long bangs

Wearing long bangs was incredibly trendy in the 2000s. It’s coming back into fashion now.

The bangs are super thick and accompany a side parting. They cover almost the entire forehead. They’re usually left a little messy and with some volume.


Natural Curls with Highlights

teen black boy curly hair with highlights

Black and mixed-race teenage guys looking for hairstyles will like this one. You can keep your natural hair texture and tease your curls to add volume.

Getting highlights will make you stand out. It also looks really good with darker skin tones. A fade on the side of the hair will keep you looking even trendier.


Fluffy Look for Thick Hair

hairstyle for teen Asian boy

If you have thick hair, then consider going for a fluffy look. You naturally have enough locks to pull this off.

Tease out the top sections of the hair and add some holding gel. Make sure the thickness is emphasized all over your head. Adding this little section of bangs adds depth to your face.


Face Framing Highlights

long hairstyle for teenage guys

Long hairstyles for teenage guys are more popular than ever. This one is super simple. It’s parted in the middle and sits on the shoulders. The ends curl up. Adding face-framing peekaboo highlights makes you look a little cooler.


Blue Undercut Ponytail

sleek ponytail hairstyle for teenager guys

You can appear super edgy with an undercut. The sides and back of the hair are shaved. The rest of the locks are left long enough to style into a ponytail. Adding blue highlights help you appear cool and in touch with your personality.


Fluffy Spikes

teen boy haircut

It’s always been cool to spike your hair as a teenager. However, sharp, hard spikes aren’t quite the most trendy anymore. Nowadays sweeping your hair up into softer peaks is the go-to look. Some strands brush the forehead to act as bangs.



short hairstyle for teenager boy with glasses

Want to stand out and show how confident you are? A buzzcut will let you do that. It’s also a great style for a guy who wants to draw attention to his features. Plus, it makes styling your hair easy. You won’t need to spend any time on it in the morning.


Tall Messy Spikes

teen boy with long blonde spiky hairstyle

Super tall and messy spikes are a great look for fun-loving guys. The sides are very short and reach the tops of the ears. The top section of hair is long enough to pull high into spikes. Some fall to the left and the rest fall right.


Ginger Curls

teen boy with long curly ginger hair

Natural curls and ginger hair are both rare. So when you have this combination naturally you can make it stand out. These locks are thin on top but are thicker around the curly area. The style is parted at the side and falls to a length below the jaw.


Turquoise Buzzcut

teen boy with buzz cut

Uniquely colored hairstyles for teen guys always stand out more than average cuts. We saw an example of a basic buzzcut earlier. Here’s one where the remaining hair is dyed a bright blue-hued turquoise. It’s a really fun way to express yourself.


Long Thick Bob

teen boy with thick bob

Bobs are not only for women. However, a strong jaw and the right styling can make them totally masculine. The hair is super thick.

One side curls against the face. The other is blown away from it. All the volume in this looks gives you an effortlessly cool vibe that your friends will be jealous of.


Slicked Back Undercut

teen boy slicked back hairstyle with shaved side

Slick hair and shaved sides create a unique undercut hairstyle that makes you appear laid-back. The bright red coloring here will help you stand out. Your peers will think your hair is awesome when you show up looking like this.


Thick Mohawk

teen boy with mohawk hairstyle

Mohawks usually have the sides of the head shaved. However, this isn’t an achievable haircut for all young guys. Here’s a safer version where the sides of the hair are shorter. The center of the style is thick and spiked up high.


Side Part with Fade

teen boy with side part hairstyle

Fades are super common and trendy. Pairing them with a side part style makes you look super cool and laid-back.

It’s an easy hairdo to style every day. It’s great if you like a little length to your locks. It’s also a good way to control thick hair. There are layers in the longer section that do this.


Long White Blonde Locks

teenager guy with white blonde hair

You’ll look fantastic standing out with a white-blonde look. The nice texture in this hairdo ensures the super bright color doesn’t wash you out. It’s a fun and playful look that’ll have everyone’s eyes on you.


Spiked Undercut

teen guy with undercut

Spiking all your hair up to show off an undercut is a great way to let people see your hairdo. It’s also a classic and timeless style that teen boys have been wearing for the last few decades. There’s a sporty and playful element to this look.


Messy Side Parted Look

teen guy with messy hairstyle

The messy look is the ultimate style for guys who want to look super laid back and casual. You’ll look like you just ruffled your hair up effortlessly. Parting it at the side lets you really show off those nice messy strands.


Textured Quiff for Thin Hair

thin hairstyle for teenager guys

Adding texture to your look is a great way to disguise thin hair. Forming a quiff also lets you add volume. This helps hide the fine quality of your locks. It’s a very easy style to achieve. You simply need to pull your hair up with your fingers and some holding gel or wax.


Tall Curls with Shaved Sides

teenager black boy hairstyle

Looking for a black teenage boy hairstyle? This is a really good one that lets you show off your natural hair texture. Pile the curls upwards and create some wispy strands at the very top. Shaving the sides lets you show off the top more.


Short Soft Spikes

teen guy with short spiky hairstyle

Short hair sometimes forms this spiked style naturally. Leaving the front a little longer lets you arrange some of the strands into messier spikes using a holding product.

Overall it makes an easy look to achieve. The sides are a little shorter than the top. It creates a very uniform style. It’s good for a boy with a strong jaw and head shape.


Textured Spikes with Highlights

teen boy hairstyle with highlights

Highlights make every hairstyle pop. These ones are just on the tips of the hair. This makes them stand out more. The top of the hair is arranged into wavy-textured spikes. The sides are shaved with a hard parting.


Tousled Look with Undercut

tousled hair look for teenage guy

You can’t beat a laid-back touseled look. Here the locks are pulled onto the forehead to look a little like bangs.

There’s a wavy texture to them that helps add the tousled effect. The sides are shaved to create an undercut. This makes a great contrast for teenage guys between the messy locks and the bald sides.


Cool Colored Hair

teen boy with colored hairstyle

Adding subtle colors like faded green to your hair makes you look so fashionable and super on-trend. Adding a side-swept hairstyle that frames your forehead creates an effortless appearance. The locks are so thick you can barely see where the style is parted.


Dreadlocks with Headband

teenage boy with long dreadlocks

Need a low-maintenance look that’s also currently fashionable? Dreadlocks are perfect for that. It’s a great way to have long hair without putting in a lot of effort.

It’s also somewhat edgy if that’s the vibe you’re going for. Adding a hairband or bandana to keep the locks held back is a nice touch.


These days there are more teen guy hairstyles available than ever. There are a nearly infinite number of ways to look trendy while showing off aspects of your personality. Consider which look matches your vibe best.

Having a look you’re comfortable with really does wonders for your confidence. It’ll give you a boost that every young man needs as he’s growing and maturing.

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